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Most recent: by Staff reporter
Last update 9 mins ago | 58 Views

NRZ losing $250 000 due to strike

Published 9 mins ago | 58 Views
National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) chairman Larry Mavima has claimed that the ongoing strike is costing  $250,000 a day.He sais to date about  $14 million overall has been lost as its worke...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe in 2007 conducted so call one million march- analyst

Published 10 mins ago | 126 Views
A political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said in 2007 President Robert Mugabe conducted a similar so called one million march under the Jabulani Sibanda War veterans amidst intra-party disputes led by the...

by Stephen Jakes

#ThisFlag pastor is nothing but only seeking political relevance

Published 21 mins ago | 295 Views
The economic problems that are currently a talk in every Zimbabwean`s lips have driven people into believing and applauding any Tom and Dick who comes over saying that he/she can come up with solution...

by John Mukumbo

Rising Gospel star

Published 30 mins ago | 178 Views
The Star of the group Ithemba lensindiso keeps rising with the group set to release their third album just in time for summer.Speaking to Funani Ncube who sounded excited about the new Kalanga project...

by Staff reporter

'Mugabe is godfather of corruption,' says Tendai Biti

Published 42 mins ago | 533 Views
Peoples Democratic  Party (PDP) president Tendai Biti has said rival President  Mugabe has created a class of super rich Zanu-PF cabal.He said 'Mugabe is indeed the godfather of corruption'....

by Thobekile Zhou

Africa Day 2016; reflections of a continent in need of new leadership

Published 1 hour ago | 315 Views
On 25 May 2016, Africa commemorates the 53rd anniversary of the formation of the Organisation for African Union (OAU) now the African Union (AU).It has been a momentous journey for Africa, from coloni...

by Tendai Laxton Biti

It's the ordinary citizen who will feel the pinch

Published 2 hours ago | 726 Views
It is unfortunate that the ordinary citizens bear the brunt of every bungling made in this country. The rampant corruption in this country is having a bearing on the poor citizens. Let us look at Zesa...

by Rufaro Mufundirwa

Pictures of National Launch of culture week - Godlwayo Culture Centre

Published 2 hours ago | 496 Views
Ilanga: 21 Nkwenkwezi 2016 Indawo: Avoca, Mfilabuso, ...

by Staff Reporter

Devolution of Power instills a sense of ownership of governance and Patriotism - ZAPU

Published 3 hours ago | 727 Views
ZAPU held celebratory event to mark Culture day which was celebrated throughout the world on Saturday 21 May 2016, at which the party said embracing, appreciation and celebration of cultural diversity...

by Iphithule Thembani kaMaphosa

MDC-T on the brink of collapse over Mujuru

Published 4 hours ago | 2440 Views
Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC-T, is once again on the brinks of yet another split as its Vice President, Thokozane Khupe, feels threatened by the coming on board of the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF), Joyce Mu...

by Sparkleford Masiyambiri

President Mugabe deserves celebrating the birth of his grandson

Published 4 hours ago | 1247 Views
The news of a newborn arriving in a family is an exciting one and it definitely brings smiles and cheers along with it. The idea of celebrating the joy immediately pops up, hence parents and family me...

by Peacemaker Zano

Primary school pupils to attend Zanu PF march - ZBC

Published 4 hours ago | 1873 Views
Zanu PF has availed 441 buses to transport selected primary and secondary school pupils around the country for Wednesday One Million Man March in Harare.According to ZBC website, a train has also bee...

by Staff Reporter

Fort Hare students did not blast President Mugabe

Published 4 hours ago | 1062 Views
It is quite misleading that a local tabloid can publish unsubstantiated information that the University of Fort Hare students had blasted Presidents Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Jacob Zuma of South A...

by Stewart Murewa

Mujuru, power thirsty colleagues to tear ZimPF apart

Published 5 hours ago | 1470 Views
We hear things are not okay in Joice Mujuru's Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) camp, with reports indicating that the over-ambitious Didymus Mutasa has relapsed to his infamous power seeking behaviour.Th...

by Indrah Zvenyika

Watch: News with Brett MuVet - Activists unite #ThisFlag

Published 5 hours ago | 1181 Views So now we have This Flag campaign. It has become so successful that Ministers in the Junta are waiting in car Parks late at night to threaten Pastors. ...

by Brett MuVet

Dj Zinhle dying to be in Bulawayo

Published 5 hours ago | 866 Views
SOUTH African disc jockey, DJ Zinhle has expressed her eagerness to be in Bulawayo this Saturday.She is billed perform at the re-opening of Bulawayo's Horizon Bar and Restaurant She revealed that she ...

by Thobekile Zhou

Mnangagwa behind secret meetings

Published 7 hours ago | 4114 Views
Vice president Mnangagwa is behind the latest spate of secret rallies that are being held a group of disenchanted war veterans. One of the key conveners of the meetings Jimayi Muduvuri who has been fo...

by Staff reporter

War vets hijack million man march

Published 7 hours ago | 1469 Views
War veterans linked to the embattled vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa have hijacked tomorrows Zanu-PF million man march announcing that they would not only march but  direct the event. Despite s...

by Staff reporter

Ask Mugabe to resign now - angry Zimbabweans tell marching Zanu-PF youths

Published 7 hours ago | 2877 Views
As Zanu-PF's march-hyped million man march gets underway tomorrow ,long suffering Zimbabweans say the demonstrating party members would best  use the opportunity by telling president Robert Mugab...

by Staff reporter

Kasukuwere imposes Dinha on Mazowe North

Published 7 hours ago | 919 Views
The Zanu-PF Mashonaland Central province is reportedly plotting to impose Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha to stand as a candidate in the July 23 by elections to replace3 the late Mazowe North...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwean airports in major upgrades

Published 7 hours ago | 642 Views
Zimbabwe has begun measures to give a facelift  to Harare and Kariba airports to  cope with  the expected increase in domestic and international flights and meet international standards...

by Staff reporter

We are not secessionists, we are self-determinationists

Published 7 hours ago | 765 Views
Restorationist Drum Today It is indeed pleasing to note that the Restorationist Movement and or lobby is on fire with the Agenda for the Restoration of our country, Mama Matebeleland (Mthwakazi)....

by Khumbulani Moyo

'I suggested cutting Presidential term,' says Mugabe

Published 7 hours ago | 4637 Views
COLOGNE - President Robert Mugabe, says he is the one who first suggested cutting the country's presidential term limit from six to five years, despite accusations that he has overstayed in office, Sp...

by Itai Mushekwe

MLF is not a secessionist, but a restorationist party- Nyoni

Published 7 hours ago | 759 Views
The Mthwakazi Liberation Front spokesperson Chrispen Nyoni has denied that his party is a secessionist group but said it is a restorationist party.He accused the Dailynews reporter who penned down new...

by Stephen Jakes

Zimbabweans who overstay now face ban from South Africa

Published 7 hours ago | 3885 Views
A bill that seeks to sanction foreigners who overstay the expiry date of their visas in the country, has been approved by the National Assembly. The Immigration Amendment bill was presented on Thursda...

by Staff reporter

'Mugabe will not 'survive' 2018'

Published 7 hours ago | 2263 Views
Welshman Ncube's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has dismissed President Robert Mugabe's attacks on the opposition and prediction of a Zanu-PF victory in 2018 as "a winter dream". "The MDC will n...

by Staff reporter

Moyo supports Mujuru, war vets claim

Published 7 hours ago | 2718 Views
ZIMBABWE Liberation War Association Secretary-general Victor Matemadanda yesterday accused Bulawayo Provincial Minister of State Affairs Eunice-Sandi Moyo as a lier and a member of the former Vice pre...

by Staff reporter

Moyo, Mahoka accused of lying to Grace Mugabe

Published 7 hours ago | 985 Views
WAR veterans yesterday claimed that Zanu-PF women's league boss, First Lady Grace Mugabe, has surrounded herself with a group of "pathetic liars with dubious backgrounds", who pretended to love her, w...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe rebukes kasukuwere for causing chaos in Zanu-PF

Published 8 hours ago | 2739 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe last Wednesday reportedly left Zanu-PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere with egg on his face at a meeting with party provincial chairpersons, after he accused him of fue...

by Staff reporter

Comesa moot initiative to curb money laundering

Published 8 hours ago | 412 Views
Over sixty officials from law enforcement agencies and financial intelligence have met in Zambia last week in a workshop to discuss effective ways of collaborating to strengthen their respective capac...

by Stephen Jakes

Police acting like security department of Zanu PF- Mwonzora

Published 8 hours ago | 980 Views
The MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora has accused the Zimbabwe Republic Police of acting as if they are the security department of the ruling Zanu PF afrt6er they attempted to block the Bulaway...

by Stephen Jakes

No one can stop a revolution whose time has come

Published 8 hours ago | 1244 Views
Whenever I think of the manner in which the ZANU PF government has ridden roughshod over the lives of the people of Zimbabwe, I always remember what Victor Hugo once said: 'An invasion of an army can ...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Gruesome hit squad targeting Zanu PF members -Mutodi

Published 8 hours ago | 2032 Views
The controversial Zanu PF youth member Energy Mutodi has claimed that a gruesome hit squad is currently operating throughout the country targeting Zanu PF members perceived to be loyal to Vice Preside...

by Stephen Jakes

Zanu PF needs reforms- Fidelis Fengu

Published 8 hours ago | 984 Views
Outspoken Zanu PF youth member Fidelis Fengu has said the ruling Zanu PF needs reforms as the people on the ground were not happy about its failure to implement its 2013 election promises."I put it to...

by Stephen Jakes

Man 'kills wife for bedding friend'

Published 8 hours ago | 2064 Views
A MAN from Guyu in Gwanda has been arrested for allegedly fatally striking his wife with a stone in full view of his father for cheating on him with a friend.Tsoanelo Sibanda, 39, of Pumula village, a...

by Obey Sibanda

Wife axed, man hangs after bitter infidelity row

Published 8 hours ago | 1532 Views
A MAN from Pelandaba suburb in Bulawayo allegedly committed suicide after striking his wife with the back of an axe on the forehead, hours after the couple had visited a police station for counselling...

by Nqobile Tshili

2 miners gassed to death in shaft

Published 8 hours ago | 972 Views
TWO gold miners have died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning while searching for gold in a mine shaft. Lypson Musandipa, 32, from Gokwe and Vincent Ngonya from Kwekwe met their death at Mount Mo...

by Patrick Chitumba

Not only Kuwait, but also China and Brazil engaged in Zim human trafficking

Published 8 hours ago | 873 Views
A Senator Lilian Timveos has claimed that it ia not only the Kuwait that is engaged in trafficking of Zimbabwean women for sex slavery purposes in that country, but also the China and Brazil were invo...

by Stephen Jakes

Imbongi enchant Mphoko

Published 8 hours ago | 974 Views
PRAISE poets (imbongi) captivated the heart of Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko as they stole the show when he officially opened the National Culture Week celebrations on Saturday at Godlwayo Cultura...

by Bongani Ndlovu

Poor pensions pay out irks senator

Published 8 hours ago | 823 Views
Poor pensions given to the pensioners have irked  senators who questioned the understanding of government who expected them beneficiaries to travel from different parts of the country into towns ...

by Stephen Jakes

Collapse of health institution is the reason why we want Mugabe to go- ZimFirst

Published 8 hours ago | 619 Views
ZimFirst leader Maxwell Shumba has said the collapse of the health institution leading them to fail to offer adequate health care is the reason why President Robert Mugabe's government must go.Shumba ...

by Stephen Jakes

Grace Mugabe surrounded by 'Gamatox and lies'

Published 8 hours ago | 1248 Views
Zanu PF women's league boss, First Lady Grace Mugabe is surrounded  with a group of "pathetic liars with dubious backgrounds", who pretended to love her, while destroying the ruling party from wi...

by Staff Reporter

Kraal head beds daughter-in-law as rental payment

Published 8 hours ago | 1908 Views
A DOMBOSHAVA kraal head Shepherd Kombe had sex on countless occasions  with his daughter-in-law allegedly as payment for debt.The money was for rentals.Kombe who is in his early 50s and popularly...

by Staff Reporter

Pastor to visit mortuaries to raise dead people

Published 8 hours ago | 1860 Views
MIRACLE pastor Paul Sanyangore says it is his wish to re-do the extraordinary miracles he has done before but only if God allows.The man of cloth has done a number of miracles that have court controve...

by Staff Reporter

Mujuru to publish book on all Mugabe atrocities

Published 8 hours ago | 1718 Views
The Joice Mujuru-led Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) party is in the process of publishing a book documenting the atrocities allegedly committed by President Robert Mugabe and his government since 1980.Th...

by Staff Reporter

Zanu PF bar Team Lacoste in Bikita

Published 8 hours ago | 1124 Views
The Zanu-PF Bikita district has resolved to rally behind the First Family and threatened to fire and bar anyone linked to the embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa from participating in party ac...

by Staff Reporter

Million Man March to silence critics

Published 8 hours ago | 742 Views
THE One Million Man March being held in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe in Harare tomorrow will silence the country's detractors engaged in a number of campaigns in a bid to demonise the rulin...

by Nduduzo Tshuma

Mtukudzi, Macheso clash

Published 8 hours ago | 865 Views
The stage has been set for Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Macheso's gig tonight at the Harare International Conference Centre. Exciting moments are expected at the show as the two giants usher fun loving p...

by Tawanda Marwizi

Mathuthu booted out of Chronicle as Zimpapers makes senior appointments

Published 8 hours ago | 994 Views
Zimpapers group chief executive officer Mr Pikirayi Deketeke has made several key appointments aimed at positioning the media giant firmly on the print, publishing, broadcasting and digital platforms....

by Staff reporter

Boss rapist jailed 20 years

Published 8 hours ago | 1065 Views
A 35-YEAR-OLD man from Zhombe was yesterday slapped with a 20-year jail term for raping his 69-year-old employer.Willard Munyadza, from Mudhe Village under Chief Samambwa in Zhombe, was sentenced to 2...

by Elizabeth Tsuro

Matebele Warriors' hopes shattered

Published 8 hours ago | 1051 Views
BULAWAYO'S Matabeleland Warriors surrendered a narrow 5-3 halftime lead to lose 17-26 to Old Hararians in the semi-final of the Gold Cup qualifiers played at Hartsfield Stadium on Saturday.Warriors, t...

by Ricky Zililo

New Zimbabwean bond notes are similar to loan sharks

Published 8 hours ago | 1582 Views
It is painful and it is unfortunate to all Zimbabweans to go back to stateless states whereby by money has got no characteristics. "money is used as a medium of exchange'money is loved by people, it u...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Schoolboy rapes three pupils

Published 8 hours ago | 1256 Views
A FORM Four pupil at Njube High School in Bulawayo has been arraigned for allegedly raping three primary school girls.The 16-year-old boy, whose name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, allegedly r...

by Melody Baya

POSB launches youth account

Published 8 hours ago | 623 Views
POSB has launched a Youth Account that does not attract bank charges targeting youths between the ages 16 to 24.The bank's management said the Youth Account is aimed at promoting banking among the you...

by Nqobile Tshili

Pasuwa to announce Warriors squad

Published 8 hours ago | 1012 Views
WARRIORS coach Callisto Pasuwa will this afternoon announce his squad to face Malawi in a crucial Group L African Nations Cup qualifier set for the giant National Sports Stadium on June 3 with surpris...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

How Oskido fell in love with Kwaito

Published 8 hours ago | 788 Views
SOUTH African music mogul Oscar "Oskido" Mdlongwa says his inspiration for coming up with kwaito music was Robin S' 1990 hit 'Show me love' that he was reminded of when he was partying in Ibiza, Spain...

by Bongani Ndlovu

I wasn't poisoned, claims Moyo

Published 8 hours ago | 896 Views
THE Minister of State for Bulawayo Provincial Affairs Nomthandazo Eunice Moyo yesterday refuted reports that she ate poisoned food at the weekend.Online media on Sunday reported that Moyo fell ill aft...

by Pamela Shumba

War vets join million man march

Published 8 hours ago | 619 Views
WAR veterans yesterday said they were "duty bound" to attend tomorrow's One Million-Man March and celebrate President Robert Mugabe's successes as a Statesman and leader of the revolutionary party, Za...

by Felex Share

3,000 jobs at revamped tomato canning plant

Published 8 hours ago | 643 Views
A JOINT-VENTURE tomato and fruit processing investment between Schweppes Zimbabwe and the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (Arda) is targeting to create at least 3,000 direct and indirect ...

by Oliver Kazunga

Gospel divas upbeat ahead of Malope show

Published 8 hours ago | 558 Views
LOCAL performers billed for the Gospel Divas show to be held on Sunday at Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo say they are buoyant ahead of their performances with one of South Africa's best gospel musos, ...

by Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya

High Court quashes Kasukuwere directive on Gwanda

Published 8 hours ago | 643 Views
THE High Court has quashed a directive by Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere ordering Gwanda Municipality to re-advertise for the filled chamber secretary'...

by Mashudu Netsianda

Ministry allays fears on medical aid

Published 8 hours ago | 550 Views
THE Ministry of Health and Child Care has allayed fears that doctors will demand cash upfront from patients on medical aid saying the government will make sure that medical aid societies pay service p...

by Pamela Shumba

3 die in accident

Published 8 hours ago | 1031 Views
THREE people died on the spot when a Toyota Gaia they were travelling in was involved in an accident with a truck near Cross Dete yesterday.Four others, including an 18-month-old baby, survived the ac...

by Leonard Ncube

Varsity completes RG Mugabe School of Education

Published 8 hours ago | 653 Views
THE Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) has completed constructing the multi-million dollar Robert Gabriel Mugabe School of Education in Masvingo, which will be open for lectures next month.The school has...

by Walter Mswazie

'Use social media to make money not gossip,' says DJ Sbu

Published 8 hours ago | 487 Views
INFORMATION Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and South African businessman-cum-DJ – Sibusiso Leope (DJ Sbu) have urged youths to be innovative and find ways to make money us...

by Melissa Mpofu

We're 'duty-bound' to attend Million Man-March, says war vets

Published 8 hours ago | 488 Views
WAR veterans yesterday said they were "duty-bound" to attend tomorrow's One Million-Man March and celebrate President Mugabe's successes as a Statesman and leader of the revolutionary party, Zanu-PF.T...

by Felex Share

Gushungo bombing case now in open court

Published 8 hours ago | 538 Views
The matter of four suspects accused of attempting to overthrow the Government through unconstitutional means which was previously held in camera is now being heard in an open court.The matter was rema...

by Tendai Rupapa

Chief Negomo in trouble over Presidential inputs

Published 8 hours ago | 554 Views
Chief Negomo has appeared in court for trial where he is accused of defrauding Mvurwi Grain Marketing Board manager Sondelani Mhlanga of 140 bags of Compound D fertiliser under the Presidential Summer...

by Daniel Chigunwe

DJ Sbu rips the stage at Pabloz VIP

Published 8 hours ago | 770 Views
South African deejay‚ philanthropist‚ television and radio personality Sibusiso Leope was at the weekend on fire when he made a guest appearance at the upmarket Pabloz VIP Lounge in Harare. Leope ...

by Staff reporter

Khama Billiat set for rich pickings

Published 8 hours ago | 1543 Views
ZIMBABWE international forward Khama Billiat could pocket a cool R450 000 on Monday night when the South African Premiership honours its outstanding footballers for the 2015/ 2016 season with the Warr...

by Grace Chingoma

MPs to declare assets

Published 8 hours ago | 510 Views
Parliament will soon institute a lifestyle audit for legislators including Cabinet ministers that is expected to compel them to declare their assets in compliance with the provision of the Constitutio...

by Lloyd Gumbo

Strong dollar hits remittances to Zimbabwe

Published 17 hours ago | 2688 Views
Remittances from abroad into Zimbabwe fell 16% in the first quarter to $192.9 million against $231.4 million recorded in the same period year ago period. Remittances consist of both Diaspora and non-g...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe urged to step down to groom newly-born grandson

Published 18 hours ago | 2501 Views
Some Zimbabweans have called on President Robert Mugabe to step down so that he can have enough time with his family following the birth of his first grandson.President Robert Mugabe at the weekend ha...

by Staff reporter

Mtukudzi to entertain million-man marchers

Published 18 hours ago | 1730 Views
With two days to go before commemorations of the 53rd Africa Day celebrations, preparations for the One Million-Man March which will run concurrently with the Africa Day celebrations are at an advance...

by Staff reporter

Presidents Mugabe Gabriel Robert; Zuma Jacob Gehleyihlekisa, Fort Hare students say voetzek!

Published 20 hours ago | 3345 Views
Foot-sake is just the right word to tell both Mugabe and Zuma to go away! Voetzek Zuma, voetzek Mugabe! Those were Fort Hare students trying to force their way into the Hall where Presidents Zuma...

by Nomazulu Thata

Artists produce Mugabe portrait

Published 20 hours ago | 1764 Views
Using copper wire, shining glass beads and paint, Chitungwiza artists were able to come up with President Robert Mugabe's portrait.One of the artists, Casid Mwashusha, said their art is fine bead art ...

by Last Chatikobo

Mwayera bus accident

Published 21 hours ago | 4029 Views
A Mwayera bus  travelling from Birchenough Bridge to Harare overturned today just before Muzokomba Business Centre. According to sources who witnessed the incident the brakes failed and the bus b...

by Last Chatikobo

International musicians perform at Bulawayo Music Festival

Published 21 hours ago | 927 Views
American violinist Nokuthula Ngwenyama, German cello player Theo Bross and the Odeion String Quartet from South Africa are among the musicians participating in the Bulawayo Music Festival from June 15...

by Agencies

Zanu PF youths must shame the devil

Published 21 hours ago | 1410 Views
The One Million-Man March that Zanu PF's youth league is set to stage on 25 May has rattled the opposition parties which seem to believe that they have an exclusive right to organize marches and demon...

by John Sigauke

Zimbabwe intensifies efforts to market Victoria Falls

Published 23 hours ago | 1347 Views
The Government through the Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry has intensified efforts to attract more airline to Victoria Falls as a way of increasing capacity at the newly build Victoria Fa...

by Staff reporter

TV personality sues website over v.irginity loss to late Lucky Dube claims

Published 24 hours ago | 3415 Views
TV personality Khanyi Mbau is taking legal action against a website which first published a report claiming that she had confessed to losing her v.irginity to the late Lucky Dube.Sowetan reported that...

by Staff Reporter

PTA Bank to Open Regional Office in Addis Ababa

Published 24 hours ago | 542 Views
The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (PTA Bank) has signed today a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would enable it to open a regional office in Addis Ababa with Ministry ...

by Staff Reporter

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Wife axed, man hangs after bitter infidelity row - A MAN from Pelandab...

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Imbongi enchant Mphoko

by Bongani Ndlovu | 24 May 2016 | 974 Views

Poor pensions pay out irks senator

by Stephen Jakes | 24 May 2016 | 823 Views

Grace Mugabe surrounded by 'Gamatox and lies'

by Staff Reporter | 24 May 2016 | 1248 Views

Kraal head beds daughter-in-law as rental payment

by Staff Reporter | 24 May 2016 | 1908 Views

Pastor to visit mortuaries to raise dead people

by Staff Reporter | 24 May 2016 | 1860 Views

Mujuru to publish book on all Mugabe atrocities

by Staff Reporter | 24 May 2016 | 1718 Views


Dj Zinhle dying to be in Bulawayo

by Thobekile Zhou | 24 May 2016 | 866 Views

How Oskido fell in love with Kwaito - SOUTH African music mogul Oscar ...

by Bongani Ndlovu | 24 May 2016 | 788 Views

Gospel divas upbeat ahead of Malope show - LOCAL performers billed for...

by Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya | 24 May 2016 | 558 Views

DJ Sbu rips the stage at Pabloz VIP - South African deejay‚ philanth...

by Staff reporter | 24 May 2016 | 770 Views

Zimbabwean singer bemoans rampant piracy

by Thobekile Zhou | 23 May 2016 | 1045 Views

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