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Declaration for self-determination - Paul Siwela

by Paul Siwela
12 Dec 2012 at 13:36hrs | 3053 Views
Mthwakazian  Ladies  and Gentlemen
Countrymen and Friends,
I have pleasure to submit to you all the recent efforts to internationalise our cause for Matebeleland independence  by Matebeleland Liberation Organisation ie MLO.
In the circumstance,it becomes incumbent upon all of us to make our contributions in various ways to  make this effort to yield  to our expectations .Given the goodwill that MLO  enjoys with various international organisations and personalities who have committed themselves to assit in our cause,let us not be found wanting  when called upon to contribute  to our independence cause.
Can we consider the following  to move our agenda,
A. let us be engaged openly and discuss our self  determination agenda  and invite others with political wherewithal to assist us in various ways from time to time and  engage    communications about our demand for independence of The Republic of Matebeleland by 2018 given that all political indices on the ground support a successfully separation of Matebeleland  from Zimbabwe.Most would not be able to identify the political indices that support our agenda and thus find it inconceivable to talk of our independence.I want to assure you all that we are monitoring those indices and making all necessary adjustments to meet our expectations.It can be better than what it is now.If we cant  claim our independence between 2013 and 2018,then we should all know that the indices would have changed by then and such demand would be difficult to prosecute thus the time is NOW.
B. we have some talented people out there who can compose the National Anthem for our nation.Please if there is anyone who can compose one for us ,feel free to do so and  let us know by return at the time of your choosing.Remember that time is of essence.
C. Matebeleland Liberation Organisation  ie MLO is currently working on a programme of events for next year to intensify our efforts to our claim and all stand ready to give your support and solidarity to the activities which we shall unveil to you.I am aware that evrything is difficult until it has been done so dont fear  fear.This noble cause for our freedom depends on all of us collectively working in unison towards an egalitarian  and cosmopoltan Republic of Matebeleland by 2018.
D. The draft constitution of The Republic of Matebeleland is being written and shall be made available to you all in due course in 2013 and stand ready to give your inputs where necessary.We envisage a pronvicialised Republic of Matebeleland .
E. We would welcome any suggestions from all patriotic citizens of the republic from time to time on any subject,please feel free to engage us and by the end of each year we should be able to account for our activities and existence.
F. A website is still under construction and you shall be given the address once complete and we hope early in the year it would be complete.
G. We encourage all of you to form branches and create your own executives so that it would be easier to send information and get people to enact over it  and account for activities in each place.
H. All of us must be involved in mobilising others for this cause and ensure that by 2018 The Republic of Matebeleland would join the family of nations as a free,democratic and full sovereign state carrying the aspirations of our people.
I. I dont need to remind you that we have no future in Zimbabwe as it is currently constituted and neither can we forefeit our greater ambitions by being second class citizens in foreign lands when we have the option to be first class citizen in The Republic of Matebeleland.All us must make personal contributions and sacrifices for us to realise this cause.
J. I thank you all for your support and wish you a merry christmas and bountiful new year
In all our programmes we must think of The Republic of Matebeleland  First and  Matebeleland independence FOR EVER. I commit your liberty  to your hands therefore.
May God  bless the future Republic of Matebeleland.

Source - Siwela,Mthwakazian
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