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Savage attack of MDC-T MP condemned

25 April 2015 | 954 Views
Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT), an NGO promoting peaceful co-existence, has condemned yesterday's attack on MDC-T MP for Budiriro, Costa Machingauta and 10 other supporters by suspected Zanu-PF supporters....
by Staff reporter

MDC-T MP battling for life after Zanu-PF assault

24 April 2015 | 3069 Views
MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai today visited Budiriro MP, Costa Machingauta, who is battling for life at a Harare hospital following a vicious assault by Zanu-PF thugs in the constituency on Thursday ...
by Luke Tamborinyoka

Debt paralyses Tsvangirai's MDC-T

24 April 2015 | 2581 Views
THE MDC-T is caught up in a vicious debt cycle as it owes more than US$2 million which senior party officials say is crippling the opposition party's operations and attempts to rejuvenate itself ahead...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T submits proportional rep list to Zec

24 April 2015 | 2855 Views
Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC has submitted to ZEC names of seven proportional representative candidates set to fill vacancies in Parliament following the recall of rebel MPs who defected to the renewal...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T proportional representation list out

23 April 2015 | 3674 Views
Former Home Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone and David Chimhini head the list of the seven MDC-T MP's earmarked to fill the party's proportional representation quota. The list is now set...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T finally state their election reform demands - add to nothing but tinkering round the edges

23 April 2015 | 2780 Views
Many people on this site and others have said MDC-T (the same is true of the other two MDC factions) should not be trusted to handle the implementation of the democratic reforms necessary for free, f...
by Wilbert Mukori

Mangoma, MDC - Renewal condemn Zanu PF for economic meltdown - spare us the pieties!

22 April 2015 | 2919 Views
In a statement Tuesday, the opposition MDC Renewal group said it "holds the government of Zimbabwe responsible for the economic meltdown that has caused our people to look for greener pastures elsewhe...
by Wilbert Mukori

MDC-T divided on by-elections

22 April 2015 | 3523 Views
Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC-T has admitted fissures within the party's ranks over the resolution to boycott participation in the coming by-elections.The party's Secretary General, Mr Douglas Mwonz...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T demands electoral and political reforms

22 April 2015 | 3546 Views
From the time that the young and fledging political party known as the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), began to participate in elections in Zimbabwe in June, 2000, the ZanuPF regime has alwa...
by Obert Gutu

Tsvangirai's former chief political strategist launches a political party

22 April 2015 | 7638 Views
Former MDC-T USA chairman Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba has transformed ZimFirst, a movement that was formed last year with the aim of achieving national convergence, into a fully-fledged political party....
by Staff reporter

MDC-T bigwigs jostle for 7 uncontested Parly seats

22 April 2015 | 2803 Views
Senior MDC-T members have started jostling for the seven parliamentary uncontested seats that were created following its recall of 21 legislators. These had left the party to form the MDC Rene...
by Zvamaida Murwira

Plot to oust Thokozani Khupe

21 April 2015 | 3124 Views
Top MDC-T officials who lost influential posts during the November congress are reportedly plotting to pass a vote of no confidence on deputy president Thokozani Khupe and replace her with the par...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF, MDC-T councillors call for audit of housing units

21 April 2015 | 1833 Views
In a rare show of solidarity, Zanu-PF and MDC-T councillors in Kwekwe have joined hands to force the council's management to audit the city's housing units amid concerns that some of the propertie...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T loyalists against poll boycott strategy

20 April 2015 | 3298 Views
Although the leadership of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai recently reaffirmed its stance to shun parliamentary by-elections until there are visible elector...
by Taurai Shava

Discord in Zanu PF government disgusting- MDC-T

20 April 2015 | 2776 Views
THE MDC-T has castigated the Zanu PF for being confused in its policy implementation and in its running of the country after President Robert Mugabe and Finance Minister Patrick Chinamsa issued differ...
by Stephen Jackson

Simmering tension in Matabeleland over land resettlement

20 April 2015 | 3845 Views
MDC secretary-general Moses Mzila Ndlovu says there is simmering tension in Matabeleland caused by the resettlement of people from outside the region at the expense of locals.Speaking at a pub...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T hides behind finger

20 April 2015 | 1804 Views
MDC-T is using independent candidates as proxies in the 14 parliamentary by-elections set for June 10 following its decision to boycott the polls, it has emerged. Thirty seven independent ...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T must deal with Security Reforms if it wants to win 2018 General Elections

19 April 2015 | 3238 Views
I greet all fellow Cadres in the struggle for Democracy in Zimbabwe. On my own Political Research as from 2012 before the 2013 General Elections upto today, I have find a number of issues ...
by Prof Richard M Simango

MDC Renewal vows to soldier on

19 April 2015 | 2377 Views
The 21 MDC Renewal MPs who were recently expelled from Parliament say it is back to the drawing board for them as they ponder their political future outside the august house.Some of the MPs wh...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T idiot threatens SA companies operating in Zimbabwe - Video

19 April 2015 | 6237 Views
Victor Zunda from the MDC-T veterans Activists Association has threatened South African companies operating in Zimbabwe.Zunza said, "We know what the South African government, certain member...
by Ndou Paul

Collective idiocy of Tsvangirai's MDC-T

18 April 2015 | 2998 Views
HONESTLY, while with brazen gusto people like Douglas Mwonzora and those of his ilk in the MDC (this includes the entire MDC-T leadership) would celebrate the recalling of MPs from the MDC Renewal tea...
by Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga

MDC-T leadership wrangle spills into the courts

18 April 2015 | 3113 Views
MDC-T senator Matson Hlalo has filed an application at the Bulawayo High Court suing the party, its organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe and deputy mayor Gift Banda for allegedly defying a court orde...
by Mashudu Netsianda

MDC-T: Independence Day Message by the political leadership of Zimbabwe

17 April 2015 | 2751 Views
IntroductionTomorrow, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of our national independence.We in the political leadership urge all Zimbabweans to ...
by MDC-T

Arrest warrant issued for MDC-T National Executive member

17 April 2015 | 3658 Views
A warrant has been issued by Harare Provincial Magistrate, Vakai Chikwekwe for the arrest of MDC-T National Executive member, Morgan Komichi, who is accused of fraud and contravening the Electoral...
by Staff reporter

Mugabe has destroyed people's dreams - MDC-T

17 April 2015 | 3352 Views
The MDC-T Organising Secrtary Abednicho Bhebhe has accused President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF for destroying people's dreams by holding on to power for the past 35 years with no attempt of ec...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC renewal, MDC-T members file papers of nomination as independents

16 April 2015 | 4203 Views
The MDC renewal member Albert Mhlanga and MDC-T member Njabuliso Mguni have filed nomination papers as independent candidates for Pumula and Lobengula constituencies respectively. This was...
by Stephen jakes

MDC-T's Eddie Cross 'exposes' Meikles chairman Moxon

16 April 2015 | 2658 Views
Meikles Limited should get $56,6 million from the debt owed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) instead of $90,8 million after the Finance ministry prescribed that only 5% interest will be permitted...
by Staff reporter

Mujuru, MDC-T links exposed

16 April 2015 | 4135 Views
The Mujuru putschist cabal's ties with MDC-T have been exposed after one of its members, Mr Temba Mliswa, yesterday implicitly confirmed the embattled opposition MDC-T was already campaigning for him ...
by Felex Share and Tendai Mugabe

MDC-T condemns xenophobic attacks in South Africa

15 April 2015 | 2042 Views
The MDC-T condemns, in the strongest terms, the ongoing xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans by misguided elements of the South African community. That these attacks are taking place soon after...
by Obert Gutu, MDC-T National Spokesperson

MDC-T Parly pull-out logical, says Ibbo Mandaza

15 April 2015 | 3888 Views
MDC-T threats to pull of parliament are logical and will shake Zanu-PF to the core top political analyst, Ibbo  Mandaza has claimed.MDC-T is contemplating pulling out of Parliament en ma...
by Thobekile Zhou

MDC express dismay over scrapping of bonuses

14 April 2015 | 1568 Views
The MDC has expressed utter dismay over Zanu-PF government's scrapping of civil servants bonuses indicating that this is a sign that the ruling party still continues with its desire to strangulate...
by Stephen Jakes

21 MDC Renewal MPs lose ConCourt case

14 April 2015 | 4823 Views
A bid by the 21 members of the MDC's Renewal Team to challenge their expulsion from Parliament has hit a brick wall after the Constitutional Court threw out their application.The court fou...
by Daniel Nemukuyu

MDC-T plans Parliament pull out

14 April 2015 | 3347 Views
Zimbabwe's main opposition party, MDC-T, is contemplating pulling out of Parliament and masses in protest against Zanu PF's reluctance to create a conducive environment for the holding of free and...
by Richard Muyengwa Simango

MDC statement on the scraping of civil servants bonuses

14 April 2015 | 3742 Views
The MDC notes with utter dismay Zanu-PF government continued desire to strangulate Zimbabweans left, right and center, due to its tragic failure to manage the country's economy. The pronouncement ...
by Joshua Mhambi MDC Spokesperson

Mudenda scoffs at MDC Renewal Team's court challenge

14 April 2015 | 2500 Views
Speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda has scoffed at the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) application, filed by the 16 expelled former MDC-T legislators, seeking to challenge their ouster ...
by Staff reporter

Recalled MDC Renewal Team MPs fall on hard times

14 April 2015 | 2223 Views
The 21 former MDC-T MPs who were recently recalled from Parliament after they defected to the MDC Renewal Team have reportedly fallen on hard times and are failing to service their vehicle loans a...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T mulls Parliament pullout

14 April 2015 | 2627 Views
Zimbabwe's main opposition party, MDC-T, is contemplating pulling out of Parliament en massé in protest against Zanu-PF's reluctance to create a conducive environment for the holding of free and fair...
by Staff reporter

Khuphe, Tsvangirai clash over by-elections

13 April 2015 | 6405 Views
ALL is not well within the MDC-T with insiders reporting that vice president Thokozani Khuphe was not happy with the party's decision to boycott the June 10 parliamentary elections.A highly pl...
by Staff Reporter

Expelled MPs to know fate by tomorrow

13 April 2015 | 3177 Views
The Constitutional Court is on Tuesday set to give its ruling over the application by 21 MDC Renewal Team legislators who are challenging their expulsion from the MDC-T and parliament on the basis tha...
by Staff reporter

'Ndebele leadership at MDC irked ex-chair'

13 April 2015 | 3735 Views
FORMER MDC chairman Goodrich Chimbaira has been dragged into a tribalism storm with party secretary general Moses Mzila-Ndlovu saying the former ditched the faction because of its continued Ndebele le...
by Staff Reporter

MDC-T decision to recall MDC Renewal MPs and then boycott by-election was a monumental blunder!

13 April 2015 | 2865 Views
Having triggered the recall of the 21 MDC – Renewal MPs and Senators, MDC-T have confirmed they will not try to win back the 14 seats to be contested in the by-elections but reallocate the 7 se...
by Wilbert Mukori

MDC-T humiliates Dorcas Sibanda

13 April 2015 | 4180 Views
MDC-T Bulawayo Central MP Dorcas Sibanda was humiliated after she was barred from attending last week's party national council meeting in Harare.The lawmaker sought to attend the meeting in th...
by Oswell Moyo

Mixed feelings as Tsvangirai 'sells out seats to Zanu PF'

12 April 2015 | 3946 Views
There has been escalating mixed feelings concerning the move not to contest by elections in 14 constituencies which were left vacant when the MDC-T applied for their recall from parliament after t...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T poll boycott decision could be foolhardy

12 April 2015 | 2454 Views
Bulawayo - The MDC-T decision to boycott pending by-elections unless President Robert Mugabe's administration rolls out wide-sweeping electoral reforms is unquestionably bold but it could very well en...
by Sij Ncube

MDC-T confirms three MDC Renewal councilors sought readmission

12 April 2015 | 2289 Views
The MDC-T Bulawayo provincial executive has confirmed that three of its councilors who had joined the MDC-Renewal approached the party seeking readmission.This was after all ward councilors wh...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T will not participate in any future elections, says Tsvangirai

11 April 2015 | 4330 Views
THE MDC-T national executive committee and national council yesterday endorsed the party's position to boycott the June 10 by-elections occasioned by the recall of 21 MDC Renewal MPs last month....
by Staff reporter

Tsvangirai's MDC-T faces potential split

11 April 2015 | 3802 Views
MDC-T faces a potential split after its national council met in Harare yesterday and endorsed the decision to boycott the forthcoming 14 by-elections, but not before some top officials fiercely oppose...
by Felex Share

Ncube admits to 'fleeing from the political crime scene' of rigged elections but not to being the criminal!

10 April 2015 | 5069 Views
"Fortunately, for us as the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), we not only participated in constructing Zimbabwe's national constitution but also our value systems and operational ethos fall squar...
by Wilbert Mukori

MDC-T organizing Secretary mock govt over planned payroll audit

10 April 2015 | 1694 Views
The MDC-T organizing Secretary Abednicho Bhebhe has described the plan by to commission a payrol audit to establish ghost workers currently being talked about as useless considering the fact that ...
by Stephen Jakes

Tsvangirai's MDC-T to decide on poll boycott

10 April 2015 | 1142 Views
THE MDC-T national council will today meet in Harare to decide whether or not to participate in the forthcoming by-elections in 14 constituencies, amid reports that another rebellion is imminent in th...
by Felex Share

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