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MDC-T senator defects to Renewal Team

19 December 2014 | 2411 Views
The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T party has suffered another knock in Manicaland province after one of its key members and Senator Patrick Chitaka crossed the floor to join the Renewal Team on Wedne...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T council to name suburb after Mujuru

18 December 2014 | 3636 Views
THE MDC-T-dominated Harare City Council has set itself on a collision course with the Zanu-PF government after proposing to name a new suburb in Budiriro, Harare, and some of the capital's roads aft...
by Staff reporter

MPs clash in parliament over 'bloated' defence budget

18 December 2014 | 1749 Views
Debate on the 2015 National Budget briefly came to a halt amid chaos after Zanu-PF Buhera Central representative Ronald Muderedzwa, labelled some opposition parties in the country "a security threat" ...
by Farirai Machivenyika

MDC-United attacks Zanu-PF

18 December 2014 | 1615 Views
THE MDC-RENEWAL team has criticised Zanu-PF for allegedly "cherry-picking" sections of the Constitution to deal with its factional fights, saying a year after the elections Zimbabweans still yearn for...
by Staff reporter

MDC-United plans Bulawayo launch

18 December 2014 | 1518 Views
THE two MDC formations led by Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti, now operating under the banner United Movement for Democratic Change (UMDC), plan to hold a second launch of the party in Bulawayo early n...
by Staff reporter

Didymus Mutasa ropes in Tsvangirai's MDC-T

17 December 2014 | 5328 Views
FORMER Zanu-PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, smarting from his failure to land a Central Committee seat which ruled him out of the Politburo, has roped in MDC-T and a Western-funded in...
by Staff reporter

Tsvangirai violence against the Renewal Team Continues

16 December 2014 | 3241 Views
Rowdy youths aligned to Morgan Tsvangirai disrupted a well-attended Orange Day held at Unit L Hall in Chitungwiza on Saturday assaulting the National Organising Secretary of the Youth Wing, Th...
by Staff Reporter

MDC-T not interested in Mujuru coalition

16 December 2014 | 2739 Views
THE opposition MDC-T party is not yet considering a possible merger with former vice president Joice Mujuru as it seeks to re-strengthen for the 2018 general elections, party spokesperson Obert Gutu h...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T relishes polls

15 December 2014 | 1561 Views
Buoyed by the ructions bedevilling their political foes- the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC is upbeat that they will win elections at any given time. MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said that Pr...
by Staff reporter

Equal opportunities for all - MDC-T

14 December 2014 | 2519 Views
AS THE MOTHERLAND promenade towards the conclude of the definitive segment of a tough swop, decisions pertaining a superlative future have long been stored subliminally in the MDC-T waiting to be unle...
by Tapiwa Diamond Chadya,

MDC-United's unity must be applauded

14 December 2014 | 4608 Views
On November 27, 2014, 5 000 Zimbabweans, 17 African diplomats, representatives of the embassies of Australia, France, Norway, India, USA and the UK as well as 31 local civil society organisations gath...
by Pius Wakatama

MDC-T denies Tsvangirai nearly destitute

13 December 2014 | 3957 Views
THE MDC-T party has dismissed as "hogwash" claims its leader, still a guest of the State at a posh Harare villa, is nearly destitute as the opposition party struggles with its finances after being dit...
by Staff Reporter

Mnangagwa was first class freedom fighter but State President, no!

12 December 2014 | 7163 Views
Mnangagwa was a first class freedom fighter but he is the last person the nation wanted for State President. We are in serious trouble.As an ex-combatant I had the chance to meet and work with...
by Patrick

MDC-United in clean-up campaign

12 December 2014 | 2093 Views
MDC renewal team's youth wing has embarked on a clean-up campaign to sensitise communities on the ‘importance of a clean environment'.The political outfit's Harare provincial organiser Ishm...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T, NCA back Mujuru

12 December 2014 | 3294 Views
Two political parties, the National Constitutional Assembly and the MDC-T have rallied to the defence of disgraced former Vice President Joice Mujuru who was fired, along with seven ministers linked t...
by Staff reporter

Tsvangirai to unveil new MDC-T national executive

12 December 2014 | 2254 Views
MDC-T will on Saturday hold its first national council meeting before unveiling its new national executive, the first such meeting after its recent elective congress.Party spokesperson Obert...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T wants to impeach Mugabe

11 December 2014 | 4234 Views
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says it is moving to impeach President Robert Mugabe accusing the veteran leader of  "unconstitutionally" firing forme...
by Staff reporter

Mugabe, Tsvangirai birds of a feather

10 December 2014 | 2351 Views
While some Zimbabweans are expressing constitutional reservations about Mr. Mugabe's delay to announce his deputies, national party chairman and members of the Politburo, the Movement for Democratic...
by Staff reporter

MDC-United raps Obert Mpofu, Jonathan Moyo

10 December 2014 | 7002 Views
The United MDC has rapped Information minister Jonathan Moyo and Transport minister Obert Mpofu for raising large amounts of money for the 6th Zanu-PF congress while neglecting capital projects i...
by Staff reporter

MDC United steps up preps for launch

09 December 2014 | 1847 Views
THE MDC formation led by Welshman Ncube has gone a gear up in setting up and verifying its structures ahead of the merger with the MDC-Renewal team led by the interim president Sekai Holland.T...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T at its lowest ebb since its formation in 1999

08 December 2014 | 4561 Views
The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Zimbabwe's largest opposition party, is at its lowest ebb since its formation in 1999. Split into factions and plagued with infighting, it poses no threat to ...
by Ray Ndlovu

MDC-T launches operation vhuserere/umvuselelo/revival

08 December 2014 | 4942 Views
The MDC-T in South Africa is engaging the exiled Zimbabwean community in South Africa under a robust and dynamic basket of programmes amongst them being "OPERATION VHUSERERE/UMVUSELELO/REVIVAL" which ...
by Dr. Wangu Mazodze, MDC-T South Africa - Spokesperson

Tsvangirai leads with love

08 December 2014 | 4909 Views
In tandem with President Tsvangirai's message of love during the festive period, the MDC-T Johannesburg district has pampered the family of the late hero Remember Moyo with gifts.At the ti...
by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC-T South Africa Spokesperson

Zanu-PF runs Zimbabwe like private property - MDC-T

06 December 2014 | 3098 Views
HARARE - Movement for Democratic Change, MDC says it is not the responsibility of political parties to name roads on land owned by local authorities.Zanu PF unilaterally renamed the open space...
by Staff Reporter

MDC Tsvangirai celebrates the 'Spirit' of Nelson Mandela

05 December 2014 | 2643 Views
                     The MDC T South Africa Province and President Tsvangirai join South Africa and the rest of the...
by Dr. Wangu Mazodze

Tsvangirai meets MDC-T faction leaders

05 December 2014 | 3496 Views
Embattled MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday reportedly met members of two warring party factions in Masvingo where he read the riot act as he tries to salvage the waning fortunes of his p...
by George Maponga

MDC-T: The big tent agenda

04 December 2014 | 4120 Views
According to Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, its an initiative or a program that is aimed at bringing together all democratic and progressive forces in Zimbabwe, who yearn for a better Zimbabwe....
by Lft Gen Simbarashe Mujeye

Zanu-PF, MDC-T to share $3 million

04 December 2014 | 3429 Views
Zanu-PF and MDC-T will share $3 million allocated to political parties by Treasury under the Political Parties Finance Act.Presenting the 2015 national budget in the National Assembly last wee...
by Staff reporter

Learnmore Jongwe's daughter pass with flying colours

03 December 2014 | 8378 Views
Dear friends of Learnmore and Rutendo Jongwe. I am so happy to let you all know that the deceased couple's daughter Tawananyasha managed to pass her Grade Seven exams with an excellent result ...
by Daniel Molokele

Individuals masquerading as MDC SA officials

03 December 2014 | 2506 Views
MDC SA Renewal Province THE COURAGE TO BE DIFFERENT...MDC SA PROVINCE has noticed with great concern some pockets of individuals who are masque...
by MDC SA Renewal

When the rebels reunite

03 December 2014 | 5344 Views
I could not help but laugh my lungs out when I read in some sections of the media that there is yet another new child born in the MDC family dubbed United Movement for Democratic Change (UMDC) / D...
by Peacemaker Zano

Electoral vote-buying in MDC-T caused Chamisa's demise

03 December 2014 | 2748 Views
The formation of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 1999 was seen as a milestone in the political system as people thought that this political party has brought democracy which they thoug...
by Hanyani Matitemba

Why do we vote for poor leaders promising us riches?

03 December 2014 | 4371 Views
The on-going tussle in Zanu-PF has awoken the country to raw politics. It is crude, uncensored and Live! Even those who have been planning to buy satellite equipment for christmas to get away from...
by Shingai Mugochi, A lay concerned Zimbabwean

Tsvangirai, Biti share MDC-T funds

02 December 2014 | 5142 Views
Former prime minister and opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been forced by government to share funds due to the party with his erstwhile and estranged lieutenants fronted by Sekai Holland...
by Staff reporter

MDC Harare Youth Assembly Condemns Zanu-PF Congress

01 December 2014 | 3266 Views
The MDC Harare Youth Assembly strongly condemns the upcoming Zanu-PF congress which is set to start tomorrow in the Capital. Zanu-PF is holding this celebration of national failure it calls a co...
by Francis Mufambi, MDC Provincial Youth Secretary General

Define yourselves better; opposition politicians

01 December 2014 | 2093 Views
With profound excitement, like most of our fellow Zimbabweans, I also welcome the coming together of MDC led by Prof Ncube and MDC Renewal to form the UMDC. Zimbabwe has been waiting and wondering...
by Chris Dube

MDC-T President Tsvangirai speaks

01 December 2014 | 6435 Views
The MDC-T in South Africa has embarked on an extensive "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year "wishes program.  The provincial Organizing secretary Mr. Trust Ndlovu has launched this program in...
by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC T South Africa Spokesperson

MDC-T's Mwonzora out on $500 bail

01 December 2014 | 1916 Views
MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, who was arrested on charges of fraud, has been released on US$500 bail. Mwonzora on Saturday appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Milton Serima, who granted ...
by Silence Muchemwa

MDC-T rally update - Chipinge

30 November 2014 | 2951 Views
7:05pm, Nov 29 - ‪+263 7* *** ****‬: M.D.C.T.RALLY AT NDUNDUMA VILLAGE IN CHIPINGE MANICALAND.  hundreds of people gathered today [Saturday] at ndu...
by MDC-T Member

The notion of an extended GNU had many silent proponents inside Zanu-PF

29 November 2014 | 3007 Views
A good friend recently made a cynical point about the admirably dogged way in which whites pursue their own interests.With a sore heart, I weighed in to add that this doggedness followed clari...
by Nathaniel Manheru

MDC-T official dies in bus accident

28 November 2014 | 7477 Views
Shushine Siyamandanda dies  The MDC has learnt with great shock, disbelief and sadness the death of Shushine Siyamandanda, Gokwe Kabuyuni distict ...
by Staff Reporter

'MDC-T not fazed by political dwarfs union'

28 November 2014 | 2600 Views
MDC-T says it is unfazed by the reunification of two formations of the MDC, describing the newly-created United Movement for Democratic Change as a coalition of "political dwarfs", in what analysts ...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T official sucked in stands scandal

28 November 2014 | 1641 Views
FORMER Harare MDC-T councillor Friday Mleya has appeared in court on allegations of duping Blinkford Engineering company of $76 000 in a botched stand deal.Mleya (39), of number 19197-59 Hurts...
by Staff Reporter

MDC-T South Africa dismisses Ncube - Biti Union

27 November 2014 | 3934 Views
The MDC T South Africa Province  the notes theoretical union of democrats - cum - traitors at the Old Hararians Sports Club as a non - event in the Zimbabwean political space. It is a public ...
by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC T South Africa Spokesperson

Democratic Union officially formed in Zimbabwe

26 November 2014 | 3287 Views
Two breakaway factions of Zimbabwe's main Movement for Democratic Change party officially signed a unity pact on Wednesday, coming together under a new movement dubbed the Democratic Union.T...
by Sapa

MDC Youths Speak on Reunification

26 November 2014 | 2543 Views
The MDC Youth Assembly Bulawayo Province would like to congratulate the MDC for successfully leading a reunification drive. The reunification exercise has seen the regrouping of like minded comrad...
by Shephard Dube

'Zanu-PF must reimburse looted funds,' says Tsvangirai's MDC-T

26 November 2014 | 4064 Views
The MDC-T says it is greatly dismayed that Zanu-PF has now officially confirmed through its own mouthpieces that it is in the habit of coercing public institutions to fund their party's activitie...
by Staff reporter

Goche linked to MDC-T regime change agenda

26 November 2014 | 2875 Views
UNDER-fire Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Nicholas Goche has been accused of pushing for regime change by working with MDC-T in the  run up to last year's harmonised electio...
by Staff reporter

Coltart welcomes unification of 'doers' MDC and MDC-R

26 November 2014 | 2270 Views
"I am pleased to be reuniting with "doers", said David Coltart in welcoming the unification of the two breakaway MDC factions, one led by Profession Welshman Ncube of which Mr Coltart is a member and ...
by Wilbert Mukori

MDC, MDC Renewal Team to hold reunification ceremony

25 November 2014 | 1741 Views
The MDC and the MDC Renewal Team will on Wednesday hold a reunification ceremony at a colourful event to be held at the Old Hararians Sports Club in Harare.All is set for the event and tho...
by Staff reporter

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Chinamasa clueless

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Zimbabwe defends sale of elephants - ZIMBABWE has defended the sale of...

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Visually impaired singer gets early Christmas present

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Tuku fails to secure seat on Air Zimbabwe

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Mafikizolo jets into Zimbabwe today

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10 Zim designers to feature in iFashion Fest 2014

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Ibumba roars into life with Tuku expected to headline the event - THE ...

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