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MDC-T regalia burnt at a housing cooperative meeting in Harare

30 May 2016 | 546 Views
An MDC-T member only identified as Mai Adorable was forced by a leader of a housing cooperative to bring her regalia at the meeting which was allegedly burnt in front of the gathering.Accordin...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T under fire for holding post-demo talks at a Ndebele shrine

30 May 2016 | 686 Views
SOME sections of the Ndebele people have come out guns blazing accusing  the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai for allegedly "defiling" a protected Ndebele Shrine ...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T to impeach Mugabe

30 May 2016 | 616 Views
Zanu-PF Chief Whip Lovemore Matuke has dismissed as daydreaming and wishful thinking, plans by MDC-T led by its Mabvuku-Tafara legislator Mr James Maridadi to table a motion seeking to impeach Preside...
by George Maponga

Woman attacks MDC-T for abuse of dead hubby

29 May 2016 | 1576 Views
THE widow of human rights activist, Paul Chizuze, Sibongile Maphosa, has threatened to sue the MDC-T for abusing the name of her husband and his pictures during demonstrations to gain political mileag...
by Roberta Katunga

Zim politics becoming very unattractive- MDC

29 May 2016 | 1253 Views
The MDC official Discent Collins Bajila has said the Zimbabwean politics is fast becoming unattractive and uninspiring as the ruling Zanu PF continues to push for President Robert Mugabe's life presid...
by Stephen Jakes

Is the word abanthu correct?

28 May 2016 | 2793 Views
Is the word abanthu correct?...
by Online

MDC-T mourns Mugabe globe-trotting yet did nothing to end his dictatorship

28 May 2016 | 2129 Views
"After the so called million man march in Harare where crowds were rented and school heads suffered extortion to surrender school buses by force, President Mugabe is at it again. His foreign trips nev...
by Nomusa Garikai

MDC-T goes to Mutare

28 May 2016 | 2782 Views
The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC will follow up this week's Bulawayo demonstration with yet another one in the city of Mutare in early June, party officials told the Daily News.Apparently, buoyed...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T supporters gathered at Bulawayo city hall car park for the march

28 May 2016 | 6943 Views
by Stephen Jakes

Globe-trotting Mugabe, a very selfish president

28 May 2016 | 3106 Views
After the so called million man march in Harare where crowds were rented and school heads suffered extortion to surrender school buses by force, President Mugabe is at it again. His foreign trips neve...
by Obert Chaurura Gutu - MDC-T National Spokesperson

22.6% violence victims were MDC-T members in April- ZPP

27 May 2016 | 1239 Views
The Zimbabwe Peace Project has said  the political affiliation for a majority of political violence victims for April at 57.9 % was unknown.The orgisanisation said the MDC-T ha...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T rallies Bulawayo for anti-Zanu-PF demo

27 May 2016 | 2472 Views
MDC-T yesterday rallied Zimbabweans to join its anti-Zanu-PF government demonstrations in Bulawayo tomorrow. The demonstrations come two days after the million man march. MDC-T org...
by Staff reporter

Bulawayo City Council is corruption free

26 May 2016 | 2873 Views
MDC-T has declared that Bulawayo City Council is corruption free and Government should not waste resources probing it's councillors.Government recently dispatched a probe team to investiga...
by Staff reporter

'People who support Mugabe need medical examination'

26 May 2016 | 4592 Views
Zimbabweans who cheered First Lady Grace Mugabe for declaring that her husband will rule from the grave need urgent medical examination, MDC-T official has said.MDC-T Organising Secretary ...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T updates on Bulawayo demonstration

26 May 2016 | 3969 Views
Opposition MDC-T National Organising Secretary, Abedinico Bhebhe is due to brief Bulawayo media on Saturday's planned demonstration.MDC-T expect to have more than 10 000 participants....
by Thobekile Zhou

MDC will win 'free and fair elections' - devil is in ensuring elections are indeed free

25 May 2016 | 2289 Views
"We have the people and the required formula to boot Mugabe out of office in a free and fair election with or without State-sponsored political violence," said MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi. ...
by Patrick Guramatunhu

MDC-T condemns rampant corruption at the ministry of energy

24 May 2016 | 3305 Views
At a time when the bankrupt Zanu PF regime is literally begging for cash to fund the day to day activities of government,the thoroughly clueless and visionless Zanu PF leadership,headed by the nonagen...
by Obert Chaurura Gutu, MDC-T National Spokesperson

MDC-T recruits, trains jobless youths for Bulawayo demonstration

22 May 2016 | 3648 Views
Opposition MDC-T Bulawayo province is reportedly recruiting desperate unemployed youths in the city to make up numbers for its planned demonstration next Saturday.The party is said to be promi...
by Staff Reporter

MDC dismisses Mugabe 2018 victory mantra

22 May 2016 | 2530 Views
The Movement for Democratic Change MDC has dismissed  President Robert Mugabe's attacks on the opposition and prediction of a Zanu PF victory in 2018  as 'a winter dream'.Party...
by Stephen Jakes

Million man march a waste of time-MDC

20 May 2016 | 2676 Views
The Movement for Democratic Change MDC has described the Zanu PF youth league organised million man march as a waste of time but  acknowledged the party’s constitutionally enshrined right to do...
by Stephen Jakes

Age comes with wisdom

19 May 2016 | 2110 Views
An attentive analysis of the existing political situation and political landscape seems to suggest that the current young crop of politicians both in the ruling ZANU PF and in the opposition have fail...
by Stewart Murewa

Court okays MDC-T Bulawayo demo

19 May 2016 | 4753 Views
Opposition MDC-T Bulawayo province planned demonstration has been given a green light by the High Court to go ahead.The demo is set to Saturday (28). More than 10 000 people are set to partici...
by Nqobile Bhebhe

MDC-T goes to court over Bulawayo demo

18 May 2016 | 2445 Views
THE MDC-T has taken Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo and Police Commissioner Augustine Chihuri to court challenging the police's decision to bar its planned demonstration in Bulawayo.The ...
by Mashudu Netsianda

MDC-T VP calls for people to challenge bond notes introduction

18 May 2016 | 1953 Views
MDC-T Vice president Thokozani Khupe has called for the people of Zimbabwe to challenge government on its introduction of the bond notes reminding them of the hyper inflationary period of 2008....
by Stephen Jakes

People fed up with Tsvangirai's dictatorship tendencies

17 May 2016 | 4265 Views
The promise made by the MDC-T leader,  Morgan  Tsvangirai recently that he would give Zimbabweans 'a Christmas gift" of unity among all opposition parties shows that the man is living in the...
by Stewart Murewa

MP questions govt's measures on the unstable Kariba dam

17 May 2016 | 2268 Views
A house of Assembly member  Mackenzie Ncube has questioned the government's plans to stabilise the Kariba Dam wall considering the reports that the wall was continuously becoming unstable....
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T youths moot taking Mugabe endgame campaign to SA

16 May 2016 | 3222 Views
Sensing the demise of faction-torn Zanu-PF youths in the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai are now setting up and strengthening regional structures ahead of the much anticipated 2018 elections. ...
by Staff reporter

I'm not finished yet, says Matson Hlalo

15 May 2016 | 2018 Views
MDC-T member Mr Victor Mapungwana was sworn in as Senator for his party after the expulsion of Senator Alderman Matson Hlalo from the opposition party. The firing of Mr Hlalo from MDC-T stemmed from a...
by Dumisani Sibanda

Emptiness is MDC-T's bond-age!

14 May 2016 | 1886 Views
So much has been said about the proposed introduction of bond notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. A fortnight ago, RBZ chief John Mangudya announced that the central bank would inject more bond cur...
by Staff reporter

Mugabe's govt threatens to crush MDC-T cash demos

13 May 2016 | 3625 Views
Government yesterday threatened to descend heavily and crush cash demonstrations planned by the main opposition MDC-T party. This came as the MDC-T national council met in the capital and ...
by Staff reporter

Aspiring MP bites police officer

13 May 2016 | 3072 Views
Willard Nyazorwe MDC-T activist told a Rusape magistrate Shingi Mutiro that aspiring Makoni legislator David Tekeshe allegedly bit a police officer in self-defence after the law enforcement agents...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T MP mocks Kasukuwere over his court challenge on the Gweru Councillors case

13 May 2016 | 2274 Views
The MDC-T MP for Bulawayo South Addie Cross has mocked Locan Goverment minister Saviour Kasukuwere for his continuous challenges of the rulings which have been made by the courts in favour of the 10 C...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T completes cluster rallies in Midlands North

13 May 2016 | 2059 Views
MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora has said his party completed its round of cluster rallies in the Midlands North Province with an emphatic rally in Ngezi, Kadoma on Monday.He said thes...
by Stephen Jakes

Youths, war vets should find each other

12 May 2016 | 2694 Views
As the one million-men march date draws closer, there is need for the youths and the war veterans, both vanguards of the revolutionary party, to bury the hatchet and show the MDC-T that Zanu PF still ...
by Rufaro Mufundirwa

MDC-T at its weakest point

12 May 2016 | 3763 Views
I could laugh my lungs out after reading an article from a local press which assumed that MDC-T brand was at its strongest. Truth be said, the opposite is real. MDC-T is currently at its weakest point...
by Peacemaker Zano

MDC welcomes Biometric voting system

12 May 2016 | 2400 Views
The MDC has welcome plans by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to introduce the biometric voting system for the 2018 elections.In a statement MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said however wh...
by Stephen Jakes

MDC-T recalls acting Mayor

11 May 2016 | 4271 Views
The Tsvangirai led MDC has recalled three councillors including acting mayor Christopher Mbanga who alleged to have been compromised by Zanu-PF specifically on the contentious issue of the capital...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T's emergency national executive meeting set for Thursday

10 May 2016 | 2890 Views
The MDC-T national executive holds an emergency meeting on Thursday following the economically disastrous decision by the Zanu PF government to bring back the Zimbabwe dollar through the back door....
by Luke Tamborinyoka

MDC-T takes demo to Bulawayo

10 May 2016 | 3727 Views
With the country's economy in freefall, the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC has set May 28 for another massive demonstration in the former industrial hub of Bulawayo — as it seeks to tighten screws on the...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T councillors defy party directive

10 May 2016 | 2587 Views
MDC-T Harare councillors have reportedly rebelled against their leadership and are set to defy the opposition party directive to rescind a resolution they made last Thursday to send town clerk Jam...
by Staff reporter

Tsvangirai's MDC to stage anti-bond notes demo

09 May 2016 | 4384 Views
MDC-T on Monday criticised the government's plan to introduce bond notes labelling it as "madness". In a statement, MDC-T hinted it will mobilise locals to stage demonstrations in protest. ...
by Thobekile Zhou

MP Chiwa denies MDC-T councillors maize grain

09 May 2016 | 2582 Views
Two Chiredzi MDC Councillors Gibson Hwende and Efison Mupfumba are up in arms with Zanu PF Chiredzi West MP Darlington Chiwa after he denied them access to maize donated by Tongaat Hullet.Masv...
by Staff Reporter

MDC-T's Mapungwana replaces Hlalo

09 May 2016 | 1602 Views
MDC-T's Victor Mapungwana has been sworn in as a replacement for Matson Hlalo as a senator for Bulawayo.Mapungwana was sworn in on Wednesday last week.The Acting Senate President Charl...
by Nqobile Tshili

Coalition talks, a sum of zeros

06 May 2016 | 2897 Views
Contradictory sentiments and statements emanating from the MDC-T party in the past few weeks clearly prove that there are sharp differences between officials in that party over the possibility of an o...
by Gwinyai Mutongi

Tsvangirayi supporter murders Zanu-PF official, found not guilty

05 May 2016 | 2893 Views
A MAN who told court that he was an MDC-T supporter has been acquitted on charges of killing a Zanu-PF activist after a High Court judge ruled that he was of an unstable mind.Jealous Tomasi of...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T sends confusing signals, upholds poll boycott stance

04 May 2016 | 2425 Views
Morgan Tsvangirai's opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says it will continue boycotting all elections until sticking points have been resolved and far-reaching electoral reforms enacted....
by Staff reporter

MDC-T march: attempt at covering up Bulawayo rot

04 May 2016 | 2803 Views
THE planned MDC-T march in Bulawayo will not turn around the troubled party's fortunes in the city with the Bulawayo City Council, its model of governance, presently under pressure over allegations of...
by Nduduzo Tshuma

MDC-T, this is our city too!

04 May 2016 | 2148 Views
It does not take much talent, less so the proverbial mastery of the science of robotics, to note that the state of Harare City Council and many other urban councils has deteriorated rapidly since the ...
by Staff writer

Coalition talks divide MDC-T

03 May 2016 | 4797 Views
MDC-T executive members are allegedly against leader Tsvangirai's idea of a grand coalition with other pro democracy groups despite his claims that the party has endorsed the idea. MDC-T l...
by Staff reporter

Harare acting Mayor Mbanga's character reflect badly on Tsvangirai leadership- analyst

03 May 2016 | 2309 Views
Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya has said the character of the current Acting mayor of Harare Chris Mbanga who was appointed after the suspension of Bernard Manyenyeni reflects badly of the leadersh...
by Stephen Jakes

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MDC-T regalia burnt at a housing cooperative meeting in Harare

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