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Father of two convinced he's pregnant after homosexual encounter

11 February 2016 | 3201 Views
A man became convinced that he was pregnant with a child after he had gay sex. It's been revealed that the 52-year-old was hospitalised by a psychiatrist after his insistence that he had ...
by Staff Reporter

Sexy ghost strips in the middle of the road causing accidents

11 February 2016 | 4404 Views
A sexy ghost is reportedly to be stripping in the middle of the road in Kwazulu Natal in front of the motorists.Daily Sun reported that the ghost stands in the middle of the road in a shor...
by Staff Reporter

Sex starved woman granted divorce

10 February 2016 | 1664 Views
A 47-YEAR-OLD man who denied his wife conjugal rights for seven months has been divorced in a Lusaka local court.Daily Nation reported that this was after his wife complained that the couple h...
by Staff Reporter

Prof Welshman Ncube in party sex scandal

09 February 2016 | 6943 Views
MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube is facing damaging allegations that could fast track his political career demise. Professor Ncube, who came a distant third in the 2013 presidential...
by Thobekile Zhou

Sex starved man seek divorce

09 February 2016 | 2031 Views
A SEXUALLY-STARVED husband of Kitwe has refused to continue in a sexless marriage after his wife started denying him his conjugal rights for the past one year.The Zambia Daily Mail reported th...
by Staff Reporter

Sex starved woman tells court she uses objects to satisfy her self

09 February 2016 | 3995 Views
THE Matero Local Court was turned into a comedy show when a sexually-starved Lusaka housewife narrated how she has resorted to using objects to satisfy herself.Zambioa Daily Mail reported that...
by Staff Reporter

Sex starved woman opt for a divorce

08 February 2016 | 3979 Views
UNABLE to put up with her husband"s ‘abnormal" sexual appetite, a newly-wed of Chipata district has opted for divorce.The emotionally charged Salifa Miti (21) of Chikoka village said she is ...
by Stephen Jakes

Car-sex couple nabbed

05 February 2016 | 5510 Views
Police in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni have reportedly arrested a couple they found indulging in sex in a car. Daily Sun reported that this is according to the police in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni ...
by Staff Reporter

Woman caught panties down with lover, orders husband not to disturb till she finish

05 February 2016 | 4297 Views
A brave Bulawayo woman - Tracy Moyo was allegedly busted by her husband red-handed at the height of a sex session with a lover at her matrimonial bed and ordered the hubby not to disturbed her....
by Staff Reporter

Gang rape after church teen was in love with 'attackers'

02 February 2016 | 2308 Views
TWO teenagers from Binga who were facing charges of raping a 16-year-old girl have been found guilty of a lesser charge of engaging in sex with a minor after a court established that she was in love w...
by Leonard Ncube

Man endures 10 month sex ban by live-in-lover

30 January 2016 | 4410 Views
A Cement Side man in the outskirts of Bulawayo has been slapped with a 10 month sex embargo by his live-in-girlfriend as punishment for his cheating habits.Trace Nhopi told the court that Aloi...
by Staff Reporter

Woman develops huge growth on her privates after bedding married man

30 January 2016 | 4009 Views
A Makokoba woman in Bulawayo - Silibaziso Dube aged 21 developed a huge growth resembling a flower on her private parts after a sex romp with a married man.Dube believes she was bewitched by t...
by Staff Reporter

Bishop sexually assaults three vulnerable children at orphanage

29 January 2016 | 3808 Views
HOLY Cross Church bishop and owner of Rekai Tangwena Children's Home in Nyanga - Livingstone Tonderai Nerwande - is alleged to have indecently assaulted three vulnerable children at his orphanage....
by Abel Zhakata

Sex offender sent to primary school for community service

29 January 2016 | 818 Views
A 19-YEAR-OLD man from Victoria Falls who impregnated a Form Two pupil has been ordered to perform 310 hours of community service at Baobab Primary School in the resort town.Edmore Sibanda of ...
by Adelaide Moyo

Builder caught pants down with neighbour's wife

28 January 2016 | 8176 Views
A cheeky builder - Godden Kadura aged 24 was caught pants down having a nice time his neighbour's wife at her matrimonial bed.Kadura who is a builder by profession once built his neighbours ho...
by Staff Reporter

'Sex starved' wife cries, pleads for sex in court

26 January 2016 | 3860 Views
A woman yesterday cried at the Harare Civil Court pleading with the magistrate to order her husband to have sex with her.Margaret Makusha could not hold back her tears while telling magistrate...
by Court Reporter

'Sex maniac' bashes wife over sex

26 January 2016 | 2203 Views
A Harare man reportedly gave his wife a thorough hiding after she denied him sex, The Herald reported.William Madanire allegedly demanded the money he paid as lobola from his wife Diana saying...
by Ivan Zhakata

Zimbabwe Judge wants sex offenders data base

26 January 2016 | 996 Views
BULAWAYO High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese has called for the setting up of a national register for sex offenders to help monitor the movement of people convicted of sexual offences.Off...
by Patrick Chitumba

My mother is engaging in sex with a man who is too young for her

24 January 2016 | 3117 Views
Hi Sis NoeMy ex-boyfriend wants me back but I am concerned he is just after sex because he has not told me he loves me. He just talks about the great sex we used to have and always talks dirty...
by Sis Noe

Zim sex workers in SA exchange programme

23 January 2016 | 5399 Views
A group of commercial sex workers from Ngundu Business Centre in Chivi travelled to South Africa for a week on an exchange programme with their counterparts in that country.Batanai HIV and Aid...
by Staff reporter

Man claims dead wife demand sex from him

23 January 2016 | 2890 Views
MAMELONG Motebele has made sensational claims that his dead wife always come and demand sex from him.He said he  is haunted by the spirit of his late wife. Not only does she deman...
by Staff Reporter

'Cruel' kids sex woman fined

21 January 2016 | 6884 Views
A BULAWAYO woman who was described by a magistrate as cruel has been fined $400 for brutally assaulting her sister's six-year-old daughter after she allegedly found her being intimate with her five-ye...
by Melody Baya

Woman pays hitman with sex

21 January 2016 | 5684 Views
A POLICE officer was left barely clinging to life after being axed on the forehead by a hired assasin, a court heard.Siphathisiwe Ncube, 27, of Madlambuzi, Bulilima district, allegedly paid Ku...
by Thandeka Moyo

Sex pest robbed after failing top pay prostitute

20 January 2016 | 3056 Views
The dark side of illicit sex trade got darker for a Gaborone man over the weekend after he was invaded by a gang of three men and two women armed with Okapi knives and accusing him of raping one of th...
by Staff Reporter

Drama as girl (14) fights mum over sex

18 January 2016 | 6163 Views
A 14 year old Caledonia girl fiercely fought her mother after she caught her indulging in sex in a tuck shop saying her mother was violating her rights to have sex.The girl was caught having a...
by Staff Reporter

Over 360 arrested for sexual relaterd crimes

17 January 2016 | 1371 Views
More than 360 people were arrested for sexual related crimes in just one month in KwaZulu-Natal, police said on Wednesday.The 363 arrests were made by various Family Violence, Child Protection...
by Staff Reporter

Man uses juju to bed entire village women

15 January 2016 | 5093 Views
A Zaka man from Masvingo is having a time of his life by freely indulging in sex with any woman from his village after he greets or shakes the hand of his target.According to B-Metro, the juju...
by Staff Reporter

Married woman caught red-handed, lover flees with condom on

15 January 2016 | 6051 Views
A married woman from  Matshobana township in Bulawayo was caught red-handed indulging in sex with a neighbour at a shrine.Rejoice Chauke was caught freely dishing out her sexual goodies t...
by Staff Reporter

6 year old girl caught engaging in sex

15 January 2016 | 3794 Views
A BULAWAYO woman brutally assaulted her sister's six-year-old daughter after she found her engaging in sex with her five-year-old son, a court heard.Jennifer Mupasi, 24, of Emganwini suburb to...
by Melody Baya

Female gospel singer teach friends sex moves at party

11 January 2016 | 6416 Views
A divorced gospel musician Felistas Murata (28) caused a stir by her sexually suggestive dances at her all white kitchen top up party held in Glen Norah last week.Murata 28 organised a kitchen...
by Staff reporter

Man beds mother-in-law

11 January 2016 | 5286 Views
A  Harare man - Ian  Matanda has sensationally revealed that he bedded his  mother in-law and her daughter who later fell pregnant.The two women are Daisy Bones Phiri (mother-in...
by Staff Reporter

'Man, 60, puts girl, 8, through sickening sex attack'

11 January 2016 | 3024 Views
A 60-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man has been arrested for anally raping his ex-wife's eight-year-old daughter on three occasions last month.Prosecutors say a medical report will be produced in court to...
by Melody Baya

Man sues neighbour for calling him homosexual

10 January 2016 | 2373 Views
A THIRTY-NINE-YEAR old man of Maramba township has sued his neighbour for calling him a homosexual.This is in a case in which Clint Simango, 39 of MC 478 Maramba sued Kelvin Kakoma, 37, MC Mar...
by Staff Reporter

New Year, new sex

10 January 2016 | 2300 Views
SEX the word can evoke a lot of emotions, from love, excitement, and tenderness to longing, anxiety, and disappointment the feelings aroused by the word vary as the sexual experiences themselves. Scie...
by Auntie Charity

Women strip at funeral

07 January 2016 | 6098 Views
Mourners at Granville Cemetery in Harare were reportedly treated to some indecent funny movie as some group of women stripped during the burial of their fellow sex worker.The strange behaviour...
by Staff Reporter

Sex with donkey man jailed for 1 year

07 January 2016 | 3248 Views
AN Inyathi man who was caught enjoying sex with a donkey and justfied his action by saying he did not have a girlfriend to bed has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.Bhekimpilo Ngwenya, 20,...
by Adelaide Moyo

Homosexuals must be killed - Malawi politician

05 January 2016 | 1378 Views
A Malawian politician has demanded that homosexuals be killed after the country's justice minister Samuel Tembenu put a temporary prohibition on anti-homosexual laws.Nyasa Times reported that ...
by Staff Reporter

Accused demands homosexuality tests in court

03 January 2016 | 895 Views
A MUTARE teenager has shocked the court after demanding tests to prove that he was not a homosexual.  Robert Mbengo had been dragged to court by his half brother, Tendai Mbengo, who w...
by Saff Reporter

Man tired of being rejected by women has sex with donkey

24 December 2015 | 3128 Views
A man from Inyathi who was caught having s*x with a donkey stunned the gallery when he said it was better than raping a human being. Bhekimpilo Ngwenya, 20, of Sikhuni Village told the court he commit...
by Adelaide Moyo

Sex starved Chiyangwa's wife beds landlord

23 December 2015 | 8218 Views
A St Mary's married woman Feria Kafanda offered her landlord sex saying her husband was not satisfying her.According to H-Metro, Kafanda is having a nice time with William Masembu behind their...
by Staff Reporter

Sex addict beds five men everyday

22 December 2015 | 6899 Views
A woman believed to be addicted to sex has made sensational claims that she bed five men every day.Nyasha Chiruka (30) say she had sexual intercourse with more that 30 men at least according t...
by Stephen Jakes

Botswana councilors want gays and lesbians sex workers engaged in fight against HIV and AIDs

20 December 2015 | 1704 Views
Botswana's Francistown City councillors have called for the fight against HIV/AIDS to involve gays and lesbians sex workers  as a way of winning the fight.The Voice reported commenting on...
by Staff Reporter

My wife is generous with sex, sleeps with my workmates - Prison officer says

18 December 2015 | 4424 Views
A  Prison officer at Khami Maximum prison has claimed that his wife Philis Muishi is so generous with sex such that she frequently dishes her goodies to his workmates.Brain Muishi made th...
by Staff Reporter

Woman fed up with hubby's unprotected sex demands

18 December 2015 | 3079 Views
A Mutare woman got fed up with her husband's incessant unprotected sex demands and sought a protection order against him.Chipo Mhuriyengwe sought a protection order against Bayanai Muyambo....
by Staff Reporter

Woman fed up with her daughter's sexcapades

11 December 2015 | 5770 Views
A Bulawayo woman fed up with her daughter's habit of sneaking in her boyfriend at his her house for sex has asked a court to block the man from corrupting her daughter.Brain Ndlovu is said...
by Staff reporter

Girl, 17, married for a goat and $50

11 December 2015 | 4086 Views
An elderly Jotsholo couple married off their 17 year old grand-daughter for a goat and $50 to a 74 year old man.The couple are aged 80 and 72.They claim to have seen a business opp...
by Staff reporter

Woman fed up with hubby's tiny sex organ

11 December 2015 | 8294 Views
A Inyathi woman - Sihle Mouo aged 30 told a court that she left her hubby because he has a tiny organ and she is sexually starved.Sihle said Mabutho Moyo (42) said she suspects Moyo was 'fence...
by Staff reporter

Tout rapes pimp until she passes out

11 December 2015 | 5460 Views
A tout was dragged in court by a prostitute claiming to have been raped after he allegedly offered to pay in Rands saying he did not have enough US dollars.Calisto Sayi aged 35 said the prosti...
by Staff reporter

'Sex for attachment' manager to court

07 December 2015 | 3975 Views
GWERU City Council's Human Resources Manager was on Friday dragged to court by two Midlands State University (MSU) students after he allegedly demanded sex from them to facilitate industrial attachmen...
by Faith Mabuto

Sex being auction in public

26 November 2015 | 6434 Views
HUMAN rights activists argue that calling it prostitution is derogatory because it is a profession like any other occupation.Prostitution is a feature of every city in the world, but in recent...
by Tabitha Mutenga

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