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Hooker murders troublesome client after sex

29 July 2015 | 3779 Views
A Chitungwiza hooker - Shupikai Luwanda aged 33 has been arrested on allegations of conniving with her boyfriend in striking her sex client with a hoe killing him.Luwanda's boyfriend was ident...
by Staff Reporter

Thumbs up to early sex - New Bill

29 July 2015 | 4936 Views
Children under the age of 16  who engage in sexual activities would not be prosecuted under the proposed new General Laws Amendment Bill.This according to Chronicle came up in Gweru on Tu...
by Staff Reporter

Lover kills Sangoma for denying him sex

27 July 2015 | 5302 Views
A 53-year-old woman Sangoma was killed by her younger lover in Kanye, Botswana for denying him sex.According to The Voice, Sangoma Nnesenyana Babui's body was found in bush. The c...
by Staff Reporter

Man ties wife onto a tree, 'sjamboks' her for denying him sex

24 July 2015 | 5189 Views
A man from Inyathi, Phulani Ncube, fed up with her wife's sex ban on him, tied her onto a tree and thoroughly whipped her.On July 3, Ncube aged 40 went to his homestead around 8 pm and acc...
by Thobekile Zhou

Girl screams rape after being caught in bush sex

21 July 2015 | 7879 Views
A 17 year old Jambezi girl in Matabeleland North claims to have been raped by three men after she was caught in the act with her boyfriend in the bush.The trio,  Tizai Tshuma (28),&n...
by Staff Reporter

Woman goes for 26 years without sex

20 July 2015 | 7484 Views
A 72-YEAR-old man was last week dragged to the Civil Court by his wife for denying her her conjugal rights for the past 26 years. Dorothy Kanyeda said she feared her husband Jospek Kanyeda was...
by Prosper Dembedza

Man kills prostitute over $30

20 July 2015 | 6768 Views
A Harare man, 23, from Budiriro has appeared in court for allegedly murdering a prostitute he had hired for the night after accusing her of stealing his $30, The Herald reported.The man, Pard...
by Staff Reporter

Man rapes his granny, 95, claims she begged for sex

19 July 2015 | 5252 Views
A JAMBEZI man who raped his 95-year-old grandmother on numerous occasions shocked the courts on Friday when he claimed that she had proposed love before begging him to engaged in sex with her....
by Fairness Moyana

Explicit sex position exposes rapist dad

19 July 2015 | 6571 Views
TEACHING her friends explicit sex positions exposed a four-year-old's rapist father.The 31-year-old father (name withheld to protect the victim) from a village under Chief Njelele in Gokwe h...
by Staff reporter

'Possessed' woman demands continuous sex

18 July 2015 | 7225 Views
A HARARE man, Action Nyamayaro, yesterday stunned the magistrates' court when he revealed his former wife, Pamela Makichi, would demand to engage in sex with him despite the presence of his son with w...
by Staff reporter

Victoria Falls bush sex murder: Cops pick used condoms from scene

18 July 2015 | 4887 Views
A FORM Four pupil who was murdered in cold blood on Wednesday in Victoria Falls might have been raped before her death as five used condoms were picked up by police at the murder scene yesterday....
by Clement Mukwasi

Exercise that can improve men's sex lives

18 July 2015 | 6544 Views
Do you need to exercise down there? If you aren't doing so already, there are serious benefits to Kegel exercises, tiny contractions of your pelvic floor's pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. The exer...
by Staff reporter

Woman loses v*rginity to spiritual husband

16 July 2015 | 7119 Views
A Harare woman, Tariro Munyai aged 26 shocked New Revelations Ministries members when she confessed that she lost her precious v*rginity to a spiritual husband.Munyai said she has never dated...
by Staff Reporter

Mobile prostitution on the rise as sex workers get innovative due to low business

14 July 2015 | 9194 Views
Beitbridge -The tight economic environment in the country is forcing businesses across all sectors to be innovative and seek new ways of attracting returns and the world's oldest profession, comme...
by Staff Reporter

Two women fight over sex roaster

10 July 2015 | 9913 Views
TWO Bulawayo women who are married to one man dragged each other to court over sex duty roaster.Elizabeth Moyo told the court that she is battling to have her time in bed with Mangisi Moyo....
by Staff Reporter

Men in sex tournament after hubby caught wife in bed with another man

02 July 2015 | 8445 Views
In a bizarre incident that turned out to be more of a sex tournament, a Harare man reportedly caught his wife being intimate with another man in his bedroom and demanded his chance in bed with her...
by Staff Reporter

Teenage sex parties stun Zimbabweans

01 July 2015 | 7199 Views
Organizations representing young people in Zimbabwe say they are baffled by the growing wayward behavior of some young people who engage in sex parties commonly known as "vuzum or pasa pasa's"....
by Tatenda Gumbo

Sex scandal: Pupils drop out as makeshift boarding closes

01 July 2015 | 6984 Views
AN Agritex house that had been turned into a makeshift boarding facility for Ndlovu Secondary School female pupils in Hwange District has been dosed, weeks after it emerged that some of the girls were...
by Leonard Ncube

Pastor caught on camera pants down with married woman

30 June 2015 | 8953 Views
The Zimbabwean Pastor at the centre of the video sex scandal has been named as Lloyd Gangate of Covenant Life Church  in Johannesburg.  Gangate was caught in flagrante delicto on closed...
by Staff Reporter

Gwanda residents irked by prostitution escalations

30 June 2015 | 4622 Views
Residents in the mining town of Gwanda in Matabeleland South have expressed concerns over the sprouting activities of prostitution accusing some local lodges and hotels for fueling the destruction...
by Stephen Jakes

She can't drive, she can't vote.... but can engage in sex

28 June 2015 | 5623 Views
The Prosecutor General, Mr Johannes Tomana, stirred up a hornet's nest last week when he argued that the courts have an obligation to listen to men who indulge in sexual activities with girls as youn...
by Edwin Mwase

Polygamist forced to bed fourth wife in the bush

27 June 2015 | 7611 Views
An 18-year-old fourth wife, Winnet Chinatsa is having a torrid time with her hubby, as one senior wife continuously  pushes her off their shared bed.Chinatsa is struggling to have her...
by Staff Reporter

More sex scandals exposed at Kariyangwe High School

25 June 2015 | 7786 Views
At the time when Kariyangwe High School girls in Binga are accused of immoral behaviour, it has emerged that one of the girls in madly in love with an elder man who is a friend to a local maize dealer...
by Stephen Jakes

Man turns granddaughter into a sex slave

25 June 2015 | 7337 Views
A 56-YEAR-OLD man from Nkayi who turned his 15-year-old orphaned granddaughter into a sex slave - violating her countless times for a month - was yesterday sentenced to 15 years in prison.The ...
by Emily Mbewe

SA soldiers amongst worst sexual offenders on UN missions- report

24 June 2015 | 2880 Views
Johannesburg - A United Nations report has revealed that South African soldiers are the worst sexual offenders on UN peacekeeping missions.This comes as the UN faced controversy over alleg...
by Staff reporter

Sex, sex, sex dominates Zimbabwe parliament

23 June 2015 | 8188 Views
Debate in the National Assembly opened today with harsh criticism of Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana over his remarks that 12-year-old girls can consent to sex.Legislators also want the Cri...
by Staff reporter

'My husband denies me sex' - court told

23 June 2015 | 7286 Views
A 32 year old Chitungwiza married woman, Alice Machingauta, has dragged her hubby to court accusing her of sexually depriving her.Alice says she cannot even recall the last time they had sex....
by Staff Reporter

Bulawayo youths in $5 'sex races'

23 June 2015 | 11140 Views
BULAWAYO youths, mostly boys are betting $5 in 'sex' races to gauge who manages to sleep with the highest numbers of girls in 'x-rated' house parties.The parties known as Vuzum are done mostly...
by Thobekile Zhou

Kariyangwe High School turns into a sex haven

22 June 2015 | 9599 Views
Kariyangwe high school in Binga has turned from being an educational institution to become a flourishing sex hub amid revelations that girls at the school have become crazy solicitors for sex from men...
by Stephen Jakes

Sexual enhancer - Congo Dust take Bulawayo/Harare by storm

21 June 2015 | 7461 Views
Any sexually active person might have by now heard or used drugs like viagra, seregra, camagra, silver bullet, spanish fly, blue diamond, vuka-vuka, chao jimengnan, desire, wild horse and super powerf...
by Staff Reporter

Harare man spend $80 000 in sex change

21 June 2015 | 5694 Views
A  Harare man has spent close to $80 000 transforming himself into a woman - including sex change.Tatelicious, born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe was born in Budiriro.According to Sunda...
by Staff Reporter

'My son beds his mother'

20 June 2015 | 6698 Views
A MUTARE man stunned court officials recently when he revealed before a packed gallery that his son was engaging in sex with his wife - his mother.Samuel Magada dragged his two sons - Kudakwa...
by Tendai Gukutikwa

'Tomana must resign'

19 June 2015 | 6397 Views
Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana has come under attack and urged to resign for saying girls as young as 12 can have sex and get married.Normally 12 years olds are in grade seven.To...
by Thobekile Zhou

12-year-old Zimbabwean girls CAN consent to sex and marriage

19 June 2015 | 4868 Views
Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana  has ruled that all 12 year old girls  are free to engage in sex and be married.Tomana also  defended the courts for refusing to jail child s...
by Auxillia Katongomara

SA returnees resort to sex work

17 June 2015 | 7066 Views
Sex work is on the rise here, with desperate women who returned home in the wake of attacks on foreigners in South Africa resorting to extreme measures to deal with their financial hardships, civil so...
by Staff reporter

Sex staved businesswoman pays married man for sex

15 June 2015 | 14560 Views
A MARRIED Bulawayo businesswoman is reportedly in a habit of inviting a married man to her house and allegedly paying him for sex.The businesswoman Lina Mukahiwa from Hillside suburb is allege...
by Staff Reporter

Sex scandal rocks Secondary school

13 June 2015 | 6538 Views
A scandal has rocked Ndlovu Secondary School in Hwange District where some pupils staying at a makeshift boarding facility engaged in sex with a group of men and boys from a nearby village.Ac...
by Leonard Ncube

Nurse bashes hubby for demanding too much sex

12 June 2015 | 10346 Views
A nurse at Mpilo Central Hospital continuously assaulted her hubby as a way of stopping him demanding too much sex, a court heard.Nomaswazi Nkala, said she was now too tired of engaging s...
by Staff Reporter

Man pays wife $100 for extra 'round' of sex

12 June 2015 | 8642 Views
A Harare man has been paying his wife for sex services. Lloyd Nyamutswa of Waterfalls said his wife, Rudo Jonga, started acting suspiciously three months ago when she would demand US$100 per sex sess...
by Tsitsi Mubvumbi

Traditional healers worried about influx of sex herbs

07 June 2015 | 5453 Views
SEX enhancement products and concoctions have become the epitome of today's relationships, with many people flocking to different herbalists and traditional healers that claim they are able to enhance...
by Peter Matika

Father, son have sex with one woman

07 June 2015 | 6008 Views
A man from Nyanga in Manicaland and his son reportedly entangled into taking turns to have sex with one woman a development which has left tongues wagging in the area.WHEN most people hear...
by Staff Reporter

Man entices minor with biscuits in exchange for sex

06 June 2015 | 5378 Views
A 22-year-old Chitungwiza man lured a 15 year old girl with biscuits for breakfast in a bid to engage in sex with her.Humphery Kutsirai is now in court facing allegation of engaging in sex wi...
by Staff Reporter

'I just want sexual favours'

30 May 2015 | 5339 Views
A CHIKANGA woman has dragged her long-time boyfriend to court seeking a protection order against incessant marriage proposals from him.Olivia Mugoniwa told the court that despite dating Abel ...
by Tendai Gukutikwa

Mother of 3 infect grade 7 boy with STI, demand $1 as payment

29 May 2015 | 4916 Views
A 33 year old Old Pumula woman and a mother of three infected a grade seven pupil with sexually transmitted diseases (STI) and the boy parents are demanded R1000 as compensation.He had demande...
by Staff Reporter

New breed of prostitutes at risk of HIV

26 May 2015 | 6134 Views
The new crop of prostitutes countrywide are at great risk of contracting HIV as they lack skills for negotiating  for condemn use, a National Aids Council official has said.NAC monitoring...
by Staff Reporter

Man caught pants down with a fellow villager's wife

24 May 2015 | 5429 Views
THE biblical saying "an eye for an eye" rang true for a Binga man who was severely assaulted after being caught red-handed with a fellow villager's wife.His assailants, who included the woman'...
by Fairness Moyana

Knife wielding prophet up for sex attack

21 May 2015 | 4388 Views
A SELF-STYLED Nkayi prophet allegedly raped a woman at knife point inside a church after "prophesying" that her relatives were making her sleep with a monkey, a court heard yesterday.Cuthbert ...
by Thandeka Moyo

Couple caught in car sex drives off with no clothes on

19 May 2015 | 16670 Views
THREE cheeky Harare couples where on Saturday caught red-handed engaging in sex in their parked cars in broad day light at a Cleveland Dam.Cleveland Dam is popular for out-door activities an...
by Staff Reporter

Woman too tired for sex, beaten

19 May 2015 | 8177 Views
A Bulawayo woman Priscilla Chizhande was thoroughly beaten by her lover Admire Kashiki aged 35 for refusing to have sex saying she was too tired.Chizhande told her hubby that she was not up to...
by Staff Reporter

Sex shame preacher Masocha abused women who worshipped the ground he walked

17 May 2015 | 5509 Views
SHAMED preacher Walter Masocha abused the trust of women in his flock who literally worshipped the ground he walked on.A disillusioned member of his church told how he surrounded himself ...
by Staff reporter

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