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Man 'sex-starved' for 10 years

23 April 2014 | 3024 Views
A man has approached the courts complaining that his wife has denied him conjugal rights for more than 10 years.Godfrey Ruwande alleges his wife Abigail Chingwa has denied him sex since 2003....
by Staff reporter

'We did not fight for this Zimbabwe so it can be a homosexual territory' - Mugabe

18 April 2014 | 3302 Views
President Robert Mugabe has told European countries to keep "their" homosexuals and not export them to Zimbabwe because he did not "fight for this Zimbabwe so it can be a homosexual territory."...
by Staff Reporter

'I was forced to give him a blow job'

18 April 2014 | 5910 Views
A Police officer has been forcing his girlfriend to give him a blow job at knife point, the court heard yesterday.Steven Manunure allegedly forced his girlfriend Tracy ...
by Staff reporter

Disabled man divorced over sex

17 April 2014 | 4509 Views
A physically-challenged man yesterday told a Harare court that his wife divorced him because he failed to satisfy her in bed.Taona Dzama told magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi that his wife Mo...
by Staff reporter

'Romeo' jailed for being too good at sex

15 April 2014 | 5334 Views
42-year-old Romeo Artemio Lori from Italy has reportedly been jailed after his noisy lovemaking kept his neighbours awake at night.Romeo was given a six month jail sentence after at least 12 n...
by Staff Reporter

Sex starved mum infects son (16) with STI

13 April 2014 | 3919 Views
A 40 year-old Chiredzi woman is in trouble with the law after she allegedly infected her 16 year-old mentally ill stepson with a sexually transmitted disease.Respina Mukanduri has since been a...
by Staff reporter

Man bashes lover over sex

11 April 2014 | 4227 Views
A man has reportedly been bashing his girlfriend if she refuses to make love to him or is not in the mood for intimacy, the court has heard.Cuthbert Tapiwa allegedly assaults and harasses his...
by Staff reporter

Grade 2 pupil makes sexual advances on classmates

13 April 2014 | 5771 Views
A grade two pupil caused a stir in class when he poked his classmates with his penis during lessons at a school in Lobengula township, exposing his alleged sexual abuse by an 18-year-old woman wh...
by Staff reporter

Big Brother Mzansi winner speaks on shower sex

10 April 2014 | 7914 Views
JOHANNESBURG - After having unprotected sex twice on the show, Big Brother Mzanzi Secrets winner Mandla Hlatshwayo says he wishes he had been more responsible and used condoms.Hlatshwayo and L...
by The Star

HIV+ Guard handcuffs wife for unprotected sex

10 April 2014 | 5069 Views
A security guard allegedly handcuffed his wife while forcing her to be intimate with him, the Harare Civil Court heard yesterday.Revesai Chipfunde allegedly handcuffed his wife Paida Roki f...
by Staff reporter

Female politicians subjected to sexual harassment

09 April 2014 | 2285 Views
Male politicians from various parties demand sexual favours from aspiring female Parliamentarians as a condition for them to qualify for primary elections or get support for their campaigns, it ha...
by Lloyd Gumbo

The Official Position of the SDA Church on homosexuality

06 April 2014 | 5019 Views
Here is the official position of the Seventh-day Adventist on homosexualityThe Seventh day Adventist Church recognizes that every human being is valuable in the sight of...
by Etiwel Mutero

Sex worker strangles client

06 April 2014 | 3298 Views
A ZVISHAVANE sex worker is in police custody for allegedly strangling a man who had hired her but later declined to pay for her services because she was not "sweet". Police sources told Sunday...
by Freedom Mupanedemo

'Sex-crazed gorilla' ruining couple's marriage

05 April 2014 | 6131 Views
49-year-old Rebone Mosala from Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, SA, says a magical, sex-crazed gorilla has sex with her and walks on the roof.She and husband Kukies Mosala (52) said the creature has been...
by Staff reporter

Man bashes wife with a knobkerrie for denying him sex

04 April 2014 | 3109 Views
A 69-YEAR-OLD man beat his wife with a knobkerrie for denying him his conjugal rights, a court heard yesterday.Elofu Ndlovu of Sinkugwe village in Gwanda District told magistrate Sheila Nazom...
by Marvelous Moyo

Sex-for-food at floods victim camp

02 April 2014 | 4085 Views
CHINGWIZI CAMP - Flood victims at Chingwizi holding camp have accused government workers and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers in charge of distributing aid of demanding sex from females in exch...
by Staff reporter

Woman falls into well during sex, lover runs off

02 April 2014 | 8680 Views
A man in Spain is being hunted by police after he fled when his 21-year-old lover, Edelia Aponte, fell down a well as they had sex.He chose to run away rather than help when Aponte plumme...
by Staff reporter

Seventh Day Adventist cracks over homosexuals

02 April 2014 | 3800 Views
A HOMOSEXUALITY row has flared up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) after its leaders called on members to view gays and lesbians as "brothers and sisters also in need of God's saving grace"....
by Filbert Ruwende

Sonny Phiri charged for having sex with a minor

01 April 2014 | 7357 Views
LORRAINE Maphala's marriage to Sonny Phiri was on the rocks last night after police charged her husband with having sex with a minor.Phiri, 51, who owns micro-lending firm, Nissi Finance, arr...
by Pamela Shumba

Zim man smuggle 4 children into Botswana, turns girl into a sex slave

30 March 2014 | 5464 Views
GABORONE - In a twisted tale of deceit, abuse and child trafficking, Botswana police have arrested a 39-year-old Zimbabwean man for smuggling children into the country and sexually abusing one o...
by Staff reporter

Bush romp suspects exposed - Pictures

29 March 2014 | 4887 Views
A man filmed in a compromising position with a vendor in a bush in Masvingo got so confused after being confronted by a photographer that he immediately removed his marriage ring and tried to hi...
by Staff reporter

Man catches senior cop having sex with his wife, cop flees undressed

29 March 2014 | 3979 Views
A senior special constabulary from Madyangove in Chivi became the hunted after he was allegedly caught red-handed having sex a married woman and had to run through the street undre...
by Staff reporter

Sex-for-houses scam rocks council

28 March 2014 | 3779 Views
A HOUSING scandal in which some ZANU-PF politicians are allegedly evicting residents from council-owned houses and replacing them with new tenants at exorbitant rentals while accepting sexual favours ...
by Staff reporter

Two missing teens indulged in sexual escapades

27 March 2014 | 4647 Views
TWO teenage girls from Gweru's Senga high-density suburb who were reported missing more than a week ago, allegedly camped at an elderly man's house and indulged in sexual escapades with him in excha...
by Staff reporter

Chinamwari: Teaching the art of seduction, sex

26 March 2014 | 4463 Views
"The husband is supposed to pay to play with the beads because it is a form of seductive entertainment which helps in getting both the husband and wife aroused and ag...
by Lizzy Kutyauripo

Sex-starved man demands sex from neighbour

24 March 2014 | 8122 Views
A GWANDA woman had to seek refuge at her neighbour's homestead after she was attacked by a fellow villager in the middle of the night who f*ndled her breasts and demanded sex, the court heard....
by Marvelous Moyo

Woman marries two men, drafts sex roster

15 March 2014 | 7312 Views
In a shocking incident, a Bulawayo woman allegedly married two men and reportedly drafted a sex roster which she uses to sexually entertain the two men at their respective houses.The woman...
by Staff reporter

Grade 7 pupil beds 15 men

14 March 2014 | 7903 Views
A 12-YEAR-OLD girl from Plumtree has told how she indulged in sex with about 15 men on different occasions under the influence of alcohol.The juvenile, a Grade Seven pupil, has been taken to P...
by Sukulwenkosi Dube

'I have never tasted the joy of being with a woman'

13 March 2014 | 8084 Views
For more than 30 years Khazamula Nobela has tried but failed to sleep with a woman."My problem started when I was 20 years old."I had never had sex before, but when we went to the bedr...
by Staff reporter

'Baboon urine' sex enhancer flood Zimbabwe streets

11 March 2014 | 8613 Views
Baboon urine, believed to be a key ingredient in a love portion meant to keep a husband faithful to his wife, has found its way into Harare.The 'sacred' love potion is reportedly found in sele...
by Jairos Saunyama

Woman beats up boyfriend for bad sex

07 March 2014 | 11915 Views
A woman claiming that her boyfriend gave her a bad sexual experience is now behind bars, according to police reports.The 24-year-old woman, was arrested for attacking her boyfriend after he w...
by Dennis T

Africa should strongly support Uganda's stance on homosexuality

06 March 2014 | 1702 Views
When God created a man, he later realised that he also needed to create a woman so that she becomes a man`s comforter, hence, the two would become a husband and a wife. God did not create a man t...
by Mukachana Hanyani

Sex starved man forces himself on his mother

03 March 2014 | 6110 Views
Jason Zinyoro (42) of Mashura village under Chief Murinye in Masvingo district has been arrested after he attempted to force himself on his mother. He last week appeared before Provincial ...
by Staff reporter

Africa, anti-homosexual laws

27 February 2014 | 1751 Views
The new anti- homosexual laws that have been introduced in Uganda and in Nigeria. We know that the Honourable Presidents were under pressure to pass this into law. This is because if they ...
by Njabulo

Sex drugs dealers arrested

20 February 2014 | 6353 Views
A NKULUMANE man who was busted selling sex enhancing drugs to the public appeared in court on Tuesday to answer charges of illegally dealing in drugs.Philile Makombe (28) was not asked to plea...
by Staff reporter

Facebook allows users to customise gender after consulting with gays

14 February 2014 | 4805 Views
Facebook has announced that it will allow users to customise their gender, after consulting on the subject with gay and transgender advocacy groups.The 50-odd options, which include "bi-gende...
by Staff Reporter

'Town secretary wanted sexual favours'

14 February 2014 | 5296 Views
THE trial of former Rusape Town Council employee Priscilla Nhachi over forgery allegations took a dramatic twist as she made sensational sex allegations against town secretary Mr Joshua Maligwa....
by Lovemore Kadzura

Pastor publishes 'sexy' booklet

13 February 2014 | 7010 Views
A HARARE pastor Evan Mawarire has just published a booklet titled What He Wants, which he believes is going to add a spark into marriages as married women will get an opportunity to understand how th...
by Staff reporter

Man undresses wife, conducts 'sex stock take'

12 February 2014 | 7562 Views
A Harare man extremely scared of being cheated on by his wife has gone to the extent of undressing her and conducting 'sex stock take' to figure out if she is having sex with another man....
by Staff reporter

Man forces wife to have sex with snake

09 February 2014 | 7268 Views
A Bulawayo woman revealed that she deserted her husband after she discovered that he allegedly owns a snake which she suspected he was sending to her so that she would have sex with it....
by Staff reporter

Man's penis disappears before sex

09 February 2014 | 6686 Views
A Hwange man is experiencing hell on earth as he claims that his penis disappears when he wants to have sex.The 'weapon-less' man, David Chidombe, is accusing his in-law...
by Staff reporter

Man banned from performing sex acts, burns home in revenge

08 February 2014 | 3472 Views
58-year-old Kenneth Haskins burned his apartment in protest after he was told by the building managers that he had to stop performing indecent acts where his neighbours could see him.But, all...
by Staff reporter

Pair in costly sex romp

06 February 2014 | 5803 Views
A Chitungwiza pair that was caught red-handed by a police officer in a sex romp behind a night club was yesterday fined $80 each for criminal nuisance.Ficket Mukwenha (28) and his partner, A...
by Court Reporter

Mat North records 11 000 new cases of STIs

05 February 2014 | 1504 Views
The National Aids Council says it recorded a total of 11 000 new cases of sexually transmitted infections in Matebeleland North Province during the year 2013, figure which is a cause for concern requ...
by Staff Reporter

House girl (15) turned into a sex slave by her hooker boss

05 February 2014 | 6256 Views
A 15-YEAR-OLD nanny yesterday told a court she was turned into a sex slave by her hooker boss. The girl, from Bubi district under Chief Mtshane Khumalo, told Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Musho...
by Staff reporter

Woman catches son, daughter having sex

02 February 2014 | 10127 Views
A brother and sister in Bulawayo's high-density suburb of Nkulumane 5 are living in shame after their stepmother allegedly caught them having sex.The incident happened ...
by Stanford Chiwanga

Woman begs ex-hubby for sex

31 January 2014 | 6260 Views
A divorced woman has been visiting her ex-husband begging him to make love to her, a Harare court heard yesterday.Ellen Mudzingwa reportedly goes to her ex-husband, Smart Muzenda asking him to...
by Staff reporter

Man drags wife to court for denying him sex

31 January 2014 | 4282 Views
A BULAWAYO man yesterday dragged his wife to court for denying him conjugal rights for several months and physically abusing him in front of their three year-old child.Western Commonage magist...
by Court Reporter

Man catches wife red-handed sleeping with his grandfather

31 January 2014 | 8352 Views
A Bulawayo man who was dragged to court by his estranged pregnant wife for the upkeep of his two-year-old child and their unborn baby, shocked the court when he revealed that he once caught his wif...
by Court Reporter

Mother of two tells court hubby might kill her with too much sex

18 January 2014 | 8768 Views
A 38-year old Nigerian woman has sought the dissolution of her 12- year old marriage before a Lagos court over complaining that her husband was demanding too much sex which could lead to her death....
by Staff Reporter

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