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Kombi driver rapes lover after being refused unprotected sex

28 February 2015 | 2064 Views
A COMMUTER omnibus driver allegedly raped his girlfriend after she refused to have unprotected sex with him.Bigboy Ndlovu, 44, from Iminyela suburb, who his girlfriend alleges is on anti-retro...
by Nokusa Masuku

Man demands sex from mother-in-law

25 February 2015 | 5669 Views
A woman yesterday made stunning revelations in court when she exposed her son-in-law who demands to be intimate with her.Chiwoniso Muzongondi claimed Virimai Karombe was in the habit of sendin...
by Prosper Dembedza

Update on Zimbabwean woman who got stuck to Nigerian man during sex

24 February 2015 | 18419 Views
A Zimbabwean woman and a Nigerian man got stuck together after sex in South Africa. A crowd of about 2 000 people gathered at Dena Court in Yeoville, Joburg.The police had to be called. Peo...
by Staff reporter

'Sexless' couple in war of words

21 February 2015 | 6480 Views
A Bulawayo woman claims her businessman husband held on to her undergarment for a sexual ritual that leads her to have an abnormal menstrual period.Sikhulisiwe Dube believes her husband uses ...
by Gibson Mhaka

Married Zim woman stuck to Nigerian man after illicit s*x

21 February 2015 | 85926 Views
A married Zimbabwean woman and a Nigerian man allegedly had the most unromantic end to a bout of love making when their sexual organs could not let go of each other after the pleasure session in Yeov...
by Staff Reporter

Man hires girlfriend out for sex

20 February 2015 | 7006 Views
A Bulawayo man who allegedly hires his girlfriend out for sex with other men has been arrested for allegedly stealing a cell phone from a 'client' who failed to pay for sex.Mthulisi Ndimande (...
by Staff Reporter

Drunk prostitute falls asleep before sex- gets robbed

20 February 2015 | 5406 Views
A Bulawayo man told a magistrate that he stole property worth $160 from a suspected prostitute's house because the woman fell asleep before they could have sex, after he paid her $20.The man, ...
by Staff Reporter

Man caught performing sex with a dead woman

14 February 2015 | 8503 Views
A 26-year-old homeless man from Columbus, Georgia, USA was caught performing a sex on a woman's corpse in a mortuary, police said.Domonique Smith was arrested and charged with stealing a bicy...
by Staff Reporter

'I have unprotected sex with one of them'

13 February 2015 | 11779 Views
Questions have arisen whether the three Mutare partners of the polyandrous relationship do not fear the deadly HIV virus and other sexually transmitted infections.This comes after The Wee...
by Staff reporter

Boost for sex workers

13 February 2015 | 4313 Views
MHONDORO-Ngezi sex workers are now able to protect themselves from violent clients after receiving self defensive sprays.A total of 25 sex workers received sprays after completing training on ...
by Mirirai Nsingo

Vendors do roaring trade in sex herbs

12 February 2015 | 4876 Views
Vendors in Harare's avenues are doing brisk business with the sales of sexual performance enhancement herbs to men using the services of sex workers synonymous with the area.The Zimbabwean vis...
by Staff reporter

Wife locked up over sex

11 February 2015 | 5973 Views
A MARRIED man has found himself on the wrong side of the law after locking his wife in the house for denying him sex. According to H-Metro, Albert Mhondiwa had initially received a call from a...
by Blessing Masakadza

HIV+ man torments wife for unprotected sex

11 February 2015 | 3556 Views
A CHITUNGWIZA woman yesterday claimed in court that her HIV-positive husband had chased her away from home after she declined to have unprotected sex with him for fear of contracting the virus....
by Staff reporter

Sex workers feel the economic squeeze

08 February 2015 | 5950 Views
Eighth Street in Gweru is like any other city street during the day; quiet and decent.It however springs to life when the sun goes down when it becomes the hunting ground for commercial sex wo...
by Staff reporter

Sexually abused war veterans demand compensation

08 February 2015 | 4817 Views
ZANU-PF bigwigs and ex-Zanla commanders who fought in the war of liberation, have been fingered in the case of rampant sexual abuse of female combatants who now demand compensation for their suffering...
by Staff reporter

Living in dread of sex, cellphones

08 February 2015 | 2840 Views
Zimbabwe is fast hurtling into a state of anarchy. The desire to appear modern, democratic and progressive appears to have been hijacked by nihilistic, iconoclastic forces whose sinister agenda is ye...
by Joram Nyathi

Sex worker withdraws rape charges against cop

08 February 2015 | 3828 Views
A PLUMTREE sex worker has submitted an affidavit seeking to withdraw her rape case against a police officer who had hired her services.The complainant in December last year dragged Robson Rav...
by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Sex workers use WhatsApp to advertise services

08 February 2015 | 7188 Views
INNOVATIVE sex workers and escort agencies are openly using WhatsApp and other social networks to advertise their services, tout for new business and are also demanding that potential clients pay the...
by Staff Reporter

Sex on stage dancer located

06 February 2015 | 15855 Views
AN EXOTIC-TEASE dancer who missed a court session before being issued with a warrant of arrest said she absconded while attending a relative's funeral.Shantd Chirimuta,who resides in Dzivares...
by Staff reporter

Sex on stage dancer on the run

05 February 2015 | 8182 Views
AN EXOTIC dancer who pulled a shocker by allegedly engaging in sex with a patron on stage is on the run.Shantel Chirimuta was issued with a warrant of arrest after she absconded court pro...
by Rest Mutore

Lover destroys boyfriend's penis in acid attack

03 February 2015 | 5241 Views
A 25-year-old man can no longer use his penis after his 17-year-old girlfriend poured acid on his genitals to punish him for distributing an adult video he'd taken of her without her knowledge....
by Staff reporter

Man thrown off building for being gay

03 February 2015 | 4274 Views
A man has reportedly been blindfolded and thrown off a tower block in Syria for ‘being gay’ before being stoned to death after surviving the fall.New images have emerged appearing to show ...
by Staff Reporter

Man beds friend's wife and wife's friend

03 February 2015 | 10248 Views
THERE was drama in Chitungwiza on Saturday when a married man was exposed for bedding his best friend's wife.Axon Ajasi went an extra mile by taking advantage of the trust that was bestowed on...
by Staff reporter

'Sex is for the mature,' says magistrate

03 February 2015 | 4028 Views
A PLUMTREE magistrate yesterday warned and discharged a 19-year-old teenager who fondIed his Form Three girlfriend that he had to wait until he was married in order to have sex.Armstrong Maja...
by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Car sex back-fires

29 January 2015 | 10420 Views
There was drama at Unit O shops in Chitungwiza on Monday night when a self-confessed hooker and her 'client' were caught being intimate in an old and dysfunctional vehicle.After being confront...
by Staff reporter

'66% of teenagers indulge in unprotected sex'

28 January 2015 | 2934 Views
Zimbabwe needs to intensify age-specific interventions on sexual and reproductive health amid indications that the majority of young women are having unprotected sex, a women rights lobby group has sa...
by Staff reporter

Students bemoan 'thigh for a marks' sexual harassment - Video

27 January 2015 | 5747 Views
Avril Bingare from the Bindura University of Science Education and Dzidzai Tshuma of Midlands State University talk about allegations of sexual harassment of female students at universities. ...
by Staff reporter

Man (25) demands to sleep with brother's wife to settle debt

27 January 2015 | 6282 Views
A Gwanda man, caught in his brother's bedroom at night chatting to his sister-in-law, stabbed his elder sibling several times with a knife after being asked about his intentions. James Gandi...
by Marvelous Moyo

Teenagers in trouble over sex

26 January 2015 | 5203 Views
TWO Nkulumane teenagers landed themselves into trouble after they allegedly indulged in sexual activities before the age of 18.The two allegedly agreed to sleep together after they had attend...
by Staff reporter

Women demand stiffer penalties for sex predators

23 January 2015 | 2601 Views
Women in Zimbabwe have today, in Bulawayo, called for tougher penalties for sexual harassment of women.Their demands are coming after a highly publicized street attack and with police data sh...
by NAN

Hubby caught pants down, runs for dear life

23 January 2015 | 6803 Views
A GWANDA woman could not hold her anger and attacked her husband after catching him pants down with a suspected small house.The incident took place at Vhovha Mine while others were celebr...
by Viola Mzungwana

Xmas romp ends in death

23 January 2015 | 5492 Views
A South Africa-based man from Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North allegedly had sex with his partner until she died!, Sithembile Moyo is understood to have died while in bed with Thabani Mlotshwa, who is ...
by Danisa Masuku

Sex vital in marriage

18 January 2015 | 5276 Views
YES, I know that some marriages are in the midst of incredible painful circumstances, wrought by the January disease, betrayal, miscommunication or deep unresolved problems and I do get that things ...
by Auntie Charity

Meet man with bedroom remedies

18 January 2015 | 3618 Views
"THERE is no pride that beats that of a man's need to satisfy his sexual partner. Yes, good and satisfying sex separates men from boys, ladies from girls and is the permanent cure to marriage wreckag...
by Dumisani Nsingo

Man dies during a morning sex with his mistress

18 January 2015 | 7316 Views
A FORMER police officer from Masvingo died while he was enjoying sex with his 17-year-old mistress with whom he was cohabiting after abandoning his family for close to two months.The inciden...
by Munyaradzi Musiiwa

Man in court over abnormal sex appetite

17 January 2015 | 9778 Views
A 28-year-old woman from Lusaka, Zambia, has dragged her husband to court for his "abnormal sexual appetite".Faith Miti told the Chawama local court that love-making sessions with her husband...
by Staff reporter

Cop sexually abused while in uniform

17 January 2015 | 7556 Views
A female police officer based at ZRP Rushinga station was allegedly sexually abused whilst in police uniform manning the gate.The suspect, who reportedly resides at the camp was coming from Ch...
by Staff Reporter

Sex scandal rocks Usher Girls High

14 January 2015 | 6676 Views
AN administrator at the Salvation Army-run school, Usher Girls High, is allegedly sleeping with a Form 5 student (name withheld), whose parents disowned her after they discovered the affair which is b...
by Staff reporter

'Wife demands money from hubby before sex'

12 January 2015 | 7965 Views
A 50-year-old retired civil servant, Mr Chibuzo Obiedefu, on Friday told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, Nigeria, that his wife constantly demands money before allowing him to have sex with her....
by Staff reporter

Nigerian prostitutes to declare three days of free sex if....

10 January 2015 | 29377 Views
Commercial sex workers in the country under the aegis of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, have thrown their weight behind the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Con...
by staff reporter

Injiva robbed, forced to have sex with female rapists

08 January 2015 | 2719 Views
A 22-YEAR-OLD injiva was on Sunday robbed of R4, 000, $150 and a Nokia Asha cellphone at gun point before three female members of the gang allegedly took turns to have sex with him after injecting h...
by Patrick Chitumba

Man denies wife sex for five year

02 January 2015 | 9568 Views
A WOMAN from Makokoba, Bulawayo, will live to regret the day she got married as her husband has allegedly been denying her conjugal rights for half a decade. Chamunorwa Nyama who is popularly ...
by Staff Reporter

Cop loses $1 800 after bush sex

15 December 2014 | 7690 Views
A HARARE-BASED police officer reportedly lost $1 800 during a bush sexual escapade with his lover last week in Mutare.Noleen Chikwekweta of Chiundura village in Chief Marange area appeared bef...
by Staff reporter

Wife locks man's manhood

15 December 2014 | 5946 Views
A VICTORIA Falls woman who could not stomach the fact that her hubby of six years had left her for another woman, allegedly consulted an inyanga and "locked" his manhood so he would not engage in sex...
by Leonard Ncube

Man caught red handed sexing neighbour's heavily pregnant donkey

13 December 2014 | 7291 Views
POLICE in Mwenezi are hunting for a 26-year-old man who was caught red-handed engaging in sex with a neighbour's donkey.The incident happened midday on November 30 when Tasisine Musara of...
by Staff reporter

Ex-wife 'disables' man's manhood

13 December 2014 | 3717 Views
A VICTORIA Falls man told a local court he has not had sex with a new flame for three months after his ex-wife used juju to "disable his manhood".Lindani Mathuthu, 39, of Chinotimba township t...
by Staff reporter

Woman watches daughter's bedroom video

05 December 2014 | 12165 Views
A Bulawayo woman who invaded her 13-year-old daughter's privacy by going through her videos on the mobile phone got the shock of her life when she bumped into a bedroom video of the girl and  he...
by Staff Reporter

Elephants ruin Zimra boss' bush sex

02 December 2014 | 9593 Views
A married senior Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) official and his girlfriend fled undressed from a bush in Victoria Falls, where they were allegedly engaging in sex when a herd of elephants invad...
by Clement Mukwasi

Granny busts pupils' night of sex

01 December 2014 | 7991 Views
A GROUP of Form Three pupils at the Seventh-day Adventist run Maranatha High School in Bulawayo's Nketa suburb were recently caught at a 'night of sex' amid revelations that one of the pupils is pre...
by Mpumelelo Nyoni

Mum, son in sexual relationship?

25 November 2014 | 9697 Views
TENSION is simmering within a family in Mzilikazi, Bulawayo, following incest allegations that a man is double-crossing his wife with his mother.The stunning revelations emerged on Friday las...
by Gibson Mhaka

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