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Last update 0 sec ago | 16 Views

DJ Sbu's MoFaya hits Bulawayo

Published 0 sec ago | 16 Views
Controversial South African TV and radio personality DJ Sbu's MoFaya energy drink is now available in Bulawayo, with local drinking haunts and retail outlets stocking it.The non-alcoholic beverage whi...

by Staff reporter

Mother-in-law wears mini-skirts, shorts, court told

Published 0 sec ago | 142 Views
A Harare man yesterday told the civil court that he was finding it difficult to continue living under the same roof with his mother-in-law who was in the habit of wearing mini-skirts and shorts inside...

by Prosper Dembedza

Aussie businessman spared Zimbabwe deportation

Published 0 sec ago | 110 Views
Australian-born Kwekwe businessman Lee Waverly John heaved a sigh of relief after the High Court struck out the Immigration Department's appeal to have him deported. The Immigration Department had sou...

by Fidelis Munyoro

Mugabe arrives in Indonesia

Published 0 sec ago | 185 Views
President Mugabe arrived here this morning to attend the Asia-African Conference that coincides with celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference of 1955.The Bandung Conference laid ...

by Caesar Zvayi

Conference Producer JOB ADVERT

Published 0 sec ago | 320 Views
Junior Researcher/Conference Producer-  (3 months project)A temporary vacancy has arisen for a Researcher at a business Intelligence Company based in the South of JohannesburgThe TaskTasks of thi...

by Staff reporter

Threat to Mugabe lies in Zanu-PF

Published 0 sec ago | 780 Views
FOR 13 years the biggest threat to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's grip on power came from an opposition party that grew out of the country's labour unions. Now he is facing an even bigger challeng...

by Brian Latham I Bloomberg

Mugabe, Chinamasa bonus statements brew storm, calls for Chinamasa to be ejected

Published 57 mins ago | 726 Views
THE contradictory statements about civil servants bonuses issued by both Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who said this year and next year the government workers will not get their bonuses and that ...

by Stephen Jakes

Mutasa savages intolerant Mugabe

Published 0 sec ago | 852 Views
In a sensational claim that analysts say helps explain the political and economic mess that Zimbabwe finds itself in, former minister Didymus Mutasa has revealed that President Robert Mugabe doe not t...

by Staff reporter

11 died over the Independence Day holiday

Published 0 sec ago | 347 Views
Police yesterday said 11 people died in separate road traffic accidents recorded over the Independence Day holiday. In a statement, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity C...

by Staff reporter

Dr Cuthbert Dube wins $3,4m salary case against PSMAS

Published 0 sec ago | 313 Views
Former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) board chairman Cuthbert Dube last Tuesday won a $3 million arbitral award against the embattled medical aid society and sought to have it registered...

by Staff reporter

Madzibaba weeps uncontrollably in court

Published 0 sec ago | 421 Views
Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic sect leader Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani yesterday stunned court officials during his ongoing public violence trial when he wept uncontrollably as he disputed video foota...

by Staff reporter

50 eye Clerk of Parliament's post

Published 1 min ago | 362 Views
Fifty candidates are eyeing the post of Clerk of Parliament that fell vacant in November last year following the retirement of Mr Austin Zvoma. National Assembly Speaker Advocate Jacob Mudenda confirm...

by Staff reporter

First batch of xenophobia affected Zimbabweans arrives

Published 2 mins ago | 565 Views
The first batch of Zimbabweans fleeing xenophobic attacks in South Africa arrived at Beitbridge Border Post last night with harrowing tales of how they narrowly escaped death and witnessed some people...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe leaves for Asia

Published 4 mins ago | 317 Views
President Mugabe left Harare last night for Jakarta, Indonesia where he joins other world leaders for the Asia-Africa Summit that coincides with celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the historic Ba...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe's words on Government policy are final

Published 5 mins ago | 302 Views
Government spokesperson Professor Jonathan has said the reinstatement of civil servants' bonuses announced by President Mugabe during the 35th independence celebrations over the weekend is final and t...

by Staff reporter

Mugabe endangers IMF talks

Published 6 mins ago | 394 Views
President Robert Mugabe's announcement to reverse Treasury's recent decision to suspend civil servant's bonuses could jeopardise Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa's ongoing reengagement efforts with ...

by Staff reporter

Plot to oust Thokozani Khupe

Published 8 mins ago | 541 Views
Top MDC-T officials who lost influential posts during the November congress are reportedly plotting to pass a vote of no confidence on deputy president Thokozani Khupe and replace her with the party's...

by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF, MDC-T councillors call for audit of housing units

Published 9 mins ago | 290 Views
In a rare show of solidarity, Zanu-PF and MDC-T councillors in Kwekwe have joined hands to force the council's management to audit the city's housing units amid concerns that some of the properties we...

by Staff reporter

Chigwedere, Matiza head for showdown

Published 11 mins ago | 466 Views
Zanu-PF factionalism has reared its ugly head in Mashonaland East Province where interim chairman Aeneas Chigwedere and his deputy Biggie Matiza have crossed swords over the chairman's post and public...

by Staff reporter

Mnangagwa ally accused of extortion using Grace's name

Published 12 mins ago | 318 Views
Zanu-PF youth secretary for administration Lewis Matutu is under investigation from the party's Midlands provincial leadership for allegedly abusing First Lady Grace Mugabe's name for extortion purpos...

by Staff reporter

Mnangagwa's popularity under test in Mbizo

Published 13 mins ago | 380 Views
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa's popularity will be put to the test in the upcoming July 10 Mbizo constituency by-election where his protégé Vongaishe Mupereri will lock horns with former Zanu-PF...

by Staff reporter

Economic hardships drive companies out of the CBD

Published 14 mins ago | 249 Views
Growing economic hardships are driving a number of business owners out of the central business district (CBD) into suburban areas due to inability to afford rentals. This has resulted in low occupancy...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe ready to join London Bullion Market

Published 16 mins ago | 196 Views
Zimbabwe is now ready to re-join the London Bullion Market Association after producing more than 10 tonnes of gold annually in the past two years, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa. The country has f...

by Staff reporter

Bank lending rates for individuals decline

Published 17 mins ago | 280 Views
The country's bank lending rates remained high despite showing a marginal decline in the week ending April 10, official figures have shown. Statistics from the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe weekly economic...

by Staff reporter

'6,000 cars imported through Beitbridge'

Published 19 mins ago | 382 Views
The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority says it has handled a total of 5 978 imports of second hand vehicles from Japan through Beitbridge Border post between January and March this year. Zimra's director of l...

by Staff reporter

Woman denied sex for 8yrs, divorce hubby of 29 yrs

Published 1 hour ago | 937 Views
A Pumula South woman on Monday divorced his hubby of 29 years after she caught him red handed making love to a neighbour.That was after the husband, Christopher Sibanda constantly denied her wife Joyc...

by Thobekile Zhou

RSA Violence: Beware the Clash of Civilisations

Published 0 sec ago | 638 Views
The poor on poor, and black on black violence that is presently spreading out in South Africa must jolt all of us in the thinking world to some thinking about our thinking in politics. In the true fa...

by Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana

'Gukurahundi victims day must be put on national calendar'

Published 2 hours ago | 460 Views
THE MDC led by Welshman Ncube has called for the Zanu PF led government to consider declaring the Gukurahundi Victims day in Zimbabwe's national calendar of events in order to at least relieve the rel...

by Stephen Jackson

Cops suffer blow in Kombi driver assault case

Published 2 hours ago | 950 Views
A kombi driver who allegedly assaulted three police officers after they tried to arrest him for dropping passengers at an undesignated area has been found not guilty and discharged due to lack of evid...

by Stephen Jackson

Zanu PF official threatens to expose multiple farm owners

Published 2 hours ago | 971 Views
Zanu PF national deputy secretary for administration July Moyo has threatened to reduce farm sizes of some top government officials and expose multiple farm owners as a way of redressing imbalances i...

by Thobekile Zhou

MDC-T loyalists against poll boycott strategy

Published 10 hours ago | 1859 Views
Although the leadership of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai recently reaffirmed its stance to shun parliamentary by-elections until there are visible elector...

by Taurai Shava

Zanu-PF distances itself from anti-EFF tweet

Published 10 hours ago | 2530 Views
A tweet in which Zanu-PF allegedly called for EFF MPs to be burnt alive for delaying a xenophobia debate was "totally fake", a party spokesperson told state television late on Monday."Zanu-PF does not...

by News24

Byo man dedicates Independence day to demonstrating against Xenophobia

Published 13 hours ago | 2173 Views
A Bulawayo man dedicated his Independence day on Saturday to demonstrating against Xenophobia in SA. The man, who kept his identity a secret, was seen trudging up and down the streets of Bulawayo co...

by Ndou Paul

Dou stabbed over high radio volume

Published 14 hours ago | 2874 Views
Two men from Houghton Park in Harare were recently stabbed with a knife for refusing to lower the volume of their radio.This led to the arrest of Terrance Bondiya 22 who was then taken to court charge...

by Stephen Jackson

Zimbabwean man's cars petrol bombed in SA's xenophobia violence

Published 15 hours ago | 7403 Views
View image | gettyimages.comA foreign national from Zimbabwe stands by one of his two cars set alight after he survived a petrol bomb attack at his home in Illovo, some 55 kilometres south of Durba...

by AFP

Prophet caught boozing with scores of ladies

Published 15 hours ago | 6390 Views
A self-styled Harare prophet, Madzibaba Libion Mhizha is reportedly widely seen at night clubs with an assortment of ladies having a binge.The 'prophet' is also said to be a heavy smoker, H-Metro rep...

by Thobekile Zhou

Tsvangirai categorically denies SADC warned against standing in 2013 without reforms

Published 16 hours ago | 2002 Views
There are three things one can now be absolutely certain of with Tsvangirai; one that he will flip-flop from one position to the opposite with the regularity of a pulsating star from chronic indecisio...

by Wilbert Mukori

Use of fake A-Level, O-Level certificates on the high

Published 17 hours ago | 3058 Views
Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare has reported an upsurge in the number of people seeking employment using fake certificates.The officials said Cambridge "O" and  "A" Level ce...

by Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean woman not victim of xenophobic violence - SA police

Published 17 hours ago | 4896 Views
Johannesburg - Gauteng police said on Monday that they did not think that a Zimbabwean woman found decapitated in Killarney last week was a victim of xenophobic violence.Police spokesperson Lungelo Dl...

by Staff reporter

'President will collapse in public'

Published 17 hours ago | 9907 Views
THE internationally Celebrated Nigerian televangelist, Prophet TB Joshua has reportedly prophesied that a President will collapse in public very soon and that people need to pray and fast for that lea...

by Stephen Jackson

Deadly pesticide vendors take Bulawayo by storm

Published 19 hours ago | 3343 Views
BULAWAYO City Council has admitted that it has no operational problems with scores of vendors who have flooded central business districts streets selling toxic substances in public as they have been g...

by Thobekile Zhou

Dr Cuthbert Dube $2m by PSMAS

Published 18 hours ago | 3326 Views
Former Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) CEO, Dr Cuthbert Dube has won an labour case against the health service provider, after an arbitrator ruled that PSMAS owes him more than $2 million ...

by Staff reporter

Discord in Zanu PF government disgusting- MDC-T

Published 19 hours ago | 1648 Views
THE MDC-T has castigated the Zanu PF for being confused in its policy implementation and in its running of the country after President Robert Mugabe and Finance Minister Patrick Chinamsa issued differ...

by Stephen Jackson

'I was on death row for opposing Gukurahundi' - Jabulani Sibanda

Published 18 hours ago | 5451 Views
Fired war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda has said he was placed on death row for standing up against the Gukurahundi atrocities.Sibanda said he is pained by people who want to raise Gukurahundi iss...

by Thobekile Zhou

Tell them the truth Mr Tsvangirai!

Published 18 hours ago | 2618 Views
Dear Mr TsvangiraiI learnt from the media that you are to hold series of rallies that will culminate in the holding of a rally that you have christened 'unemployed rally' in Gweru. Iam told you would ...

by John Sigauke

ZIM-ID fully conscious of a political independence of 35 years

Published 18 hours ago | 641 Views
As a people of Zimbabwe we are to remember 35years of living in an African state that gained sovereignty by blood, tears and sweat of its liberators, of whom some are swallowed today by death in the n...


Zimbabweans in Cape Town safe from xenophobic attacks

Published 18 hours ago | 2241 Views
Cape Town - As attacks on foreigners spread across South Africa, Zimbabweans living in the coastal city of Cape Town say they are still safe in their homes and work places but they are not taking any ...

by Thabo Kunene

Teacher rapes maid after kissing lesson

Published 19 hours ago | 5500 Views
A 37-YEAR-OLD teacher at a private college in Harare, Majaira Frashishko allegedly raped his under-aged 16-year-old housemaid in March after promising to teach her how to kiss.On March 27, Frashishko...

by Staff Reporter

White foreigners attacked in South Africa - Video

Published 20 hours ago | 6698 Views
White foreigners attacked in South Africa ...

by Youtube

Dembare, FC Platinum Cup final to be replayed in August

Published 20 hours ago | 1345 Views
THE Independence Trophy replay between Dynamos and FC Platinum is set to be staged on Heroes Day in August due to a congested Castle Lager Premier Soccer League calendar.Saturday's final between the t...

by Supersport

US tour operator promotes Zimbabwe despite Mugabe concerns

Published 20 hours ago | 1600 Views
EXTRAORDINARY Journeys, the New York-based tour operator and Africa specialist, last Friday staged a press event here to promote its services in Zimbabwe while confronting the question - raised by som...

by Travel Weekly

CSC slashes service slaughter fees

Published 20 hours ago | 1514 Views
CSC slashes service slaughter fees ...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabwean charged with Dete conservationist's murder

Published 21 hours ago | 1309 Views
PERTH - The man charged for the murder of conservationist Greg Gibbard in Dete has been described as a friend of the Australian.Xmas Mpofu, a former employee of Painted Dog Corperation (PDC) has been ...

by Staff reporter

Zulu King holds anti-xenophobia imbizo - Live streaming - Video

Published 19 hours ago | 4084 Views
Get the latest from King Goodwill Zwelithini's imbizo against xenophobia at Moses Mabhida stadium. Accompanied by at least 300 traditional leaders, the king is expected to clarify controversial sta...

by Youtube

Simmering tension in Matabeleland over land resettlement

Published 21 hours ago | 2621 Views
MDC secretary-general Moses Mzila Ndlovu says there is simmering tension in Matabeleland caused by the resettlement of people from outside the region at the expense of locals.Speaking at a public meet...

by Staff reporter

'Zanu-PF is a tribalist party' - report

Published 21 hours ago | 2917 Views
ZANU-PF was never a revolutionary party but a reactionary organisation, formed specifically to pursue a tribal agenda, a former government minister has charged.President Mugabe's party was formed in 1...

by Staff reporter

'Mugabe didn't give people passports to go to SA,' says Charamba

Published 21 hours ago | 5359 Views
PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and his government are not to blame for the mass migration of Zimbabweans to seek alternative sources of livelihood in neighbouring countries, presidential spokesperson, George...

by Staff reporter

'Intelligent' Chinamasa wont be fired over bonus says Coltart

Published 23 hours ago | 3894 Views
FINANCE Minister Patrick Chinamasa's chances of being fired for his civil servants bonus 'boob' are slim as it is highly likely that it was a well planned government move timed to coincide with his Wa...

by Thobekile Zhou

'Miss World racist,' says Chiwenga

Published 22 hours ago | 1611 Views
Zimbabwe's representatives at world beauty contests have continuously failed to bring the crown home because of the colour of their skin, Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Marry Chiwenga has said.Chiwen...

by Melissa Mpofu

Are violent women a reflection of a man's world?

Published 22 hours ago | 1350 Views
ROBERT Kelly was spot on with his lyrics, "When a woman is fed up, it ain't nothing you can do about it." It seems when women are cornered, they unleash untold wrath on alleged offenders. Week in, wee...

by Nhlalwenhle Ngwenya

Trio kills kombi conductor over fare

Published 22 hours ago | 2825 Views
THREE Harare men were arrested last week on allegations of fatally assaulting a commuter omnibus conductor following a dispute over bus fare.It is alleged that Edmore Munhenga (27), Phebion Mushayi (2...

by Court Reporter

6,000,000th Land Rover lights up Solihull

Published 23 hours ago | 1918 Views
- Land Rover celebrates production milestone - Six millionth production Land Rover is luxurious Range Rover LWB Vogue SE  - Landmark vehicle fitted with unique, celebratory puddle lamp graph...

by Tech Reporter

Mugabe condemning xenophobia in SA, what beautiful morals!

Published 22 hours ago | 2636 Views
Does Robert Mugabe still have his decent conscience to attack Zuma's South African xenophobic incidences across the country, has he ever had one? Has he forgotten the way he perpetrated genocide in Ma...

by Nomazulu Thata

Shame on us all, Where do we put South Africans in all this?

Published 22 hours ago | 2207 Views
Zimbabwe independence: A hollowed out mirageSo, Zimbabwe yesterday went through the yearly ritual of shouting: independence; independence! Thirty-five years old, so Zimbabwe says.Tellingly, there was ...

by Kingston Mazabane

Women favour being beaten by husbands - survey

Published 23 hours ago | 3856 Views
About 37% of Zimbabwe women are keen to be beaten up by their husbands for various misdeeds including refusing to have sex, a survey has revealed.In a report by the Zimbabwe National Statistical Agenc...

by Staff Reporter

Prophet TB Joshua calls for African Unity, speaks on xenophobia

Published 22 hours ago | 2319 Views
Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua addressed the contentious issue of xenophobia in his church service on Sunday 19th April 2015, a subject gaining worldwide attention after the recent spate of violent atta...

by Ihechukwu Njoku

ZAPU observes a minute silence in respect of the xenophobia victims

Published 22 hours ago | 903 Views
"We deplore violence and criminality of any kind and we stand shoulder to shoulder with all African victims of xenophobic attacks currently going on in South Africa" Mr Christopher Maphosa said.Mr Chr...

by Thulani Nkala

101-yr-old man up for murder

Published 24 hours ago | 2264 Views
A RUSAPE centenarian is facing murder charge for fatally shooting villagers whom he accused of ploughing on a path leading to his family grave yard.Chitanga Mukoka aged 101 confronted Sylvester Mutang...

by Staff Reporter

Mugabe motorcade in deadly car accident

Published 23 hours ago | 6428 Views
President Robert Mugabe's motorcade has been involved in a bloody accident a few hundred yards from his official residence, ZimEye reported.The accident is alleged to have happened around 4:30pm Satur...

by ZimEye

Zimbabwean woman decapitated in SA attacks

Published 23 hours ago | 3629 Views
A Zimbabwean woman, Mrs Naume Garusa (41), has become the latest victim of horrific attacks after her body was found with her head decapitated following violent clashes in the Houghton suburb of Johan...

by Lovemore Mataire

Ocean sex goes wrong as man and woman get stuck together

Published 23 hours ago | 5211 Views
An Italian couple has just fallen victim to a medical phenomenon called penis captivus, while trying to engaging in sex in the waters of a Porto San Giorgio beach.The International Business Times repo...

by Times LIVE

Ex-hooker paraded undressed in infidelity row

Published 22 hours ago | 3286 Views
A Matobo man paraded his ex-prostitute girlfriend undressed around the village as punishment for confronting him over impregnating another woman, a court heard.Patricia Dube, a mother of two who said...

by Lethokuhle Moyo

Soldier up for armed robbery

Published 23 hours ago | 1515 Views
A SOLDIER allegedly teamed up with seven illegal gold panners and raided a Kwekwe gold mine in a foiled armed robbery attempt. Thomas Mwale, 28, and his accomplices Isaac Tafadzwa Bhuguja, 20, Eugene ...

by Timoth Makohliso

Civil servants attack Chinamasa

Published 24 hours ago | 1676 Views
CIVIL servants unions yesterday said they welcomed President Robert Mugabe's announcement that civil servants' would get annual bonuses and criticised Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa for "unilatera...

by Oliver Kazunga

Thief inserts stick in victim's privates

Published 24 hours ago | 2115 Views
A 21-year-old man was arraigned before the courts for inserting a wooden stick inside a woman's privates as her husband watched after he stole from them. Jabulani Chipanera admitted to aggravated inde...

by Fungai Jachi

Man beds grade 6 pupil

Published 24 hours ago | 2452 Views
An 18-year-old man was on Friday arraigned before the courts for being intimate with a Grade Six pupil. Michael Muchena appeared before Mbare magistrate Ms Anita Tshuma facing charges of engaging in s...

by Court Reporter

Chinamasa speaks out on Mugabe's bonuses directive

Published 24 hours ago | 3799 Views
FINANCE and Economic Development minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday said President Mugabe's directive to reinstate civil servants bonuses will be implemented as directed saying the announcement of ...

by Tendai Mugabe

Khupe is mobilising to push a vote of no-confidence against Tsvangirai?

Published 23 hours ago | 1486 Views
THE MDC-T may be headed for another split after its deputy president Thokozani Khupe yesterday allegedly organised protests in Bulawayo against party leader Morgan Tsvangirai's decision to boycott by...

by Pamela Shumba

Zanu-PF slams privately owned media

Published 24 hours ago | 741 Views
ZANU-PF has castigated the private media for creating convenient platforms for expelled members to continue peddling falsehoods and vitriol against President Mugabe and the First Lady.In a statement,...

by Staff reporter

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DJ Sbu's MoFaya hits Bulawayo - Controversial South African TV and rad...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 16 Views

Mother-in-law wears mini-skirts, shorts, court told - A Harare man yes...

by Prosper Dembedza | 21 April 2015 | 142 Views

Aussie businessman spared Zimbabwe deportation - Australian-born Kwekw...

by Fidelis Munyoro | 21 April 2015 | 110 Views

Mugabe arrives in Indonesia - President Mugabe arrived here this morni...

by Caesar Zvayi | 21 April 2015 | 185 Views

Conference Producer JOB ADVERT - Junior Researcher/Conference Producer...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 320 Views

Threat to Mugabe lies in Zanu-PF - FOR 13 years the biggest threat to ...

by Brian Latham I Bloomberg | 21 April 2015 | 780 Views

Mugabe, Chinamasa bonus statements brew storm, calls for Chinamasa to ...

by Stephen Jakes | 21 April 2015 | 726 Views

Mutasa savages intolerant Mugabe - In a sensational claim that analyst...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 852 Views

11 died over the Independence Day holiday - Police yesterday said 11 p...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 347 Views

Dr Cuthbert Dube wins $3,4m salary case against PSMAS - Former Premie...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 313 Views

Madzibaba weeps uncontrollably in court - Johane Masowe eChishanu Apos...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 421 Views

50 eye Clerk of Parliament's post - Fifty candidates are eyeing the po...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 362 Views

First batch of xenophobia affected Zimbabweans arrives - The first bat...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 565 Views

Mugabe leaves for Asia - President Mugabe left Harare last night for J...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 317 Views

Mugabe's words on Government policy are final - Government spokesperso...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 302 Views

Mugabe endangers IMF talks - President Robert Mugabe's announcement to...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 394 Views

Plot to oust Thokozani Khupe - Top MDC-T officials who lost influentia...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 541 Views

Zanu-PF, MDC-T councillors call for audit of housing units - In a rare...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 290 Views

Chigwedere, Matiza head for showdown - Zanu-PF factionalism has reared...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 466 Views

Mnangagwa ally accused of extortion using Grace's name - Zanu-PF youth...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 318 Views

Mnangagwa's popularity under test in Mbizo - Vice President Emmerson M...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 380 Views

Economic hardships drive companies out of the CBD - Growing economic h...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 249 Views

Zimbabwe ready to join London Bullion Market - Zimbabwe is now ready t...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 196 Views

Bank lending rates for individuals decline - The country's bank lendin...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 280 Views

'6,000 cars imported through Beitbridge' - The Zimbabwe Revenue Author...

by Staff reporter | 21 April 2015 | 382 Views

Woman denied sex for 8yrs, divorce hubby of 29 yrs

by Thobekile Zhou | 21 April 2015 | 937 Views

RSA Violence: Beware the Clash of Civilisations - The poor on poor, a...

by Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana | 21 April 2015 | 638 Views

'Gukurahundi victims day must be put on national calendar'

by Stephen Jackson | 21 April 2015 | 460 Views

Cops suffer blow in Kombi driver assault case

by Stephen Jackson | 21 April 2015 | 950 Views

Zanu PF official threatens to expose multiple farm owners - Zanu PF n...

by Thobekile Zhou | 21 April 2015 | 971 Views


'Miss World racist,' says Chiwenga - Zimbabwe's representatives at wor...

by Melissa Mpofu | 20 April 2015 | 1611 Views

Zimbabwe music star conducts music workshops in Malawi

by Stephen Jakes | 19 April 2015 | 1361 Views

Freddy Gwala eager to speak Shona

by Thobekile Zhou | 19 April 2015 | 3844 Views

Lady Bee Marukazi (Official video)

by Staff Reporter | 18 April 2015 | 4379 Views

10 Zimbabwean artists pen anti-xenophobia song - 10 local artists hav...

by Staff reporter | 16 April 2015 | 2976 Views

ZAA announce comedy king Carl Joshua Ncube as headline act - LONDON - ...

by Arts Correspondent | 16 April 2015 | 1437 Views

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SecNews 16 October 2014 ago

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