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Dead animals cause for concern in Harare

by Stephen Jakes
04 Sep 2015 at 06:15hrs | Views
Harare Residents Trust has bemoans failure by Amenities department to remove dead animals in Harare.

"The removal of dead animals from our roads is the responsibility of the Amenities Department (04 752637)," said the Trust.

"Sadly, with their lack of resources, this doesn't happen very timeously, if at all. VAWZ has a policy not to pick up bodies, as the time we would have to spend doing so would cut into our already hectic schedule of responding to reports and addressing welfare issues confronting live animals."

The Trust said iIt would be great if people could report such sightings to the nearest Veterinary Surgery, Friend Animal Foundation and Harare SPCA, in the hope that the owners are looking for their pet.

"Uplifting the bodies must be done with caution - the use of gloves and placing the body in a black plastic bag are strongly advised to minimise any possible risk of coming into contact with diseases," said the Trust.

The Trust advised residents that there was rabies.

"Please ensure that all your pets are up to date with their Rabies Vaccinations," said the Trust.

"Two positive cases have been confirmed in the last week - Mukuvisi area and Greystone Park. This disease is 100% fatal - it's just not worth the risk. Possible sightings please report to VAWZ 0778431528 / 0775722449 / 0773476009."

Source - Byo24News
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