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Govt must address economic situation to stop illegal cross border - Mcijo

by Stephen Jakes
27 Mar 2020 at 10:15hrs | Views
Former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Western Region Regional Officer Percy Mcijo has urged the government to address the economic situation in the country so as to curb the problem of illegal migration of citizens to the neighbouring countries to seek for greener pastures.

Mcijo said indeed those that cross our boarders illegally to neighboring countries to try and make a living through buying and selling pose a potential to transmit the virus fro and to Zimbabwe or vice versa ,the first thing to consider is the cause of taking up trips to other countries as people are all aware that these trips are not meant for but are as a result of economic desperation.

"A desperate person can do anything for survival. The government must put spanners on the works to revive the economy for people to be able to fend for themselves from within Zimbabwe, if causative were addressed there would less illegal cross boarder activities," he said.

He said the second aspect is to do with legal travel documents, its taking too long for people to be issued with their passports making it difficult for people to wait and suffer whilst waiting.

"They are then compelled to use illegal means of crossing the borders for purposes of bring bread on the tables of their families. The government must ensure as a matter of urgency that people who apply for travel documents get them after not so long a time , that would minimise or stop illegal use of undefeated exit and entry points   at our boarders," he said.

Source - Byo24News