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Top binary trading strategies to improve performance

by Staff Reporter
29 Jan 2020 at 11:21hrs | Views
Anyone in binary trading understands the need for a trading strategy. The strategy is what determines the asset you invest in, at what time and for how long. An effective approach ensures profitability as you can easily track your investments and react accordingly.
Here are some of the top binary trading strategies to consider:

1. Fundamental Analysis

The state of the company you invest in determines the likelihood of making profits. Fundamental analysis involves scrutinizing the state of the business. You look into their current and projected financial position by analyzing the financial reports.

Consider the current economic situation of the country and how it might impact the company you are planning to invest in. Lastly, analyze the employee satisfaction and partnerships of the company for assurance that the company will stay operational for the foreseeable future.
Fundamental analysis is a safe way of investing such that you are sure of profitability.

2. Basic Options

Basic option is one of the most popular binary trading strategies for newbies in Forex Trading South Africa due to its safety. It allows you to apply both call and put options depending on the market performance. Given that binary trading comes with considerable risks, basic options strategy helps the trader avoid complete loss of investment.

Once you have picked your desired asset, watch the market movement to notice changes in prices. Place a put action when the prices go down and a call option when the investment is performing well.
3. Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves investing based on the past and current performance of an asset. Past performance, in most cases, forms a basis for future performance.

The use of tools like Moving Average and Bolinga Bands for technical analysis has made it easier for traders to select investment options. These tools make it possible to analyze performance without looking into the company's financial statements.

Technical analysis also informs the right time for investments depending on past performance.

4. Algorithmic and Signals

Are you new in binary trading and don't understand how to analyze the assets? It is high time you considered the use of apps. There are several apps available to use for collecting and analyzing different market data then recommend the best investment options. You can also opt to have the app trade on your behalf automatically.

Co-integration is easy and convenient to use. Remember to regularly update the raw data used in the app for accuracy.

5. Co-integration

Co-integration trading strategy involves investing in two closely related assets. These assets are often close such that the performance in one asset affects the other. For successful trading, notice any gaps in the market as soon as possible to avoid losses.

Apply the put option for stocks that are doing well and a call option in case of poor performance. The exit point is when these two assets become level.

Bottom Line

Choosing the ideal investment among the several binary options South Africa is challenging. You must, therefore, rely on a proven trading strategy for success.

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