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5 things new startups should know for 2022

by Staff Writer
06 Oct 2021 at 11:57hrs | Views
Despite its appeal, starting your own business and actually running it will always be a difficult prospect; it is a lot easier said than done, and a worryingly large proportion of businesses don't survive a year (around 20% fail during this time according to BLS). However, this should not be a cause for concern for any serious and motivated entrepreneur.

This article will explain five things new startups should be aware of when entering this line of work, outside of the basics such as building an online reputation, protecting oneself from defamation and constantly working to increase the value of one's sales to fund the company's expansions. It can seem overwhelming, but this resource is here to help.

A Structured Plan
All good companies are based on the foundation of a structured, well thought out plan. Whilst the scale of the task of writing a business plan can seem disheartening, it is really no harder than simply articulating the ideas in your head on paper. Writing a business plan is useful for clarifying your business idea, spotting potential problems and setting out your short and long-term goals.

The short-term aspect of the business plan should expound what the business will achieve and how you hope to achieve it. The long-term aspect deals with plans for growing your business swiftly; it can be flexible, but try to be as accurate as you can with it.

Network Early
Unfortunately, nepotism is alive and well - but that doesn't have to be a bad thing for you, and you can even use it to your advantage regardless of whether you know anyone or not. Put simply: professional networking. Business is reliant on connections, and your network is what will drive your company to the next level if you curate it prudently.

Marketing is a powerful tool, especially the word-of-mouth variety; 88% of people trust online reviews at the same level as the recommendations of their family and friends. This can allow you to network, which you should do as early as you are able to. The reason the biggest companies are prone to having the best talent isn't chance, it's because they don't allow it to reach the open market beforehand.

The biggest companies will constantly be headhunting new talent and claiming it before anyone else has the chance. The best way anyone can get started in networking is by signing up for a LinkedIn account and joining some of the site's groups. Your business's local area will also contain dedicated networking events that should be of interest to you.

You Are your Friends
It's a fairly simple concept: surrounding yourself with the right people should breed success. It is a tough job to run a business, which is only tougher if you are surrounded with the wrong people. During the first stages of your business's life, where it is experiencing growth, mentors are crucial to cultivate this expansion.

Transforming your business from this point onwards requires the correct team members. This is partly determined by how much time you spend networking (as well as how effectively you do so), but is primarily contingent on being able to recognise and hire the right people from the beginning.

Stay Ahead
In business, a pivot is when a company shifts to a new strategy; it is often believed to entail drastically changing the whole focus of the firm, though this is not always the case. In order for a business to be successful it must be able to pivot, at least to a small degree, to follow the latest trends.

Numerous companies have gone under simply because they failed to modernise their product or service with an industry, and fell behind. Studying both competitors and your field's major trends is vital if you are to keep your company alive and kicking. It is of course not necessary to react to every change, just embrace the ones you feel are right,

Work-Life Balance
Try to maintain an almost equal balance between life and work. It can be difficult as a new LLC owner to detach from the young business and leave it alone for a second, but a lot of the time the break will do both you and the business good. Maintaining hobbies and downtimes allows you to feel refreshed and avoid burnout.

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