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Stunner takes dig at Zimbabwean rappers

by Staff reporter
18 Aug 2020 at 08:28hrs | Views
It has taken a brush with death to reawaken rapper, Stunner's prowess on the mic as he, days after recovering from an undisclosed ailment, released a track in which he says the local hip hop industry is filled with untalented rappers who clown around.

Through Ndakarosva Rufu which he released last week, Stunner who was in hospital for almost a month, narrates how he cheated death and in the process, name-dropped Cal Vin and Maskiri. He said he believes that there is no Zim Hip Hop without him as those who have been holding fort during his illness were clowning around.

Many artistes have been dropping music during the lockdown with "beefs" between some musicians captivating Zimbabweans.

But for Stunner, all this is just "mafunnies" as all of them show lack of seriousness. He says he was near death and was resurrected by an angel as his mission on earth, especially local hip hop, was not over. He says he could not leave Zimbabwe's hip hop industry with young artistes, hence he was given another chance at life.

"They do not have it in them to hold the mantle," sings Stunner in the hard-hitting track. "Some if not most of them's only street cred is credit for popcorn from street vendors."

He says local rappers lack the knack of producing classic music that can stand the test of time.

Even if their music gets one million views on YouTube, he adds it quickly loses flavour and appeal. Singing about that Luveve Boy, Stunner said Cal Vin should stop complaining about his failures and just release music.

"Cal Vin usadaro, kucomplainer wanyanya. After Luveve Boy wakabva wati nya. Dzokera Stunner unovapinza chikoro," sings Stunner.

This seems to be in reference to Cal Vin's recent controversial track, If I was a... that hit the social media streets.

On the track, Cal Vin compared himself to Lovemore Majaivana and said he felt that if he was from another tribe, he would likely have had more success in his career.

Stunner's age mate Maskiri was not spared as he asked him if he was still a rapper or now just a hustler looking for money. He said he wants the old Maskiri to bounce back adding that he would rather work with Delani Makhalima than Sanii.

Closing off the song, Stunner brags about his prowess on the microphone challenging those he dissed to respond to his track in order for them to ride on his fame.

Over and above, Stunner rode the beat like the seasoned hip hop veteran he is.

Ndakarosva Rufu is enjoyable to listen to, interesting and has amusing punchlines.

Source - chroncle

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