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Osama Vin Laden responds

by Staff reporter
18 Aug 2020 at 08:29hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Hip Hop rapper, Cal Vin has responded to Stunner's name drop with a short freestyle, titled TaliBars, saying he understands that Mudhara Dziva was brought back to life by God's angels, but sadly, they forgot to bring back his career.

Responding to Stunner's song, Ndakarosva Rufu in which he is labelled a cry baby, Cal Vin, in a 48-second clip released on YouTube on Sunday, says Stunner is using his name to gain likes and retweets in a bid to resuscitate his ailing career.

"You say God brought you back, ok I get that, but when he brought you back, he forgot your career. Now you name dropping for attention I get it. I stand for the culture, I don't complain, I'm protesting," sings Cal Vin on one of the lines.

He goes on to sing that it is saddening how Stunner, a veteran in the music industry, has lowered his standards.

"Check how likes and retweets have gotten you acting out of character. You're an old G but now you're acting out of character. Don't mess with the Vin, the boy can damage you. I can send you a nuclear bomb like a Taliban," raps Cal Vin.

By saying he could send a nuclear bomb to Harare targeting Stunner like the Taliban, Cal Vin means that he could annihilate Stunner with bars and obliterate his career from far. He ends his tirade by referring to himself as a hyena from Bulawayo that people cannot tame and labels himself as Osama Vin Laden.

Interesting times are ahead in the Zim Hip Hop streets as Zimbabweans await how the new beef between the two talented rappers will pan out.

Source - chroncle

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