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Hakeem kisses Natasha in Big Brother Africa

by Arts reporter
31 May 2013 at 13:58hrs | Views
Well, what do we have here? It's Hakeem and Natasha locking lips.

While the rowdy Rubies casually went about their day, chattering loudly with one another, Zimbabwean hunk Hakeem and the vivacious Natasha played a little game of tonsil hockey in the background.

It seems as if the male model was the one to initiate the brief snog.

While the two chatted in the kitchen the Ruby lad gazed upon his fellow Housemate and mouthed the words: "I want to eat what you are eating".

Natasha gladly obliged to his request but instead of handing it to him by hand she pursed her lips and drew in closer to his lips at this point the young Zimbabwean drew in closer as well and the two locked lips, exchanging both food and smooches with one another.

Hakeem has not hidden the fact that he has a soft spot for Natasha so what is going on here between these two? Is it a case of overly friendliness or could it be the start of something more?

Pokello believes she is the leader.

Most of our Housemates in the Ruby House seem to be homesick already. In his Diary Session, the confident 22-year-old fitness trainer, Hakeem became emotional, sending shout-outs to his family, especially to his son and his brother.

He encouraged his brother to "drop his album soon" and also mentioned that he's thinking about him a lot.

Botswana's Oneal was another hunk who was emotional about his son in the Diary Room today; "I'm just thinking about my son, Biggie," he said, a bit teary-eyed.

Zimbabwe's Pokello was amongst the few who were focused on the game and didn't really have any shout-outs to family and friends.

She, instead, established herself as a leader in the house and said she's really happy that other Housemates are seeing her as the leader she is.

Angola's Biguesas simply wants to be exemplary to all of Africa and show his fellow Housemates how human beings should treat each other. "We are a family here." he said.

Maria, from Namibia, pleaded with her family to take care of her grandfather, as she misses them all.

Confessions of a tipsy Denzel

From the moment - Denzel stepped into the Diary Room to the moment he left, he provided entertainment for Biggie.

In his rather tipsy state, he first had difficulty in expressing himself when Biggie asked him to describe himself in a few words. With a few giggles in between, he eventually got his thoughts together.

"I'm appreciative of the fact that I made it into the show, that I found out who I am and I really wish that the rest of the housemates could find themselves as well."

He went on to confess that he has been lying to the housemates so as to 'suss' them out first. This, he did so he could bring a twist to the game and it therefore forms an intricate part of his strategy, one he wasn't willing to dwell much on.

Lastly, he said he recently noticed that Namibia's Dellish seems to be developing an interest in him, that she's been very nice to him lately.

Your drinks are getting the better of you Denzel.

Nando wants more girls

While going through Biggie's inquisition in the Diary Room, - Nando had an unexpected request.

He wanted more girls, preferably girls from the Ruby house. When Biggie asked him whether the girls in the Diamond house were not enough for him, he responded by saying, "I like the girls in the Diamond house but I'd like to be surrounded by a lot more beautiful girls like the ones in the Ruby house."

Nando is a young hot-blooded man from Tanzania and he wants to be able to have a variety of women to choose from. What could this mean in terms of his game plan?

He's not revealing much on that front but Nando feels the game could be a lot more interesting if more women were at his disposal. Biggie asked him to decide on what type he wants and should get back to him. But that's Biggie and his famous 'humour'.

This is as good as it gets Nando.

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