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How to reduce hair loss in men?

by Staff Writer
14 Nov 2019 at 21:33hrs | Views
Image: Gabriela Kania

Hair loss is a common occurrence and a reality in life. Don't fret over a few follicles tumbling off over the cause of years. Various reasons can cause loss of hair. They include hereditary genes, mineral inadequacy, inappropriate eating, stress, medication, among others. You ought to deal with the root cause of the problem to prevent hair loss. Below is how to reduce hair loss in men  

1. Don't brush wet hair

You need to stop brushing damp hair because at that time the hair is most vulnerable. When the hair is wet, it's quite susceptible to experience breakage. You ought to wait until your hair is semi-dry to comb it.
If you have to comb a wet hair, you out to use a wide-toothed hair comb. You should untangle the strands using your fingers instead of using a comb. Its because the tugging motion weakens the hair follicles

2. Manage stress levels
Chronic stress can do a great deal of damage to the body, including the hair. Stress tends to manifest in different ways. You might experience, brittle nails, the breakout of acne, even hair loss.
Stress tends to disrupt the natural cycle of life within the hair follicles. In the end, it inches the hair close to a fall. You need to keep your lifestyle in check. Always practice exercises/ yoga, eat a balanced diet as well as meditation to minimize stress levels.

3. Stay hydrated
Never underestimate the damage that dehydration can do to the body. It has a significant impact on each body organ as well as the hair. The human body needs water to carry out its functions.

Inadequate hydration leads to deterioration in health. The cells become unable to reproduce the hairs grow brittle, rough and dry.
Lack of water messes the natural hair growth cycle. You need to take in water to inhibit hair loss as well as maintain healthy hair.

4. Stock your vitamins
You ought to take in your vitamins as they are significant. Some vitamins such as vitamin A, vit B7, vit C, and vit D are essential to the hair.
Vitamin A is beneficial in repairing any damages that might occur in the hair.
Vitamin C assists the body in absorption iron. Iron is very crucial because the absence of iron supplements leads to hair falling.
Vitamin D promotes hair growth,
While you are taking your vitamin supplements, don't forget to undertake your medication such as generic Propecia. It's crucial in treating different patterns in hair loss.

5. Massage your scalp
You ought to massage your scalp regularly to enhance blood circulation. It's a process that stimulates the hair follicles. You ought to use some coconut oil, sesame oil as well as applying onion juice to boost hair growth.

Massaging the scalp is advantageous as it combats the growth of dandruff among other scalp infections. It soothes the brain thus lowers stress, anxiety and depression levels  

The human hair ought to become treated with utmost care. Once you are experiencing hair loss, you ought to consult the doctor to get the right medication. You can get generic Propecia which is quite beneficial. To top up on your prescription, you can follow the simple processes highlighted above.

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