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A comprehensive guide on straightening beards – from creams to beard straighteners

by Staff Writer
24 Jan 2020 at 13:32hrs | Views
Achieving the perfect beard requires diligence, hard work, and dedication. You need to put in the work every single day and have a beard care routine in place which must be followed religiously to the letter.

You also need to be mindful throughout the day and make adjustments to your beard accordingly. The odd application of cream and combing can go a long way in ensuring you flaunt a luxurious and rich mane.

If you follow the below advice, not only will you have a long and flowing beard, but you'll also be free of split ends and breakages.


Regular shampoo, soap, and conditioner are devastating for beard hair because of the numerous synthetic and harsh chemicals. These products will turn your beard into a scouring pad and your beard will keep bothering you with itchiness and split ends.

There is a wide range of cleansing products on the market that are specifically designed for beard hair and contain a lot less synthetic chemicals. You'll even find products that are 100% organic and will be very gentle on your beard and skin.

Make sure you also buy a conditioner along with your soap or shampoo. Don't use the products everyday as that'll just dry out your beard. After showering, be sure to pat your beard dry rather than rubbing it with the towel as this will cause even more curling and tangling.  


Combing your beard regularly can go a long way to ensuring you have a flowing and silky beard. You don't need to buy anything ornate and spend an exorbitant amount. A simply wooden comb will be just fine.

After showering and patting your beard dry, comb your beard and blow dry your hair while combing. Don't use the blow dryer with the setting at hot though, as the hot air will make the beard hair brittle and cause curling, breakage, and itchiness. Also dry using a beard cream or balm with the comb for even better results.

Keep the comb with you at all times and regularly brush your beard throughout the day.


Sometimes beard shampoos, conditioners, and combs will not be enough and you'll be stuck with a wild mane that can't be tamed. This is where a heated beard straightener will come in.

Beard straighteners are basically combs or brushes that have ceramic bristles and teeth. The ceramic teeth are heated using an electric coil mechanism and helps straighten and soften the beard as you comb. The heat produced by these ceramic teeth is not as harmful to beard hair as a hot blow dryer would be and doesn't cause as much damage if used properly.

Be sure to pat your beard dry properly before you use the straightener as any water will evaporate fast because of the heat and cause damage to the beard. The straightener shouldn't exclude you from using beard cleansers and moisturizers wither. You'll have to use both simultaneously to achieve the best results.

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