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Trailgater, Tandem Bike Attachment, or Tandem: What's the Difference?

by Staff Reporter
20 Sep 2019 at 08:44hrs | Views
Most parents and adults want to bring their kids along for longer bike rides, but they don't have the stamina and skills to catch up. You don't have to wait for them to be in their adolescent or teenage stage before they can tag along with you.
If you are looking around for a solution, you might come across these terms: trailgater, tandem, or Tandem Bike Attachment But what's the difference between them?
Sometimes called a couple's bike. It has a longer body to accommodate another seat. On some bikes, you may find a handlebar behind the front seat although it doesn't seem to do anything other than something the back passenger can hold on to.
But there's also a tandem bike that can accommodate kids. Unlike with adult couples' bikes, the pedals and the chainring are installed high up so the kids can kick should they want to. Of course, they can bring their feet up if they get tired of pedaling.
This is a good option if you want the kids to experience what it's like to ride an adult bike. They also get a beautiful view as they are perched high up on the seats.
A trailgater, meanwhile, is when the kid's bike is attached to the adult's bike using a metal contraption. For lack of a better term, you are towing your kid's bike because the position of the kid's bike is like it's performing a perpetual wheelie.
The front tires don't touch the ground. Your kid can practice their pedaling skills, but the bike is quite safe. It's firmly attached to your bike and will go everywhere you go. Although a trailgater is not as secure compared to the tandem and the tandem bike attachment, it's the cheapest option among the three.
Tandem Bike Attachment
Also called a tag-along bike, the Tandem Bike Attachment works much like the trailgater. The only difference is that the front wheels touch the ground, making it more stable compared to the trailgater.
Kids as young as three years old can enjoy the tag-along bike. It's also an excellent way to introduce your kids the traffic rules and defensive riding. So, when it's their time to go out on their own, you are already confident about their skills and knowledge.
You can order a Tandem Bike Attachment from Trucavelo. The ingenious Swiss design allows you to attach your kid's bike to your bike in less than 30 seconds. You can deploy the contraption and retract without any problems at all.
The advantage of this attachment is that you can allow your kids to practice their biking skills by actively participating in long rides with you. However, you can easily attach them to your bike if they feel tired.
The best thing about the attachment is that you don't need tools to affix the bike attachment. Order from the Trucavelo website if you want this bike attachment and share your passion for going on long bicycle rides with your kids.

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