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Woman worried as swarm of flies comes out of her private part

by Staff reporter
23 May 2012 at 05:36hrs | Views
One of the flies seen by our reporter, coming from under Sane's dress
Residents of South Africa's Umlazi F Section-outside Durban circled around a house when rumours surfaced that a woman was discharging flies from her vagina. So bizarre was the rumour that people kept on coming until the family had had enough and confirmed it. The woman Sane Vilakazi might now be forced out of the house by her brother and his wife who say Sane had been bed hopping with a policeman from Durban Central police station.

"Before the incident there were rumours in the suburb that flies had been spotted coming underneath the woman's dress," said the source. Sane's brother Mzamisi and his wife Mabel Chiya say they do not know what is inflicting Sane.

"Mzamisi and his wife have been on the defensive since the day the rumours started spreading but they had a change of heart on the day. You should have been here, it was a sorry sight. She (Sane) just stood there and could not defend herself as her brother and wife took turns to tell the whole world about her puzzling situation," said the source.
It is alleged that during the onslaught, Sane's brother narrated to whoever cared to listen how the woman ended up in the state.

"He (Mzamisi) accused his sister of bed hopping, which might have resulted in her falling into a trap of witchcraft," said the source.

It is reported that since the day, Mzamisi and his wife have sought different avenues of chucking out the woman. "It has been war since then. The three are not seeing eye to eye. The man and his wife have gone to the extent of forcefully trying to evict her but she maintained her ground," added the source.
When our news crew visited Sane at her home, she was at home alone and narrated her ordeal to us.
"This has created serious difficulties for me as I can no longer work on my on my employment with the municipality. This (flies coming out of my private part) started in February this year when I fell in love with Thami, who is a police officer in town. He told me that I was his only girlfriend but few weeks later, a female called Thembi phoned me and demanded to know why I was having an affair with his man. I denied it and she said if I continue to have sex with Thami, I 'll see what will happen to me. She said she doesn't mind if I have an affair with him but she will not allow me and Thami to have sex -as this is for her alone" said Sane.
Quizzed on whether she had sex with Thami after this call and also the nature of her problem, the woman said "Thami denied knowing the woman and he said if I don't want to have sex with him, he will leave me and, fearing to lose him, we had sex and five days after that I noticed flies coming out of my private part. Since February I've been having this problem and it hurts because since then I've never had sex as flies keep coming out even when I'm sitting or walking. I cannot mix with other people since these flies come anything and they make a loud noise when they appear" said a sobbing Sane. 

Source - SA Press