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ICAC petitions SA President Ramaphosa over calls for massive deportation by political pressure group

by Stephen Jakes
06 Jul 2020 at 09:09hrs | Views
The International Coalition Against Coronavirus (ICAC)  a civic organisation represented in Southern, Eastern and West Africa has petitioned South African President Cyril Ramaphosa over the calls made by  a South African political pressure group called Mzansi Patriotic Forces government to conduct massive deportation of non South Africans from that country.

ICAC's petition was signed by several leaders from various African countries chapters, namely Jeremiah Reggies Mubaiwa -South Africa ICAC first Vice Chairman, Daniel Timana- Mozambique ICAC 1rst  Chairman, Francis Mwila Chisanga- Zambia ICAC Chairman, Max Mkandla- ICAC Zimbabwe  Chapter President, James Kunene- Eswatini ICAC Chairman, Rakotovao Organès-Madagascar ICAC Chairman, Malebogo Kgomo- Président South Africa ICAC chapter and Toure Moussa Zeguen -Chairman of ICAC International Executive Secretariat and sent to Bulawayo 24 by South Africa Chapter  first Vice President Chanda Chose.

"We are sending the petition to you President objecting to the proposed issues of mass deportations, a proposal from an organisation called "Mzansi Patriotic Forces" in South Africa. Our organisation, the International Coalition Against Coronavirus and other pandemic diseases for the African Development believes in the African Unity and solidarity among us," reads the petition in part.

"Furthermore we strongly believe the only way forward for us the establishment of our continental government is the United States of Africa. We believe your government will not allow this as this presents a risk of spreading  Covid-19 virus since we are still experiencing global health pandemic. We strongly appeal and condemn the organizers of the demonstrations and we appeal to our African brothers and sisters to refrain from direct confrontation."

ICAC said it is a unifier of all sons and daughters of mama Afrika,

"As a peace building organization and human rights oriented we advise His Excellence President of South Africa to stop the wishful thinking of citizens of S A to stop harassment of other nationals from other countries. They must reintegrate and identify themselves as true sons and daughters of Mama Afrika. May your office  kindly interven before it is late though the statement did not come from the government officials," reads the petition in part.

"It is in this respect that we appeal to the government of South Africa to act accordingly. We are aware that there are some minority people with ulterial motives and sponsoring the demonstrations.We therefore stand as Africans not foreigners in our Mama Afrika,we say Afrika is for Afrikaans ,therefore,we urge the government of South Africa to put in place measures to protect every non South African individuals in South Africa against any form of attack."

ICAC urged Africans to promote Ubuntu and one Africa,One Afrikaan People one Continent manthra.

"We are ready to take part in any initiative decided by your government in order to appease the social and political climate for the strengthening of our people in Africa.  Let's unite to kill Coronavirus and liberate our Mother Land Africa," reads the petition.

Source - Byo24News