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MDC raps govt for asking workers to subsidize the military

by Stephen Jakes
27 Feb 2020 at 09:31hrs | Views
The MDC Secretary for Labour and Social Security Gideon Shoko has rapped the government for asking other civil servants to subsidise the military as if they are the only government employees affected by the current economic turn down.

Government imposed the 2,5% remittance towards the military.

"Never in the history of labour has an employer asked some of his employees to subsidize other workers but the Zimbabwe government is ironically asking the rest of the civil servants to subsidize those in the security sector," Shoko said.

"The government this week announced it will soon introduce subsidized garrison shops for soldiers that will be financed by a 2,5 percent tax which will now be deducted from the remuneration of every government employee."

He said nowhere in the world have workers subsidized other workers but in Zimbabwe anything is possible with this illegitimate government.

Shoko said government workers that are not party of the garrison grave train should resist this despicable exploitation by an employer who wants to avoid dealing with the economy by introducing piece meal solutions.

"The other civil servants are also in the same predicament as soldiers. Their salaries are grossly inadequate to cover basics such as school fees, medical bills, rentals, water charges and all other expenses like the soldier who will enjoy garrison prices," he said.

"Why then burden other government employees with equally inadequate salaries to subsidize the soldiers? This government should put its house in order and face the truth.  The truth of the matter is no tricks and gymnastics will work until this coup government faces the truth of its illegitimacy and the crooked and corrupt lot that has captured the State."

Shoko said civil servants should rightfully refuse exploitation by this illegitimate government by refusing these robbery schemes.

"If this coup government wants to introduce these garrison stores they should not venture into other civil servants salaries. Those fallacious schemes should be financed by any other source of financing that does not prejudice other equally affected workers," he said.

Source - Byo24News