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BCC water cuts puts people's lives in danger

by Stephen Jakes
29 Mar 2020 at 13:01hrs | Views
Bulawayo Vendors Trust has said the Bulawayo Water cuts puts people's lives at greater risks of corona virus.

The trust said Bulawayo vendors and informal traders have shown deep concern of contracting the novel corona virus following the water shortage crisis after Bulawayo City Council (BCC) announced that it is improving the operation of system and fair distribution of water by replacing the non functional fittings.

"Vendors and Informal traders told Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA) that they are not happy with BCC's timing and decision to cut water supply during the current efforts to end the spread of the coronavirus disease," said the trust.

"They added that lack of access to safe clean water puts people's lives at risk and exposes them to corona virus, washing hands with running water is the easiest way of controlling corona virus, yet some households in Bulawayo do not have access to safe and clean water."

The trust said with taps still dry at some locations, people are forced to go to crowded areas like boreholes to fetch water where it exposes them to high risk of contracting the deadly virus.

"Access to safe water is essential to ensure that people do not go to crowded areas. Some vendors and informal traders spend more time collecting water instead of selling their wares and at the end of the day their profits and businesses are affected. High hygienic standards and washing hands with running water is a good way of stopping the spread of the virus but it is difficult to do so for some people since they are facing water shortages," the trust said.

"World Health Organisation (WHO) says that for the general public to reduce exposure to and transmission of a range of illness,one should frequently clean hands by using alcohol based hand rub, soap and water."

BVTA said it will continue to advice vendors and Informal traders to take caution on health as they sell their wares through practising good hygiene.

Source - Byo24News