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Former Bulawayo mayor says govt estates must be independent of each other

by Stephen Jakes
17 Jul 2020 at 13:51hrs | Views
Former Mayor of Bulawayo Martin Moyo has said government estates such as the parliament, executive and the judiciary must work independent of each other so as to influence public interests issues and aspirations unlike what is currently happening in the country.

"In most modern democracies, there are three pillars of governance: parliament, the executive and the judiciary. These institutions are independent of each other so that there are checks and balances. Parliament enacts the laws and must have oversight on the functions of the executive. The executive is the governing arm and must carry out that mandate in terms of the law. The judiciary interprets the laws and can overrule the decisions of the executive if they're not in line with the law," he said through his Facebook post.

"In Zimbabwe, there're five pillars of governance: the ZANU-PF politburo, the executive, parliament, the army and the judiciary in that order of hierarchy. Two of these pillars, the ZANU-PF politburo and the army, have no constitutional backing and are therefore intruders in our system of governance. These two, especially the ZANU-PF politburo, are the major cause of our socioeconomic and governance problems."

Moyo said political parties are not constitutional bodies and should have no role in the actual governance of the country.

"Theirs is to present candidates for election in the national plebiscite. Once those candidates are elected, their mandate to govern is derived from the election, i. e. from the general populace and not from their political party. In other words, the cabinet and government in general have a constitutional mandate to govern. The ZANU-PF politburo is not a constitutional body and has no mandate to govern," he said.

"In his book, The Story Of My Life, Dr Joshua Nkomo complains that Robert Mugabe illegally subjected cabinet decisions to the ZANU-PF politburo for ratification and the latter would vary cabinet decisions when they did not have the authority to do so. That culture has persisted to this day. Take the case of the Old Mutual muted suspension or expulsion from the ZSE for instance, should this be handled by the ZANU-PF politburo?"

Moyo said there are legal and statutory institutions to deal with that and not a fuming Chinamasa acting on behalf of the ZANU-PF politburo.

"For ZANUPF, the abnormal has become the norm that they will spew their toxic venom without any iota of shame. In recent times, the army has elevated itself to another pillar of governance. In the run up to the 2008 election, the JOC came out guns blazing with the announcement "The presidency of Zimbabwe is a straight jacket. We will not salute anyone without liberation war credentials!" effectively barring Morgan Tsvangirai from becoming president," he said.

"When he won the 2008 election, they would not allow it. In steady, they went out on a campaign of terror killing and maiming MDC supporters until Tsvangirai was forced to withdraw from the contrived run off. The army became king makers in the coup of November 2017. Today, cities can be shut on the orders of the army without anyone raising a finger. The army and police are arms of government and not government themselves."

He said until Zimbabwe purges itself of the illegal influence on government by the ZANU-PF politburo and the usurpation of power from the constitutional pillars of governance by the army, our country will continue to bleed economically and literally.

Source - Byo24News