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Bulawayo preacher cause a stir with a prostitute at a popular night spot

by Staff reporter
02 Sep 2011 at 07:15hrs | Views
This seemed to be the motto for a Bulawayo preacher who caused a stir at a popular night spot after trying to beat up a prostitute who "refused to listen to the word of God."

Police had to be called to the hotel to restrain the preacher from bashing the lady of easy virtue who reportedly told him to go and preach to his mother, instead of disturbing them at their workplace.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, when ladies of the night were busy jostling for scarce clients.

One of the prostitutes who refused to be identified told reporters that her friend Pinky got angry when the preacher scared away potential clients.

"Business is usually at its lowest on Wednesdays. We are sometimes forced to reduce our prices due to the shortage of clients. Pinky was very angry when this man preached continuously and scared away clients who always lurk at dark corners outside the hotel, waiting to snipe at one of us without being seen," said the woman.

She said Pinky's rent was due and she was trying to work overtime to raise it.

"The preacher man started following her, seemingly with the intention of making her see the light. This made it even more difficult for Pinky to attract clients and she ended up shouting "Wena, akuhambe uyetshumayeza unyoko, usitshiye sisebenze. Awukaze usibone sizodlalela echurch yakho ufuna ukutshumayela" (Go and preach to your mother and leave us alone. Have you ever seen us coming to play at your Church when you wanted to preach?).

This did not go down well with the preacher who is reported to have become angry and threw the Bible away and prepared himself to teach the prostitute a lesson.

"The preacher was fuming and wanted to beat up Pinky. He was angered by the fact that Pinky had told him to go and preach to his mother.

"The Cycling Patrol Unit (police) then restrained the preacher from spanking the prostitute and told her to ask for forgiveness from the preacher," she said.

When the preacher was contacted for comment, he confirmed the incident saying: "I wanted to teach that prostitute a lesson, she had the guts to tell me to go and preach to my mother, and does she know her?

"She must thank the cops for saving her. I was only doing her a favour by telling her to repent. I know that one day she would be looking for me on her death bed but I would be nowhere to be found," said the preacher.

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