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Prof.Ncube, Tabitha Khumalo clash over Kambarami

by Mandla Ndlovu
06 Nov 2018 at 17:15hrs | Views
The Bulawayo deputy mayor fiasco has created an acrimonious fight between MDC Vice President Professor Welshman Ncube and National Chairperson Tabitha Khumalo.

The facts are that Welshman Ncube is who has been permanently resident  in Bulawayo is a handler of Councillor Mlandu Ncube and he is his preferred choice for Deputy Mayor.  Since the election of Mayor and deputy mayor officials aligned to Prof. Ncube have been shuttling between between Bulawayo and Harare seeking the nullification of deputy mayor  Tinashe Kambarami s appointment.

The National Chairperson Tabitha Khumalo who initially did not like Kambarami during primary elections is a strong supporter of the deputy mayor because she believes in his capacity to mobilise structures who will support her bid to become  to become Chairperson at Congress.

On Sunday after Kambarami had stepped down as deputy mayor, we have it on good authority that Councillor Mlandu drove in Prof Ncube's car to a rally in Matabeleland South raising speculations that they were planning the elections strategy for a meeting that was going to be held at MDC offices on Monday. Mlandu allegedly sent a text message to a whatsapp group of Bulawayo councillors saying he is not contesting the elections, this he did as a way to diverting attention yet he was plotting for the position.

On the following day, the Bulawayo councillors had an interface with Khumalo where she is allegedly to have talked bad about the Vice President Ncube whom reports say she undermines and does not see him fit to occupy the Vice Presidency.

Tabitha scuttled Prof Ncube's plans by railroading the councillors to vote for a deputy during the interface whereas  Ncube's Team had thought it will just be an interface and they use the contents of the meeting to further plot for the election.

We are informed that some councillors walked out of the meeting leaving the remaining ones to vote for Kambarami.

Speaking to private media on Tuesday, Mlandu accused Kambarami, of colluding with senior party officials to bribe councillors to vote Kambarami back, defying the President's directive.

"I have evidence where people were bought shoes and some senior members of the party who were going against the President's directive being seen driving to Bulawayo to intimidate Councillors saying they should vote for whom they want," he said

In anger, Prof. Ncube allegedly phoned MDC President Chamisa and threatened to sue Khumalo for her defaming words she uttered against him at the Interface.

A Youth leader from Bulawayo who only identified themselves as Sibonginkosi said, "The issues that are happening here are as follows; Tabitha wants to be  substantive National Chair but her efforts are being frustrated by Prof Ncube who is supporting Amos Chibaya ahead of her and hence the fight between the two.

"The other thing is that Prof. Ncube believes devolution will be implemented soon, so he wants to create Bulawayo as his strong house and hence his desire to see Mlandu a person that he can relate to, being the Deputy Mayor. You must read this fight at that level."

Kambarami was re elected unopposed on Tuesday at a mock election held at MDC offices.

Source - Byo24News