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When the government chooses to be the third force

by Leonard Koni
20 Sep 2019 at 13:59hrs | Views
The reports by the government that there is a third force operating in Zimbabwe are just fat lies and can be dismissed with all costs.

Doctors in Zimbabwe have been going on industrial action for several years and it is their democratic right to do so. Its a question of the profession. There has been sympathy to these people. Doctors are mostly professionals not political activists. Their duties are simply described to save lives. In actual fact these people have invested so much time, money and brains to get where they are today and that is why even in South Africa's most hospitals such people are regarded as very important cadres.  

Doctors are supposed to occupy the high end of society where they will be free to relax their brains. It is believed that Dr Peter  Magombera shares an appartment with a fellow doctor in Budiriro Harare and probably his salary cannot afford to rent a flat in town or in an up market area. He is  obviously struggling with water and incessant  power cuts and transport challenges. This is the plight of our doctors in Zimbabwe. That is why people and other different organisations have started  pouring sympathy and asked  the immediate release of  Dr Peter Magombeyi who was abducted last week Saturday by unknown people.

It looks like this babaric behaviour of abducting whoever crosses  Zanu PF's  government red line will face the full wrath of torturing and inhuman treatment. This is the same scenario which occurred to a journalist cum political activist Itai Dzamara who was abducted sometime in 2015 in Glen View when he went for a hair cut at a local barber shop.

People by then could not voice their anger because they thought Dzamara would come back and reunite with his family and were also gripped with fear. Today people are now brave and now understand the modus operandum of the system and are now ready to face he consequences head on.

All  these demonstrations and marches against the abduction of Mugombeyi are a sign of a new wave invented by people who have thought of taking it upon themselves as they feel shortchanged by political parties. It has reached at this crescendo with much unity and strength amongst themselves.

Apparently the net is closing closer on the dirty works which are being implemented by the government to gag any dissenting voices. We have witnessed more  outcry  than before where the people went quiet when someone would have been abducted on political grounds. This is a lesson learnt and the people have prevailed winners.

Former late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe also inherited this kind of behaviour from the colonial system where abductions were very common especially on whoever challenged the status qou. During Mugabe 's era we have seen a number of politicians and political activists being harassed,   abducted, tortured and being maimed the likes of Jestina Mukoko,  Tonderai Ndira, Itai Dzamara just to mention a few. In such a country with all sound education and a functional government people don't expect abductions to be a solution to solve the challenges we are facing. We can even do better.

The government must sit down and take time to look at the source of such challenges which are compounded by election fraud, poor governance, intimidation, lack of rule of law, corruption and political intolerance.

The government must not adopt a wait and see strategy until things get worse. It must be proactive and quick to   solve all those problems linked to labour and salaries disputes. The  remunerations of doctors and their concerns  are very critical and can't be ignored.  We must start blaming ZANU PF government for  its insatiable appetite to rule. Zimbabwe is not facing a problem of the intellectual minds. We have a problem with the revolutionary political party which thinks that it has the prerogative to rule and that there is no any other political party which is better than itself. If we look at how the once troubled Rwanda has improved economically and democratically surely we are miles behind. Its unfortunate that we keep on fighting for political space and expediency.

Zimbabwean doctors who recently marched to parliament in solidarity with their abducted member who went missing last Saturday was a welcome move and the state media must stop trying to spin that it was stage managed or  was caused by a third force. That was  absolutely utter rubbish.

It's a shame that some statements from a  government's minister were baseless. How  could be that it was a stage managed  abduction.  The government was supposed to just give the people more information on how it was stage managed rather than coming up with an answer when the person was not found. There were reports that the doctor was kept in MDC-Alliance safe house and some saying he was held at US Embassy. So conflicting statements.

Having given President
Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance, what has he done? He  has crashed and fluffed the opportunity to brand Zimbabwe as the new dispensation. Whatever he os doing is a copy and paste of Mugabe ideology and in the process he is crushing the peoples' hopes and aspirations. We now have erratic fuel and power supplies. Our hospitals are under staffed and drugless. We have no medicines. To compound our challenges and misgovernance, he threatens health professionals with specific actions.

Surely we need to take another new political trajectory and prove to the doubting thomases and the world that we have drastically changed the way we deal with our domestic affairs.

The release of Dr Mugombeyi was a sigh of relief. Thank God the pressure was mounting excessively and they had no option but to quickly release him. The traits of this new dispensation will be remembered as the worse ever in history. There is need to change in the way they approach political matters. Now people are aware of the way the government  threatens its people, thus a discredit for this new dispensation.

Thanks to Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi who posted that Dr Magombeyi was on his way home prior to his release. Emmerson Mnangagwa's government must bury Mugabe's dirty legacy which was associated with kidnapping and abductions. Mnangagwa is no different to the late Mugabe.

The government has been been exposed. They they thought people will remain silent like what they did on Itai Dzamara. It's so disturbing that the President personally promised to deal with those who demonstrate,   doctors and lawyers who assist them. There is a UN, UNGA meeting in New York, demonstrations for his release by his peers with unions threatening to join the demonstration if he was not released before Monday.

Teachers were ready and more noise was coming from all over the corners. It was like  a zone of thermal disturbance and there was no any other better idea than letting him off the hook.  Well done pressure group for arm twisting this abduction hand. All abductions must stop. I wish Dr Mugombeyi a speedy recovery from the trauma he suffered.

We want sanctions to go but we continue abusing human rights and we are yet  to arrest the August shooting. That is one of the area where the government needs to reform. Those who killed must be brought to book simple. People demand justice.


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