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Madzibaba pummels rival in love triangle

by Staff reporter
21 Sep 2019 at 06:42hrs | Views
A well-known Apostolic Sect leader, Madzibaba Innocent Nyamande (47), of Magwegwe North in Bulawayo has been caught up in a love triangle over a woman that claims to be married to a foreign-based husband.

Simbarashe Chimutwe complained that the church leader had ruined his relationship with his girlfriend, Letwin Chipika (32).  

Madzibaba Nyamande is one of the key leaders of Jerusalem Apostolic Church in Luveve suburb. Madzibaba Nyamande reportedly fell in love with Letwin, who is also in a relationship with Simbarashe.  Simbarashe said his girlfriend and Madzibaba Nyamande were using church and business as a cover up for being together most of the time.

"Madzibaba Nyamande came to my place driving a Nissan Sunny. I investigated the matter and I realised that Madzibaba is in love with my girlfriend. I confronted Letwin and she told me that they are dealing with cash because they are money changers," said Simbarashe.

Madzibaba Nyamande and Simbarashe at one point fought over Letwin and an assault case was opened at Bulawayo Central Police Station under case number CR417 /08 /19.

"He opened my car door and tried to sneak out with my girlfriend claiming that Letwin was his wife. I manhandled him and we fought outside Charter House. We proceeded to Bulawayo Central Police Station and I reported the matter to the police," said Simbarashe.

Simbarashe discovered that he was being double crossed by Letwin through WhatsApp messages.

"Madzibaba continued sending WhatsApp messages of love to my girlfriend. He also took his wife's phone and gave it to Letwin's sister for ease of communication," said Simbarashe.

Letwin, meanwhile told B-Metro that her husband was in South Africa and that Simbarashe must not trouble her because she was married.

"I have a husband in South Africa and Simbarashe is not my husband. Of course they manhandled each other at one point in time and the matter was reported to the police. Simbarashe is not stable upstairs because he wants to destroy my marriage," thundered Letwin.

Madzibaba confirmed that he had a relationship with Letwin but that he was not aware that she was married.

"I told Simbarashe that Letwin told me that she was single. She never told me that they are dating with Simba because Simba was always troubling Letwin and myself. He also threatened to beat Letwin inside the car and I intervened," said Madzibaba Nyamande.

Madzibaba meanwhile complained that Simbarashe was always demanding money from him in order for him not to expose the love triangle and press assault charges.

"Simbarashe is now demanding money from me and told me that he will expose me and press assault charges against me. He also demanded money for medical bills," said Madzibaba Nyamande.

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