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Repair toilets in First Street, Harare

by Tondorindo
27 Sep 2019 at 07:24hrs | Views
Pay toilets in First Street, Harare CBD are in a deplorable and sorry state despite daily cash collections from the paying members of the public.

The door locks and latches work no more, in fact, the locks are not even there. The cisterns, rusty and leaking are quite nauseating and repulsive. Why are the people paying for the 'dirty inconvenience' when the facility is not worth the dirty paint that identifies with it.

To add salt to the festering wound, convenience charges for using the toilet were recently raised from fifty cents to 1.50 RTGS per single entry. Harare City Council must spruce up the place and refurbish the facility. The local authority collects plenty money from the 'dirty business' yet does nothing to repair and clean the toilets.

I feel sorry for the poor guy who superintends over the underground ablution  where in all essence he is also victimised by the clutter and odour.

Can someone at Harare City Council give us value for money at the 'middle of the road' underground toilets in First Street, Harare CBD.

Tondorindo. Matepatepa.

Source - Tondorindo