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G40 pushes for Kasukuwere presidency

by Staff Reporter
04 Oct 2019 at 09:39hrs | Views
A group of expelled Zanu-PF members under the G40 faction have embarked on a campaign to market former Minister Saviour Kasukuwere as the next President of Zimbabwe.

In a Twitter thread, one of the late President Robert Mugabe's nephews, Robert Zhuwawo said Kasukuwere has all the characteristics to lead the country and Zanu-PF.

"I make the above nomination prospectively in the circumstances of a political reorganization within the ZANU PF party for the continuity of its victory and rule.

Given the background of the legitimacy of its founding president RGM as a principled Pan African visionary, ZANU PF housed loyal stakeholders whom have been voting it into power.

"Therefore, Zanu-PF must bank on the legitimacy of its founding veteran nationalist to shape the trajectory of its stay in power. My brother Richard Mahomva pens that President Mugabe was the "charismatic face" of ZANU PF's popularity and that indeed his fight against western sponsored arsenal, emerging as the victor consolidated it's stay in power," said Zhuwawo.

"There will never be another Mugabe. A phrase often used by many. His charismatic stature, eloquence and principles are not easily equated with anyone. His successor has not done level justice to his standing. Speeches not inspiring hope, intellectual humour, like (Barack) Obama and (Jacob) Zuma. Therefore if ZANU PF is to win a fair election against @nelsonchamisa who is fairly charismatic himself, it would need strategically position someone more presidential than he is. @Hon_Kasukuwere

"@Hon_Kasukuwere is not only charismatic, charming and built in a frame that commands authority. (Ideal charismatic face of the party's popularity) He is a great statesman with the ability to strengthen the party and unite its divided structures.

"His background as a principled leader still holds weight, even after his explosion from the party, he never joined active opposition politics but rather called for self-reflecting conversations with the new political order for the unification of its elements. ZANU PF needs to bank on his popularity and legitimacy to consolidate its stay in power. I therefore call for #talks between principles, not only to unite our divided nation but overally shape the trajectory of its stay in power."

 National People First spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire also posted a picture of Kasukuwere on his Twitter account with the caption, "Zimbabwe is crying out loud for a Saviour! #TatambaZvakwana."

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