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Govt rescues Kwekwe, Kadoma town councils

by Staff Reporter
06 Oct 2019 at 14:54hrs | Views
Government continues to avail resources for the rehabilitation of water and sewer infrastructure in local authorities around the country, with the latest being $9.7 million dollars availed to Kwekwe and Chegutu town councils by treasury on Friday.

The neglect of investment in  water and sewer reticulation infrastructure by  local authorities across the country over the years has not only exposed residents to a myriad of water borne diseases but many have resorted to extraordinary and expensive measures to acquire such  basic services.

After bailing out Harare City Council to continue with water treatment works at its Morton Jeffery Water Works, Government has once again come to the rescue of two urban councils namely Chegutu and Kwekwe.

At least $2.5 million dollars has been allocated from the Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer to Chegutu Town council for the purchase of six sewage pipe sets and pipe modification to suit the new pumps. Another $1 million dollars has been disbursed for partial rehabilitation of the water and sewer network for Pfupajena and Chegutu suburbs.

For Kwekwe Town Council, $1 million Zimbabwe dollars will go towards the procurement and installation of induction electric motors whilst $2.5 million will be for the completion of Mbizo 3 Trunk line sewer upgrade project.

All in all, $9.7 million dollars has been transferred to the two local authorities signifying yet another commitment by Government to improve the living conditions of residents in most urban and town centres which have been neglected for quite a long time.

Executives of these MDC-run local authorities have been accused of living large on lavish packages with less commitment to efficient service delivery. The latest intervention shows that Government will not watch from the terraces whilst residents suffer from this apparent lack of concern by these local authorities.

Source - zbc