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Fake Sikhala abduction exposed

by Staff reporter
10 Oct 2019 at 06:33hrs | Views
Political activist Linda Masarira has fired shots at MDC-Alliance for calling on the West to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe, and threatened to expose embattled St Mary's legislator Job Sikhala for faking an abduction a few months ago.

Speaking during a debate at the Media Centre in Harare over the weekend, Masarira said MDC-A were behind the economic challenges the country is facing because they begged for sanctions in their foiled regime change mission.

Masarira claimed that she was aware that Sikhala had faked abduction while he was hiding in Kadoma.

"I want to rewind back to the day when you claimed that you had been abducted.

"We have it on good authority that you were in Kadoma, and if you want I can give the address. "So we cannot continue to let you hold the nation to ransom on propaganda-cooked issues to cause despondency in this country," she said.

Masarira said the country was tired of MDC-A's strategies that have caused untold suffering to the populace.

"MDC is causing economic sabotage in this country. We have to come to a point where we speak the truth, that we can no longer manipulate the people of Zimbabwe . . . We need a progressive Zimbabwe that speaks to democracy and development.

"There is no development in this country because MDC-A is running to America to beg for sanctions. They are comfortable with the suffering of Zimbabweans.

"You want to come here and tell us about human rights abuses. Is Zimbabwe the only country with human rights abuses in Africa?

"There are plenty of countries with human rights abuses, but you have not seen their political leaders running to the West asking for sanctions?" she quizzed.

She also questioned what the party stood for now.

"We also need clarity on what MDC stands for because the party that we have today is not standing for its founding principles and values. I'm happy I reached my Damascene moment and I realised I cannot continue fighting and having no results. We have to engage, we have to work together to develop Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans using Zimbabwean solutions and not solutions that you make behind closed doors with American ambassadors," she said.

Source - the herald