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Naming and shaming corrupt Bigwigs is not enough: They ought to rot in jail - Nomboka

by Agencies
20 Oct 2019 at 23:24hrs | Views
Responding to a question posed by this reporter during a live interview on ‘what should have been done by seating parliamentarians which they were apparently not doing to put an immediate stop to rampant corruption in high places,' Honorable Kurebwa Javangwe Nomboka vehemently alleged that corruption in high places by both the Executive and the Legislature in Zimbabwe was uncalled for and that the apparent sluggish pace, reluctant stance and lack of political will to effect key political, economic and social reforms were deliberate moves designed to prolong what he described as ‘the notorious looting spree' of our fast-depleting natural resources.

"I think on corruption, they are not doing enough except for a few honorable legislators like Mr. Laxton Tendai Biti,  Madam Joanna Mamombe, Mr. Joseph Chinotimba, Mr. Job Sikhala, Mr. Settlement Chikwinya, Mr Temba Mliswa, Mr. Dexter Nduna, Mr. Wadyajena Justice Mayor, Mr. Killer Zivhu, Madam Tabitha Khumalo, Madam Makone Theresa Maonei, Mr. Tapiwa Mashakada, Senator Tshepiso, and newly-elected MDC vice-president Lynette Karenyi-Kore and a few others…who are vocal in Parly and are putting Zimbabwean interests first before self," noted Hon Nomboka who is the Mhondoro-Ngezi shadow legislator.

Karenyi-Kore secured the MDC-A post after a tightly-contested race that saw her battling it out with Midlands Senator Lillian Timveous and former Zanu PF women's league boss Tracy Mutinhiri at the recent Gweru MDC-A congress.

"Apart from outspoken and hardworking parliamentarians, I can say there are also a few champions of economic transformation and these are Cabinet Ministers who include Honorable Ziyambi Ziyambi of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs who has managed to meaningfully revive the justice delivery system in the country and the recent order by the Judge-President to have abducted Dr. Mugombeyi released shows a clear testimony of his efforts...while Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Mr. Perence Shiri is also doing quite well despite the fact that we still have top Government officials and rich people in Zimbabwe who are multiple farm owners – he has done his best in maintaining grain reserves which if he had not done so mealie-meal and livestock feeds reserves would by now have run dry and sadly before the onset of the 2019-2020 agricultural season…on the one hand Hon Fortune Chasi is also doing his level best in ensuring stability in the fuel supply sector even though the pump price is way beyond the reach of motorists and you know that Fortune Chasi is a lawyer, politician, and musician and Zimbabwe's current Minister of Energy and Power Development. In December 2017 under the Mnangagwa administration, he was appointed as the deputy for legal affairs in the Zanu-Pf party and was re-elected during the 2018 elections and remains the Member of Parliament for Mazowe South. He is the current Parliamentary Portfolio Committee Chairman on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs…the other one is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and Senator by Proportional Representation for Midlands Province – Hon Sibusiso Moyo – he is working very hard to market Zimbabwe as a perfect investment and tourism hub in the region in contradistinction to the prevailing corrupt environment, high inflation and lack of seriousness by Government to speed-up reforms in key sectors such as Media and Information, Indigenization Policy, Security Organs and Prisons, and Electoral Reforms, and Human Rights…as these and a few other are considered critical and needed urgent redress in order to facilitate a new corridor for re-engagement with the West and Britain and removal of economic sanctions. The Government of Zimbabwe need to arrest rampant political unrest and a fast and furious economic meltdown," he said.

Mr. Nomboka warned incompetent seating MPs to wake up and exercise their role of public oversight while pushing for new legislation with the tenacity to effectively and immmediately curb corruption.

"Corruption is not found in Zanu Pf alone, but in every structure of our Zimbabwean society and needs a holistic approach and that commitment I think should start in the home, then into the community, the political party, the Cabinet, the Judiciary and the Executive," added Nomboka.

"I'm happy, Mr Nomboka said, about the way our youth are fronting national interest ahead of those of their respective political camps and as such they are reshaping Zimbabwean politics and their brave-hearted motto against corruption needs an urgent Executive thumbs-up!

"Yes, we all know how firebrand MDC-A Youth Assembly National Chairperson Obey Sithole and his entire management committee have been vocal about the need to curb corruption in high places because one thing I know for sure is that as long as we have for instance people like Mr. Mangudya as Central Bank Governor, and rampant cases of dubious abductions, and mysterious disappearances of human rights activists, and freak road accidents that claim lives of politicians and prominent Zimbabweans, then we should be playing roulette ‘rure rure' to think that re-engagement of Western and British investors will come to pass – that's practically impossible," wisecracked the shadow MP for Mhondoro-Ngezi.

At one point sources privy to this reporter quoted this same shadow legislator praising the Matutu-led Zanu Pf Youth League for recently naming and shaming corrupt bigwigs and Government officials within the top echelons of the ruling party ranks. Several senior ruling party officials such as Mr. Obert Mpofu and Prisca Mupfumira were among those named and shamed. President Emmerson Mnangagwa reacted by pledging to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the allegations amid defamation lawsuits by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya and former football administrator Henrietta Rushwaya. The two were also included in the list.

According to a recent article in The Standard Weekly's Corruption Watch; it is, therefore, puzzling why Mnangagwa has decided to keep Queen Bee on his side, despite all the odds. Clearly, what Kuda Tagwireyi is being accused of has an acutely negative effect on the President's standing. The more prices rises, the less popular Mnangagwa becomes. It's now becoming a hard sell to blame Zimbabwe's economic crisis on sanctions. Because it's clear that the likes of Queen Bee are responsible for that yet the long arm of the law is never catching up with them. History will not be that kind with him for supping with the devil. Take Kuda Tagwireyi, for instance. They call him Queen Bee. He is the major shareholder at Sakunda Holdings. Tagwirei hails from Shurugwi, a shout away from Mnangagwa's Zvishavane. He is also an adviser to the President as he sits on the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC). Queen Bee is a bad choice for an ally. Even before Mr. Mnangagwa took over from the late former President of Zimbabwe Mr. Robert Mugabe in 2017, Tagwirei was already tainted. His company, Sakunda, was in partnership with the Mugabes' son-in-law, Mr. Derrick Chikore, elder brother to Simba, Madam Bona's husband. They set up the Dema Power Plant in Seke, without going to tender. That's a sure case of corruption.

"What pains me the most is that after naming and shaming these bigwigs the Government led by Mr Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has so far not taken the necessary steps to have these alleged officials arrested and it's sad when party leaders fail to compliment such patriotic efforts by our youth and I'm not so sure what is tying the President's hands".
Mr Mnangagwa's position and seriousness in curbing corruption in Government many economic analysts have said is critical to the turnaround of Zimbabwe's economic fortunes.

"The way forward for Mr. Mnangagwa, I think is one, dialoguing with Mr. Nelson Chamisa or walk the talk by genuinely arresting and prosecuting former and current senior Government officials implicated in alleged serious cases of high profile corruption or the same corrupt system he is defending will one day be his way down to political oblivion," Mr. Nomboka retorted.

Commenting further on the economic situation in Zimbabwe, Nomboka said it was Mr Mthuli Ncube and the country's Central Bank's moral obligation to take practical steps towards ending corruption in Government by appointing an independent commission of forensic auditors to investigate allegations of gross financial misconduct by the top brass in the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Government including a few officials in the President's office.

"If after the forensic audit no one is charged with corruption and prosecuted that to me is fine because I do respect the rule of law to decide who the criminals are, and that is up to the courts to decide but it must be done in a transparent manner and with a genuine cause," Mr. Nomboka further noted.

Mr. Nomboka has since urged Government including the Office of the President and Cabinet to learn to observe the rule of law since the law was made for all people united as citizens under the new Constitution of May 22, 2013 and that he added means that nobody is above the law – the courts must be independent and non-partisan in their delivery of justice in Zimbabwe.
It's painful he further pointed out, to see Zimbabwe Anticorruption Commission – ZACC is a lipstick commission which is busy doing nothing, it's just like a bull dog which barks but bites selectively depending on a who is who criterion and ZAAC are silent over recent serious allegations raised against the moral conduct and integrity of Central Bank officials and ruling party bigwigs and to me that is an antidote for its fast-losing public trust and confidence.

"I urge seating MPs and the people of Zimbabwe to unite in this fight against corruption if as a nation we're going to lure investors and grow our economy further…we can't expect serious investors as long as Government keep wearing this same filthy garment of moral incompetency, and unless as politicians and political parties and individuals in our respective places and positions of influence commit to breaking away from our old corrupt habits and shy away from ill fiscal policies and by this I mean our sulfurous economic policies which are investor unfriendly in their make-up, no meaningful progress should be expected maybe for as long as time lasts…," said the shadow legislator for Mhondoro-Ngezi in an acerbic tone.

Speaking on CDFs – (Community Development Funds) which parliamentarians receive, he said as the citizens of Zimbabwe it was unbearable to have dishonorable MPs masquerading as wolves in sheep's clothing and that it was also disheartening to learn that only a few MPs since the Government of National Unity (GNU) had put it to community beneficiation and these he noted included First Auxillia Mnangagwa who is notable for her economic improvement projects for the youth, women and men, while others among some of the few using CDFs for the benefit of their respective constituencies included Mr. Alexio Masundire, and MDC-A MP for Mkoba in Midlands Province Hon. Amos Chibaya, and Professor Jonathan Moyo, and Mr. Walter Mzembi, and Mr. Nelson Chamisa the MDC-A president who built community libraries.

"I think that the mere naming and shaming of corrupt bigwigs in Zimbabwe is not enough – we must arrest, prosecute and let criminals rot in jail and I'm also of the opinion that the best move to pursue with regards to incompetent MPs who fail to account for their CDFs is to have them thoroughly investigated, then finally prosecuted because defrauding the electorate who voted you into power is the worst a leader can do to mess up the future of this country," refuted Hon. Nomboka.

He however praised a few of some of the most vocal MPs and urged them to keep up their good efforts and those he mentioned included Mr. Amos Chibaya, Mr. Settlement Chikwinya, Mr. Chinyanganya Muchineripi, Mr. Maxwell Mavhunga and Mr. Brian Dube…
This reporter can prove that some sections of the media recently published Dr. Peter Magombeyi's alleged abduction and disappearance story, which subsequently sparked nationwide demonstrations with medical doctors downing tools demanding his release.

Source - Agencies