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Alex Magaisa defends MDC Alliance MPs

by Staff Reporter
01 Nov 2019 at 17:24hrs | Views
Academic and former special advisor to the late Morgan Tsvangirai, Dr Alex Magaisa has come to the defence of MDC Alliance MPS who have been attacked for being part of government extravagant spending by taking part in the pre-budget seminar in the resort town of Victoria Falls.
Zimbabweans on Friday attacked government for wasting money by transporting Members of Parliament to Victoria Falls and splashing large amounts of money in their care yet the funds could have been channeled for better projects.

"A room in Vic Falls is US$250. A plane ticket is US$300. Multiply that by 350 MPs. It is US$192500 for just one day. We don't know how much they are getting in allowances for days. US$192500 for hotels and flights would have run Harare Hospital for 3 months without any shortages," complained award winning journalist Hopewell Chin'ono.

However, Magaisa said opposition MPs could not afford to boycott important issues.

"There's outrage over the government's pre-budget seminars in Vic Falls. It's been a tradition to hold the event there but things are tight and people expect better discretion. However, opposition supporters must make up their minds over their MPs' position in Parliament.

"It's unfortunate that it's being held at such great cost but I do not see why opposition MPs must be blamed for the venue. If MDC MPs' were to boycott a key space such as a pre-budget seminar, it would be hard to justify their continued role in Parliament.

"If MDC MPs controlled the seminar's location and if they chose Vic Falls during this tight period, they would have no defence. But they don't have that power. The alternative would be to boycott the seminar, but if they did, would they be justified to remain in Parliament? Magaisa said.  

"As long as MDC MPs stay in Parliament, decisions they will take will please supporters 1 day & outrage them another day. I know from experience that withdrawal will not happen, so opposition fans will have to learn the see-saw experience - a high one day and followed by a low.

For now, as long as they are in Parliament, scrutinise their performance. Are they busy enjoying the luxuries of Vic Falls or are they making solid contributions to the business of the day? Perhaps too they should publicly challenge the apparent lack of prudence.

But do spare a thought for the folks of Vic Falls. All things being equal, it's not a bad idea to spread government business outside Bambazonke Harare. Perhaps the Vic Falls economy will get a small boost (and let's hope the chaps will be responsible in their indulgences!)."

Source - Byo24News