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Mnangagwa's spokesperson launches scathing attack on USA

by Staff Reporter
21 Nov 2019 at 14:07hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa's spokesperson George Charamba has launched a scathing attack on the Uniter States accusing the super power of working with the MDC Alliance to frustrate Zimbabwe's engagement with the European Union.

Charamba accused MDC Alliance of engaging in chaos in Harare on Wednesday to get a response from the police so that they allege suppression by the state.

Below is the full attack by Charamba.

Did you know know? It's not fortuitous that MDC-A's Chamisa set his HONA provocation yesterday, a day before the resumption of Zim/EU higher level talks set for today, 21st November, 2019, and that America which is opposed to these talks has been swift with its one-sided condemnation...of the illegal gathering, obstructive demonstrations by opposition. However you translate HONA [dry, meatless bone; or simply behold], MDC-A is hell-bent on wrecking re-engagement efforts through contrived political spectacle [behold!] to ensure sterile outcome [dry bone!].

The SADC-led African and Third World Anti-Sanctions campaign observed on October 25 rattled the West, USA especially, which is why resumption of ZIM/EU higher level re-engagement talks here is Harare creates optics of acquiescence which America abhors and detests.

In any event, America has been opposed to EU's re-engagement thrust, which is why it seeks to either overwrite the re-engagement agenda towards a cul-de-sac, or wreck the talks altogether so EU and USA are once more at one against Zimbabwe. Repeated defeat of MDC in by-elections has not helped USA strategy on Zimbabwe, much of it resting on an effective and even violent opposition in Zimbabwean politics. Additionally, the removal of POSA and AIPPA on Zimbabwe's statutes, and replacement of both by laws which the MDC-A supported or never boycotted, let alone stopped, means USA is fast losing a credible basis upon which to rest & justify its illegal sanctions which greater part of the EU find harder and harder to retain, let alone justify. Both US and EU watch with growing concern a Zimbabwe looking elsewhere for succour.

As the US position gets unsustainable and more and more untenable, Zimbabwe and SADC should be wary of USA divisive diplomacy, including use of errant officials of sister Govts within SADC to try and suggest sagging solidarity against illegal sanctions. The past provides enough.

Examples of such contrived dissent falsely meant to symbolize weakening solidarity within SADC. Also to watch is our conscience industry - the Churches - which will become more and more strident in mounting political initiatives, many of which find echo even though absurd.

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