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Panic as CIO,army and police bosses meet in Harare

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 Nov 2019 at 05:18hrs | Views
The Joint Operations Command met on Monday to discuss the security concerns in the country a source in the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation revealed.

The meeting which was supposed to be held next week was reportedly fast tracked to today because of the arrival of General Constantino Chiwenga whow as on a medical pilgrimage for more than three months in China.

Said the source, "You may have been aware that JOC was meant to sit next week but the Generals had to bring it forward so that they deal with various security matters which are in the public domain now. While I am not at liberty to disclose certain matters because JOC agenda is highly sensitive, I can only highlight that some of the matters that up for discussion are the G40 cabal which was recently specified as a threat to national security, the Kasukuwere issue and the party factionalism including the Goromonzi conference."

Political analyst Kelvin Mazhandu said the meeting of the generals showed that the government was in a panic mode.

"If the reports that we are getting are true regarding the meeting of JOC then it spells that all is not well in the Harare administration. The script is playing out like a soapie. You are having a former Commissar of the party threatening to come and reclaim ZANU PF and you have the General who arrived in the country only to be welcomed by the Chinese bosses. There is clearly panic in paradise. It is time that semioticians study the signs of the times and let the script unfold, "Mazhandu said.

On Monday state media quoted ZNA Commander Lieutenant-General Edzai Chimonyo who said the army is undertaking training needed to meet threats from hostile elements using violence to disturb peace in the nation, "These continuous attacks are meant to scare us and hence force us to dance according to their tune. As a nation we are, however, not scared, more so when we have warriors who are determined to give their lives in defence of our country."

Source - Byo24News