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We need a police base at Chinehasha Business Centre

by Thomas Tondo Murisa
03 Dec 2019 at 21:54hrs | Views
The Zupco bus plying Harare-Nzvimbo Growth Point in Chiweshe should go all the way to Chaona.

The road is very good and I do not see why Zupco should give us 'half a loaf' when the situation justifiably calls for more. Commuters from Chaona, Chigwida, Chinehasha and Musonza have to board expensive kombis to get to Nzvimbo to catch the traveller-friendly Zupco coach for Harare.

Clientele is abound and there will be no empty seats. If possible why not deploy another Zupco bus to cater for the plenty commuters travelling between Harare and Chaona?

Still on travelling, the road connecting Gweshe Business Centre and Howard Hospital must be tarred since it now looks like a potato field. This is a very busy passageway that is mostly used by cars taking sick people to Howard Hospital for treatment.

Imagine a woman in labour being hurried to hospital on such a bumpy and zig-zag pathway. May the provincial leadership of Mash. Central and the local MPs put heads together and get the road tarred.

Also of great concern is the rise is cases of theft from houses, shops and cattle rustling being recorded around Mupuyo communities. Villagers have lost draught power through cattle rustling leaving them dumbfounded.

A police base at Chinehasha Business Centre would put an end to the rampant criminal activities taking place. ZRP please incline your ears to us and establish a police base at Chinehasha.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

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Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa