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The MDC once again demands an end to political persecutions

by Stephen Jakes
12 Dec 2019 at 10:49hrs | Views
MDC Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs Innocent Gonesehas said the MDC is once again demanding an end to political persecutions after the trial of party's  National Organizing Secretary Amos Chibaya and Deputy National Organizing Secretary Sibusisiwe Bhudha failed to take off today due to the ineptitude of the State which did not furnish the Defence Lawyers with the trial papers on time.

He said the charges that they are facing are ridiculous and nonsensical and would have no place in a civilised and democratic country.

"Section 26(11) of the now defunct Public Order and Security Act is inimical to the tenets of a democratic dispensation and we are baffled by state s desire to persue such a matter," he said.

"What compounds matters is that the persecuting authorities have since the 8th October failed to provide the Defence with the trial papers in spite of several visits to their office and it is a travesty of Justice that the Regional Court has been turned into a Remand Court and our leaders have to appear again on the 3rd February 2020 for trial on a case which has no substance."

He said recently the State indicated that it intends to indict our Secretary General Honourable Charlton Hwende for trial in the High Court next year following a similar path to our National Vice Chairman Honourable Job Sikhala.

"Several other leaders in the MDC as well as civic leaders vendors and other citizens are facing trumped-up charges. We know that all these people have not committed any crime but have simply dared to challenge the repression of the Illegitimate regime and stand up for their rights and those of others," he said.

"We therefore call upon the powers that be not to continue to abuse the people of Zimbabwe while the country is bleeding and burning. No amount of persecution and suppression will stop an idea whose time has come."

He said instead the regime should introspect and accept that in spite of stealing elections it has failed and begin the journey of engagement and dialogue to extricate the country from the quagmire.

Source - Stephen Jakes