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Mnangagwa's Ndebele name revealed

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 Dec 2019 at 13:12hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa was born with a Ndebele name called Ihlupeko, Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has revealed.

Writing on Twitter using his moniker Jamwanda, Charamba said, "Did you know that at birth, the President and First Secretary of the Zimbabwe African National Union, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, was born IHLUPEKO? The name Dambudzo came much later as its Shona equivalent."

Charamba said Mnangagwa's grandfather was a member of the Ndebele Army before the collapse of the Ndebele State.

"His Grandfather had been incorporated into the Ndebele Army before colonialism, and would then rejoin his family after the fall of the Ndebele Kingdom.

"He grew up under the influence of this Warrior-Grandfather who raised him on the staple of heroic tales, and toughening tasks.By way of historical background to benefit those not in the know, when Mzilikazi settled in the southern part of Zimbabwe in late 1830s, his Kingdom entered a pact with Chief Chivi never to fight each other. This pact was solemnized by way of Chief Chivi giving one of his sons - the President's grandfather - to the Ndebele Kingdom for inculturation.

"They boy grew under the Ndebele regiment, developed into a great fighter and would be part of the inner circle that kept the heir-apparent, Lobengula, pending his ascendency to the throne in 1870.

"This great fighter under whose tutelage current President grew, took a resistance wartime injury to his grave. In a curious recurrence of fate, the young IHLUPEKO would suffer broken ribs and other internal injuries he is now fated to carry to his grave when called by his Maker.

"I am further told that at the birth of IHLUPEKO, this grandfather fired his old hunting gun - mugigwa - three times, to welcome the newly born-baby." Charamba added.

In 2018, National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealosy Mawarire said Mnangagwa had close links to the Ndebele people and was related to the late ZAPU stalwart Thenjiwe Lesabe.

"Mnangagwa denies he is Zambian despite his family moving to Zambia but claims he is Karanga after his Sibanda family moved, together with the Moyo family, from Swaziland to live among Karangas and took nicknames like Mnangagwa and Mbengegwi. Ask Mnangagwa who Thenjiwe Lesabe was to him." Mawarire said then. "Misheck Sibanda is his cousin, am not implying anything, am just stating a fact."

In 2012 the then spokesperson for Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), David Magagula told Bulawayo24 that they were ready to work with the then defence minister, Mnangagwa if he were to be President of the country because he was a Mthwakazian.

"We note that Emmerson is first and foremost a Mthwakazian. He hails from Shurugwi a district in Mthwakazi east (Mpumalanga province.)"he said.  "When he ascends to power a Mthwakazian will be a President of our Zimbabwe."

Source - Byo24News