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Police beat up people in Harare CBD

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 Dec 2019 at 13:45hrs | Views
Members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police are reported to have gone on  arampage asnd wantonly assaulted citizens in Harare on Thursday night Human Rights Lawyer Douglas Coltart has reported.

The Police are said to have stormed market square and staretd beating people without any valid reason.

Coltart who went with a friend to check on the injured said his friend was also beaten up and arrested for associating with a white man.

Read the full statement below:

Last night around 6pm, I got a message from a colleague that she'd seen police beating people up at Market Square. A friend and I decided to go to see if anyone needed medical attention.

My friend & I arrived at Market Square and we started asking people what happened. They explained that this sort of thing happens all the time these days: police come and beat up innocent people, often vendors. They directed us to the area where people had just been beaten up.

When we got to the side of Market Square which is close to Chicken Slice, there were riot police everywhere. I parked the car and my friend went into Chicken Slice to use the toilet. What happened next is truly shocking. I only found out about it later once he'd been found...

As my friend came out of the toilet, he was confronted by two men in plainclothes. They said "We saw you come out of that white man's car. We know who you are & what you are doing." Riot police grabbed him & thrust him into the back of a police truck & started assaulting him.

He asked them whether it was a criminal offense to be seen together with me. That is when they got extremely aggressive and started hitting his kneecaps with baton sticks. They told him that they were going to detain him and kill him in the cells.

Meanwhile, I was frantically trying to call him because he had been gone for longer that expected. His phone was just ringing and ringing. Eventually I got through and he managed to communicate to me that he'd been arrested. I called for back up.

Eventually, after having been held in the truck and assaulted by the police for several hours, my friend was released without charge - with a torn shirt and injuries to his legs. Simply because he had wanted to help other victims of police brutality and had been seen with me.

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