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Jonathan Moyo speaks on bombing of Daily News

by Mandla Ndlovu
15 Dec 2019 at 10:59hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan has denied allegations that he was involved in the bombing of Daily News title in 2001.

Responding to accusation of his involvement on Twitter Prof Moyo said, "Are you afraid of the Army that bombed the Daily News printing press or you're afraid of its commanders? You figure I brought bombs to Harare from Tsholotsho to bomb Hararans? That's rank madness. Deal with the bombers with bombs. You know them!"

In 2017 Moyo said he had no involvement in the large bomb that exploded at the print works in a targeted attack that badly damaged the main printing presses of the Daily News in Harare, although no-one was hurt.

Asked if he participated in the bombing of Daily News as alleged, Moyo said in a terse response: "No. I did not and could not!"

Just before the bomb blast, the then Information minister condemned the paper for its "cynical" attitude to "anything and everything that is nationalistic, Zimbabwean or African".

He said, "It is now only a matter of time before Zimbabweans put a final stop to this madness in defence of their cultural interest and national security."

An eye witness who was there duri ng the bombing said, "It was a carefully planned operation. A man came to the front gates making a disturbance in the middle of the night, and as all six security guards were dealing with that, the intruders climbed in the back and planted the charges. They knew what they were doing as the explosives were positioned in such a way to cause the most damage."

Source - Byo24News