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Mnangagwa reveals his source of funds

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Dec 2019 at 11:03hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa told members of POLAD on Sunday that banks stamped at his office to offer him loans for his personal and business use.

Mnangagwa was addressing reports that he uses public funds to enrich himself and expand his vast empire.

Said Mnangagwa, "I use loans but I repay loan, banks flood my office seeking to have me get loans from them because I am not a bad debtor. We should move away from hand outs. We must create windows where our youths access loans to empower themselves.

"Even God said we should sweat for everything so we need productive youths. I am happy as Zimbabweans we have come together to find solutions to challenges confronting us."

He also took the opportunity to emphasize that he told South Africa's Thabo Mbeki that  POLAD is the inly platform he is willing to engage political players it.

"I met Mbeki and he expressed his desire to see Zimbabweans working together. I told him we have created a platform called POLAD where everyone expresses their issues and those affecting Zimbabwe. I said there should be no two platforms, and if there is any other political party with issues they should come to POLAD, I am not moving on that.

"POLAD is now being discussed on international forays. In the UN they asked me about POLAD and and I told them the purpose of POLAD. In terms of funding, it's a platform which Government must support. I am not averse to fully funding POLAD because it brings minds together to move our country forward. In 2020, we will be more distinct in articulating issues and how to improve on those issues."

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Source - Byo24News