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Matemadanda gives a stern warning to the Mashurugwi

by Dr Masimba Mavaza
13 Jan 2020 at 18:39hrs | Views
The National Political Commissair of ZANU PF who is the deputy minister of defence in charge of War Veterans cde Victor Matemadanda has issued a very strong warning to the Mashurugwi. Briefing journalists at ZANU PF headquarters Cde Matemadanda said "while we support our artisanal miners we have noticed with great disappointment the emergence of unruly criminal elements who have taken the mining industry by storm of fear. " cde Matemadanda said the unruly miners will be removed from any mining activity and mining areas. They will only be admitted back after serious security check and having been properly registered as artisanal miners."

Cde Matemadanda observed with a heavy heart the atrocities being committed by the illegal miners who are notoriously called Mashurugwi.  He indicated that an all out war has been declared against Mashurugwi and all those for them." Cde Matemadanda was quick to mention that the Mashurugwi are not a creation of the government "any suggestion that these elements are sponsored by the government is a figment of shallow political thinking that does not deserve attention at all".  Cde Matemadanda states that Mashurugwis are robbers who even rob miners of their gold.

An eighty year old woman was gang raped and murdered together with her sixteen year old granddaughter. The Mashurugwi who did this have not been arrested yet. Last week A police officer was killed and another officer was seriously injured by the Mashurugwi  machete wielding gold panners. The Mashurugwi are identified with their dirty outfits covered in mud and always move around with assorted weaponry. Only in 2019 several police officers and soldiers were murdered by these Mashurugwi and hundreds of civilians were and are still being buried alive in the mine shafts all thanks to the Brutal Mashurugwi gangs.  

The MP for Norton had started training his constituency in Karate for self defense.
Cde Matemadanda has assured the nation that ZANU PF will ensure that the people of Zimbabwe are safe from these matchete wielding thugs.

Again last year Mashurugwi murdered three soldiers in Bindura injuring seven others. Besides the soldiers several members of the public were killed in several towns by the Mashurugwi.  their infamous presence has spread from Kwekwe to all towns of Zimbabwe. In Chitungwiza in December a young man was killed ruthlessly by the Mashurugwi. No one has been arrested yet and the carnage continues.

Cde Matemadanda pointed out that there are law abiding people engaged in gold mining. Their efforts are being disturbed by these criminal outfits.

Cde Matemadanda's warning came as the Chief Justice announced during the opening of the new legal year that a special court to deal with Mashurugwi will be set.

The Mashurugwi have now graduated to carrying AK47and pistols in their daring Maladventures.
Over the weekend Ak47 wielding Mashurugwi raided five villages and robbed them of money and property.
Commenting on comrade Matemadanda's comments Mr Tatenda Masaiti of Kwekwe praised cde Matemadanda saying he has come down to earth to solve these problems.

With all these measures put in place our mining arena will be safe again.
Cde Matemadanda did not mention any names bu gave a warning that when the force of freedom comes down there will be no sacred cows.
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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza