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Matemadanda warns corrupt ministers and private sector bosses

by Dr Masimba Mavaza
14 Jan 2020 at 16:32hrs | Views
The deputy minister of defence took a dig at his colleagues in government challenging them to deliver in their ministries. In a press conference called by commissariat at the ZANU PF Headquarters comrade Matemadanda said "Ministers of government must prioritise key deliverables and general development roles." A key deliverable is an item - either tangible or intangible - produced as a part of a project. Deliverables would include the specific things which can be projects or tangible items.  The key deliverables are the most important deliverables and may have multiple tasks or smaller deliverables included in their production. Ministries are expected to produce.

Deputy minister Matemadanda  emphasised that at the end of the day ministers must be able to point at tangible projects or work that the people will say indeed the minister has performed.  In line with the understanding that A deliverable is a tangible or intangible good or service produced as a result of a project that is intended to be delivered to a customer. A deliverable may be composed of multiple smaller deliverables. It may be either an outcome to be achieved (as in "The corporation says that becoming profitable this year is a deliverable") or an output to be provided (as in "The deliverable for the completed project consists of a special-purpose electronic device and its controlling software"Some deliverables are dependent on other ministries' deliverables being completed first; this is common in projects with multiple successive milestones. A deliverable differs from a project milestone in that a milestone is a measurement of progress toward an output, whereas the deliverable is the output delivered to a customer or sponsor in this case to the benefit of the nation.

The nation must have ministers who are answerable to the people. The politics of today recognised leaders who lead for the benefit of their people and to the glory of their party.
Gone are those days when  ministers were laws unto themselves. That period was buried in the old dispensation. The deputy minister fumed as he categorically implore the ministries to deliver for the good of the country.

On Corruption cde Matemadanda said that "ZACC must clear the public service and private sector of all those who survive on corruption. " corruption is a   Rot which is now smelling up to the highest. Cde Matemadanda said society must be weeded out of corruption. There must be no sacred cows in this war against corruption.   The public has been petrified by the fact that no single arrest in corruption cases ended in successful prosecution or conviction.  " zimbabwe must go back to basics where work must be rewarded and not where corruption leads the worker"

Matemadanda lamented the days when people earned a faithful living and still made ends meet. Now the people want to be paid for the work they are employed for. Cde Matemadanda urged those still practicing corruption to count their days for they are numbered.

Cde Matemadanda urged people not to blame the judiciary. There is always a due process and arrest does not always mean conviction. Those arrested have rights and they should have their rights respected.

However your rights end exactly where one's rights begin. That balance is delicate. Zimbabwe is a country which respects individual rights but this must not be taken for granted.

Cde Matemadanda was quick to warn those striving in corruption that their rights can never be above the national interest. As a nation Zimbabwe does not need corruption to be part of life.

Cde Matemadanda stated that when corruption is removed poverty will be eradicated. He confirms that there is corruption in the government and private sector. This is why the President Emerson D Mnangagwa had set up an Anti Corruption Commission to heal the nation of the ills.

If corruption is removed the nation will be a breeding ground for investment and economic growth.
He urged every serious Zimbabwean to report corruption wherever they see it. The police alone can not be able to deal with this plague alone.

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Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza