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Cal_Vin hits back at Skyz Metro FM

by Staff reporter
19 Jan 2020 at 13:12hrs | Views
RAPER Cal_Vin, who is under fire from a Bulawayo radio station after he released a controversial single titled Im So Bulawayo, which takes a dig at the radio station and one of its DJs, has come out guns blazing.

On Thursday Skyz Metro FM's executive producer Possenti Ndabezwe Sikhosana released a hard-hitting and emotionally-charged press statement in response to Cal_Vin's song.

Esabantu, as the radio station is affectionately known, went on to mute the rapper's songs on radio.

In the song, which was released last week, the rapper chronicles alleged "injustices" he faced in the music industry and part of them was the way he was treated by Skyz Metro FM at the recently held Shutdown gig.

"We have put on rotation hundreds of previously unknown artistes, while affording many the opportunities to perform at live events including Umcimbi Wabantu, The Skyz Metro Music Awards, The Skyz Metro Gospel Festival and of late, the Bulawayo Shutdown where the station is the official media partner," said Sikhosana.

"However, self-appointed godfathers of certain genres like Calvin Nhliziyo, who have rested on their laurels, while emerging talent takes the game to a new level are lost on all this.

"This emerging talent is producing better music, hence its popularity as evidenced by requests during our shows.

"Calvin Nhliziyo was undoubtedly a star in yesteryear, but unfortunately he has remained wrapped in his self-made bubble of invincibility blissfully oblivious to the fact that other players have emerged.

"There are many avenues and channels available for him to take his music to including Bulawayo stations.

"He is free to take his music there and leave those that respect professionalism to have their music played at Skyz Metro FM.

"For the avoidance of doubt, we wish it to be known that the station will not allow itself to be abused by Calvin Nhliziyo and as such we want to make it clear that we are disassociating ourselves from him and his music until he develops his mental stability to a point that he understands the values of respect for people and institutions."

Cal_Vin on Friday told Standard Style that he does not regret and stands by what is contained in the song.

"I never lied about everything I said in the song and they know it because it's something that we talked about before I even went on to do a song about it," Cal_Vin said.

"On the night of the Shutdown in December that's when we as local artistes were mistreated. I am not talking only about myself, but every Bulawayo artiste was exposed to ill-treatment.

"I complained to them [organisers of the gig] through the WhatsApp group which was created specifically for that show which also had the station's management, but they didn't do anything, no compensation or even an apology by word of mouth or text."

The rapper revealed that the radio station breached contractual agreements.

"My contract and everyone's contract with the organisers of the event Universal Music stated that we were getting paid in United States dollars. When they asked for our bank account details so that they deposit our money I gave them my FCA (foreign currency account number), but I was shocked when I was told that we were going to be paid in Zimbabwean dollars and they went on to do that and I swear Universal Music didn't and doesn't know about this," he said.

"I am always against the mistreatment of artistes, others are silent about all this, but I won't be silenced by fear.

"They can't scare me by muting me on their radio station, but what's a radio station without an artiste?

"This is the same radio station which came to us local artistes begging for our support when they were starting, but now they feel well established they treat us like nothing."

Quizzed about the ZWL$14 000 he is said have received from Skyz Metro FM and bought a car with, Cal_Vin rubbished the claims.

"How does one buy a car with bond notes? The money that bought my car was from UNDP after I did their theme song for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Tammy Moyo and Nutty O. I hadn't touched my FCA till January when I decided to buy my car,".

"I didn't get ZWL$14 000 from Skyz Metro FM, my contract with Universal Music for the Shutdown show was for US$250, which I later got in bond notes. I did Umcimbi Wabantu earlier in the year and I was paid ZWL$600. It's only with Ingwebu that I got ZWL$10 000 for winning the jingle competition of which with that money I bought a solar panel at my house. It's a lie and a dangerous one to say I bought my car through Skyz Metro FM."

He said Bulawayo artistes were being looked down upon by local promoters.

"We have been reduced to supporting acts. Every artiste in Bulawayo has no value now, in every show we are the ones who warm up the stage," he said.

Cal_Vin revealed that local artistes had to perform on the Shutdown gig on empty stomaches.

Skyz Metro FM could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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