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Zanu-PF want citizens to understand its vision

by Staff reporter
23 Jan 2020 at 06:20hrs | Views
anu PF wants all staff members operating from the party's headquarters in Harare to play a pivotal role in ensuring that ordinary citizens understand the vision and aspirations of the party, national Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda has said.

In an interview, Matemadanda said it was important for all party managers and staff members to know what Zanu PF represents and the direction it was taking towards reviving the economy.

"This workshop awakens people at the party's headquarters and the staff have got to know what they are here for and this is why we have a mission statement and a vision," said Matemadanda.

"You want those that are employed to facilitate programmes and actions of the party to understand what the party stands for and this is what is being done by this workshop.

"If you are going to have supporting staff that do not understand your vision, that do not understand their mission, then you are going to embark on a journey with people with wrong ideas and the right thing to do is make sure that those that you move with, understand your purpose, what you want to achieve and understand the party's values."

Matemadanda said unlike some fringe political parties whose main aim was to make money and gain relevance, Zanu PF was focused on bettering citizens' livelihoods.

"A political party is not just formed because someone just wants to form a political party; of course I know nowadays people want to form political parties because they want to make money. But if you talk of Zanu PF, you are talking of a party that was formed for a purpose of restoring dignity that had been stolen from Africans," he said.

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Source - the herald