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‘Mbeki mediation needed now more than ever,’ says Chamisa

by Staff Reporter
29 Jan 2020 at 17:46hrs | Views
The mediation by former South African President Thabo Mbeki on the political stand off between Zanu-PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC president Nelson Chamisa is urgently needed to bring to an end to the deepening economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is facing an economic collapse that has partly been blamed on the controversial 2018 elections which Chamisa claims to have won but accuses Mnangagwa of manipulating  processes to have himself declared as the winner. 

Chamisa, speaking to SABC News on Wednesday, said it was sad that he has not met Mnangagwa since they were, Parliamentarians two years ago. 

"I have not met with President Mnangagwa since our days in Parliament, that is two years ago which is quite sad as people who compete in an election are supposed to have a conversation post election to find out the way forward to the country, this is one of my saddest moments and very disappointing that you go to an election and only meet through the ballot and beyond that ballot you are not able to communicate or converse," he said. 

"That is why we thought that President Mbeki, when he came, would facilitate for a conversation as you know in Africa, where ever there is a negotiation, even a marriage negotiation, there has to be a negotiator because that is our nature as a people."

Chamisa said to be able to deal between the acrimony between himself and Mnangagwa, it would be useful to have a credible negotiator. 

"We think that the avenue and platform created by President Mbeki will go a long way in creating this kind of conversation," he said. 

The MDC leader said there are indications that Mbeki will return to Zimbabwe to try and find a solution to the political crisis. 

Mbeki visited Zimbabwe towards the end of 2019 and held talks with Mnangagwa, Chamisa and other political players in what sources said was an effort to bring especially Zanu-PF and MDC Alliance to the negotiating table. 

"We have even emphasised that it is more urgent now than ever before because the situation in the country is taking a nose dive and things are going south in many ways," said Chamisa. 

"As we speak, right now people's salaries are being eroded, we don't have electricity, the situation has gone out of hand with unemployment hitting almost 98 percent, the young people, the most industrious, Zimbabwe and who are hardworking are lacking in everything on issues of survival."

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