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'Army Commanders afraid of mass uprising'

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Feb 2020 at 06:45hrs | Views
Zimbabwe National Army Commanders are reportedly concerned that a mass uprising may erupt in the country due to the deteriorating economic situation.

The Zimbabwe Independent reported last week that skyrocketing prices, high cost of living and hyperinflation have caused the commanders to deploy special forces to be embedded in the communities to gauge the public mood and curb early signs of unrest.

"Basically, they have been deployed into the communities to gather intelligence and gauge the national mood given the likelihood of civil unrest. So they have deeply embedded themselves in society and it is difficult to recognise them since they don't wear army uniforms. In the case of the SAS, it includes relatively mature people with vast experience in intelligence gathering. They are highly trained and very efficient," an army official was quoted saying.

In  November last year, an army driver stole a vehicle belonging to one Brigadier General George Chisvo and fled to Mozambique via Mutare.  

There has been rampant indiscipline within the army which has seen officials stealing rations and soldiers engaging in criminal activities.

A Presidential Guard member was arrested after he fired bullets at state house citing frustration over the salary that he is getting.

He was arrested and detained at a mental hospital.

Source - Byo24News