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'Matabeleland Collective was a Mnangagwa scam' Jonathan Moyo says

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Feb 2020 at 07:03hrs | Views
Former Minister of information Professor Jonathan Moyo says the now-defunct Matabeleland Collective was a  creation of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to cover up for the Gukurahundi genocide that left more than 20 000 civilians dead in the 1980s.

Moyo was reacting to reports that seventeen civil society organisations in Matabeleland dumped the Matabeleland Collective to form  Matabeleland Forum.

Spokesperson of Matabeleland Forum Mthulisi Hanana told the media that, "The undersigned organisations have resolved to alternatively form the Matabeleland Forum and commit themselves to the pursuit of a genuine engagement on the issues raised in the compendium, in particular a genuine process of truth recovery, healing, justice and preparation for those communities and individuals affected by the Gukurahundi genocide."

Read Professor Jonathan Moyo's thread below:

The so-called #MatabelelandCollectve died on arrival because it was neither about Matabeleland nor a collective; but a scam to cover up Mnangagwa's #gukurahundi atrocities to escape accountability!

If the collapsed Matabeleland Collective was not a Mnangagwa scam, like Polad is, it would have ensured that the bambazonke Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 includes extending the life of the National Peace & Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) beyond 2023!

The 25 amendments in the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 bring back provisions sought by Mnangagwa, Patrick Chinamasa & Paul Mnangagwa in August 2012 but rejected by the ZanuPF politburo. Also on that day Mnangagwa rejected the NPRC!

Mnangagwa, Chinamasa & Mangwana mobilised ZanuPF to reject section 251 of the new Constitution establishing the NPRC. An unhappy compromise was reached to establish it only for 10 years from 22 August 2013, the effective date of the new Constitution!

Section 251 of the Constitution provides that the NPRC will exist only for 10 years from 2013. Already six years have gone by, during which NPRC has done between nothing & little to execute its mandate; after Mnangagwa, as justice minister, delayed the start of its work!

Over the last two years since it became operational, and despite s253 of the Constitution, the NPRC has done absolutely nothing to "ensure post-conflict justice" and "the provision of justice" in relation to # Gukurahundi, 2008, 1August 2018 & 14-28 January 2019 atrocities!

A major reason why NPRC has not met its constitutional mandate to ensure post-conflict justice, is Matabeleland Collective that has been used by Mnangagwa through Virginia Mabhiza to push a dummy, fully aware that NPRC's life expires in 2023; in an act of great deception!

It's propitious that organizations & activists with a record of working selflessly for the country & the people of Matabeleland have pulled out of the Matabeleland Collective fraud, to form Matabeleland Forum. They must now demand that NPRC's life be extended indefinitely!  

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