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The Bulawayo Bomber bounces back

by Staff reporter
10 Feb 2020 at 11:19hrs | Views
WORLD Boxing Federation (WBF) Africa heavyweight champion Elvis Moyo says he is looking forward to a great 2020.

The South Africa-based Zimbabwean boxer has now fully recovered from his hand injury.

"What l did with my hand did work so I did not get operated but just got injected, that was one powerful injection and l recovered.

"But now l'm back in camp training and hoping to get at least four fights in Europe this year and see where it can take me," he said.

Better known as Bulawayo Bomber, Moyo has two international flights scheduled for March.

"Germans contacted me and I was supposed to go there and fight on the 15th of February but like last year the guy got delayed with the paperwork. They need 14 days before travelling date so chances are they were not going to give me.

"So we rescheduled to March, will notify of the contract and the opponents name in a week or so.

"I have another fight in Australia on March 7 but they've also gone quiet.

"They want easy fights and I can't give out easy fights so sometimes they just approach me and whenever negotiations they try to do with me don't work they pull back," he said.

Moyo says his main focus is to work hard and stay in shape.

"So now my focus is to keep on training, where I am working right now is a little bit quiet and I can afford to train Monday to Friday without getting any distractions in the gym.

"I want to be in the best shape so that even if it's a two weeks' notice fight I don't have excuses.

"Though it's short notice I'll be in the right shape and physically ready. Now I am going to train for the fights and I'm assuming that these guys are going to give me short notices fight.

"So yeah the season has begun and I'm ready," he said.

Source - hmetro