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Police arrest porn viewers

by Staff reporter
15 Feb 2020 at 11:18hrs | Views
POLICE in Bulawayo have arrested four men for peddling pornographic material through social media.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube yesterday said Roland Nokuthula Nkala (21), Tawana Makamazi (23), Allan Mange (38) and Troy Ngulube (52) were arrested after their names were submitted to Zimbabwe by an international organisation that runs a social media network for violating its policy.

"During the past three weeks police in Bulawayo have investigated and arrested at least four people for dealing in pornographic material through social media," said Insp Ncube.

"The accused persons were either manufacturing, possessing or distributing pornographic material using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts against the social media companies' policies." He said the companies that run social media raised the red flag over the activities of the quartet and liaised with the country's police leading to their arrest.

"After censoring the accounts, the social media account owners communicated with the country where the suspects come from. Identification of the suspects through social media was not initiated by the police but by social media companies' owners. We only acted after the information was provided to us.  

"For instance, when members of the public are opening social media accounts they sign up to terms and conditions and they violated the terms and conditions and this is what led to their arrest," Insp Ncube said.

The most popular social media accounts in the country are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram. Insp Ncube urged members of the public to use social media responsibly and not be found on the wrong side of the law.  

"All social media accounts are being monitored and alarm is being raised when an offensive material is detected, red flags are raised and police compile dockets which has led to the arrest of the said suspects.  

"As Zimbabwe Republic Police we appeal to members of the public to  use social media responsibly and never abuse it, it is being monitored and it's an offence to send pornographic material including nude pictures or something that does not sit well with other social media users.  

"To members of the public who might not be aware, it is an offence to send, transmit or transfer or possess pornographic material," he said.

Source - chroncile