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Temba Mliswa exposes Innscor Africa Limited

by Mandla Ndlovu
17 Feb 2020 at 09:12hrs | Views
Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has accused Innscor Africa Limited's Mike Fowler of running a cartel that has captured the state and is practicing racism in the country.

Mliswa who wrote a long thread on Twitter said the company has been getting lots of funding from government to fund its subsidiary companies.

The firebrand legislator says the company has captured all arms of the state who are on its payroll to hide the alleged crimey are doing.

Mliswa appealed to the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation to investigate  the company.

Read the full thread below:

Reports filtering in would appear to single out Mike Fowler of Innscor Africa Limited as a racist. If we're talking of cartels, one of the biggest in Zim is alleged to be controlled by this man through the various  and  numerous subsidiaries linked to Innscor Africa Limited

The amount of forex they're suspected to have benefitted from RBZ is astronomical. How much of this money stayed in the country and how much was externalised? Whilst all corruption is condemned, the big players in this game are the white and  asian cartels fronted by indigenous players

They capture Judiciary, Government  and  certain members of the legal fraternity who run around for them to sweep things under the carpet. Word on the street is that Zweli Lunga, a legal advisor is one such "Mr. Fix-It"

Whilst pockets may be being lined  and  ill gotten wealth enjoyed, if people are suffering, one day is one day, things will fall apart.

Which sector is Innscor not involved in? They control maize milling, procurement, they're involved in mining, the tourism  and hospitality sectors,  ostrich farming. They've been in it for decades.  Where has this money been coming from? How much money at 1:1 has been given to Innscor compared to any other indigenous company?

These revelations came to light after the workers of Breckridge Investments p/l, a gold mining concern running Pickstone Mine in Chegutu approached myself  and  other MPs highlighting racism  and  verbal abuse issues perpetrated by senior management by the likes of Joseph Crnkovic

None of these people are known by me neither do they come from Norton. As a MP who serves national interest, I listened to their plight. They were despondent after trying to approach Mike Fowler, complaints of which fell on his deaf ears in protection of Crnkovic

I thought it was a joke  and  had to seek truth  and  clarity and was disgusted  and   distraught by what I heard firsthand

As one who personally knows both Mike  and  Zed  and  in the interests of intervention, I convened a meeting with them  and  the courageous workers who attended.

The matters raised were emotionally alarming  and  yet Zweli adamantly protected the paymasters tooth  and  nail; Fowler was unrepentant. Labour  and  the CIO must urgently intervene to investigate this matter.

The most heart rending aspect was that the abused workers wanted nothing except to stop this happening to the next person to avoid the mental  and  emotional trauma they experienced from recurring. Fowler's nonchalant attitude during the proceedings augmented his negative stance

HR Records held by Breckridge Investments cite conflicting reasons for personnel's departure from the company in an attempt to hide the truth.

I've the list of those who claim to have suffered mental torture and emotional racial abuse at the hands of Breckridge Investments CFO, Joseph Crnkovic. The reports are from young professionals whose lives have been ruined by this company. Fowler is unrepentant. Evidence will show

These white cartels get the blacks to fight amongst themselves whilst they plunder, thrive  and  enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Zimbabwe is open for business not racism

I'll expose this as I did the racism in cricket and rugby

There's a lot of racism happening; people fear victimisation. This won't go unchallenged. I'll write to Human Rights Commision, President, State Security, lawyers for human rights etc for investigations to be instituted as there's more than what meets the eye

Shame on blacks being used by whites to oppress their own.

It's a serious national issue that requires address

You don't see indigenous people benefitting like this  and  yet these are our resources

Innscor own National Foods  and  Probrands, they control bread through Bakers Inn, this shouldn't have been allowed by the Zimbabwe Competition  and  Tariffs Commission. @CTCZimbabwe

The same with Triple C  and  Colcom. They own Irvine's n control chicken @Min_of_IC

It becomes a security threat when a conglomerate controls all such sectors as the damage that may occur if they want to hold the country to ransom is very dangerous  and  may bring things to a standstill. They control stock feed through ProFeeds

I look forward that this matter as related will give courage to others who've suffered the same fate either in Innscor or elsewhere to come forward and give evidence of their encounters and/or experiences  and  report these issues

Why should companies like this be allowed to operate in Zimbabwe? Many victims are prepared to speak out, some of whom are now in the diaspora. Their testimonies will be published for all to witness.

Are we so desperate for money that this can be allowed to continue with impunity at the expense of the integrity  and  dignity of our own people?

Source - Byo24News