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Chiwenga not Presidential material but key in Mnangagwa's removal - Jonathan Moyo

by Staff Reporter
26 Feb 2020 at 12:57hrs | Views
Former Zanu-PF spin doctor Professor Jonathan Moyo say Vice President Constantino Chiwenga's "terrible temperament" disqualifies him for the country's presidency but the former army general could play a key role in deposing President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Prof Moyo, in an interview with an online news site, Moyo said Chiwenga has struggled to leave his military life behind after joining civilian politics.

"As for Chiwenga's capabilities and temperament, the word out there is that while he has a hands-on, pragmatic and decisive approach to decision making that has endeared him to public servants and stakeholders who want to get things done; he also has a terrible temperament that is unsuitable for managing public affairs in a civilian, democratic and constitutional context," said Prof Moyo.

"It seems to me that Chiwenga forgot to leave his gun at the barracks and took it with him to politics. That might engender fear, but it will never engender consent or inspiration; which can only come from rational persuasion and not the gun."

Prof Moyo said the army's dalliance with Zanu-PF has not brought new ways of doing politics that are worth of support or emulation.

"If anything, there's blood on the floor because of the Army's entrance into politics in ways that had not been seen before November 2017. While Mnangagwa and General PV Sibanda are directly accountable for the atrocities committed by the Army on 1 August 2018 and 14 to 28 January 2019, Chiwenga has collateral association with those atrocities, which he has never condemned or distanced himself from," said Moyo.

He however, said Chiwenga could play a historic role as a kingmaker in the removal of Mnangagwa.

"He's well-paced to do that, and history would reward and honour him handsomely and permanently, if he did that. Should the people take to the streets to demand the change that they have been denied for much too long, Chiwenga should embrace them as an act of statesmanship that he's capable of and is expected to discharge in response to a historic calling which he missed in 2017 and cannot afford to miss, yet again," said Prof Moyo.

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