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Corruption at the E Nurse online application process

by Stephen Jakes
12 Mar 2020 at 07:28hrs | Views
Bulawayo Vendors Association  director Micheal Ndiweni has expressed concerns over the alleged corruption around the online nurses trainees application process which was recently introduced by the government.

"We have received a disturbing tip off about a potential corruption scandal at the E Nurse online application process.  We have reported this potential case of corruption  to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission," he said.  

"There is a sister named Sister Moyo who has been referring applications to a Dr Sam for them to their names selected. In this case, a netone number (with held the number - we have it) is the one that refers people to Dr Sam who is on (withheld the number - we have the number)"

He qouted messages purportedly a communication to an applicant by Moyo which reads " Hey sis talk to Dr Sam abt application yenyu yenursing vari kuita first selection on friday. Dr Sam  (number withheld - we have it) tell him u wr refereed nasister Moyo vekuOPD"

The message below is the whistle blower chatting with the Dr Sam. 

" Hie Dr Sam l was referred to you by sister Moyo from OPD about my nursing application Dr Sam: Oh ok when did u apply: 27 February 2020 online for May 2020 Dr Sam: Which hospitals did u put as your choiceUBH Pararenyatwa harare and kwekweDr Sam: What's your name & ID number?"

"Our contention is  (1) why Sister Moyo from OPD is able to refer people for selection by a Dr Sam on that  number given when the E Nurse application process is supposed to be online. (2) How does Sister Moyo have access to applicants numbers, which means that they have a backroom access to applicants numbers in the system those who have already applied online and approach them to get their applicationa pushed forward, (3) How does Sister Moyo from ODP know the dates for selection, that its Friday way before when we were told by the ministry its an automatic selection by the computer and the deadline is on the 13th of March 2020," Ndiweni said.

"(4) Why is Dr Sam asked all that information to an extent of asking for ID numbers if the system does automatic selection. Our final verdict is that there is a syndicate that has access to the computerised system, and manipulates this system to push their preferred candidates."

He said the chats are a clear indicator for corrupt system and culprits must be brought to book. We have checked the name for Dr Sam ( Name is withheld for now - we have it).

Source - Byo24News